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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

3.5. Intermediate allowances (books) in price

The process of obtaining goods from virobnik to kintsevogo live (population) can be done as follows: virobnik - middleman - consumer, virobnik - retail - population, or virobnik - middleman - retail. The whole process may bring the fate of the middle man. Such a lanceous zv'yazok zumovlyuє neobhodimost ustanovleniya price on the skin etapі commodity sales, scho to reach for the help of zososuvannya middle-zbutovyh and trade allowances. Such allowances are due to the self-contained elements of price and for their economical nature, analogous to the wholesale prices of consumer goods. The stink of clicking on the product code to protect the products and the privacy of the middlemen and the trading organization. There are additional allowances for laying down the value of the value of the vitrate at the sphere of pay (pay, transportation and robot, heating and energy saving, amortization, rent is very small), and there is a small increase in sales. Vrakhovuchi, scho allowances є by the form of dodana ї bartosti, to enter the warehouse there must be a supplementary deposit. Todays, middle and third-party trade margins are stored for these items:

allowances є by the form of dodan (3.11)

de NP (T) - the middle-zbutov (trade) allowance, UAH;

VO - vitrati obigu of the middle (trade) organization, UAH.

Riven of middle and trade allowances by the state as a whole cannot be disjointed. Stink viznachayutsya for pogodzhennyam storin and vstanovlyuyutsya, as a rule, at v_dsotkah until the price of adding goods. Z okremih vidiv products і mіstsevі organi vlasti regulate the level of middle and trade allowances with a hat to establish the latest border rvniv. You’ll be able to attend the winter season and import and export medical supplies, see the bread and bakery goods, the wheat is healthy, and the children’s food is available

Rozrahunok price with extra charge for the formula:

Rosrahunok price with a premium (3.12)

de CR - price realizatsii goods, UAH;

CPU - the price of priebannya (the price of the virobnik chi middleman), UAH;

N - in the middle, but the trade margin,%.

For example, the store added one item at the virobnik for an entry price of 360 UAH and set up a premium of 15% to it. The price for the store is 414 UAH [360 x (1 + 0.15], and the trade allowance is 54 UAH (414 - 360). This method is used to mark the allowance and the average price for the middleman.

In okrimich vikadka vikadakє the need for vikoristovuvati is not a premium to the price, but a low. Making the book worse in the main sense of the situation, if the post-hitter (virobnik chi general dealer) himself propounded the selling price of the real estate sale. In this case, the seller is guilty of a business price, for some good buy such products, so as to protect the value of the trade book. In tsimu vipadok price is possible, you can see the formula:

Rosrahunok price with a premium (3.13)

de Z - trading (middle) low,%.

For example, as a post-soldier, I’m a salesman who installs a retail product in the amount of UAH 414, while at a lower price of 13%, the price for a purchase for a new mother does not exceed UAH 360 [(414 x (1 - 0.13)]. At this time, the store should be held at my own little knowledge in the market 54 UAH (414 - 360).

Thus, a part of the distribution of prices, a lot of money is paid for by the trade (middle-sale, organization), it is possible to see from one side, as an allowance to the price, and from the bottom, as a whole, you can see. If the absolute value of the allowance is lower, then the average value will be increased, and the higher value will be higher, it will be zoomed in by the unequal base of the lower number.