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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.


1.1. Theorium

By stretching the bag for a generation of scholars to ponder over the nourishment - what is the price, to lie in the basis of which, to whom do they share in the song proportions? The catering came before Arіstotel and through the Usa Classic Polyteconomy passed to our days. Namaganny bagatokh ekonomіstіv dati vіdpovіd on the supply of food vіdrazobrazhenі in the latest theories of the card and the price.

At tlumachennaya food vartostі yak basically category categorically politically economically two historically accumulated. Persha came up with an idea of ​​wartost and, moreover, a dzherel є pratsya on virobnitstvo goods. Here you can introduce theories of labor wartosti, vitrat virobnitsva, three officials, virobnitzva. Representatives of other streams respected the wartiness of the sub-active category, which is more and more corporeal in the goods in the period of corporeal goods. The principle of inclusion in the theory of boundary corinosity; theories of recognition, daily prices and offers, thinly.

One of the most significant theories of wartiness and theories of labor wisdom , the top one is scattered by the founders of the classical politics V. Petti, A. Smith and D. Ricardo was completed by K. Marx in the middle of the XIX century. The main thing is nutrition at the base of the new proportions, which can be assimilated when exchanging goods, and later, the basis of the form of price.

The product is a product of praci , ready for sale, some power: persuasion - to satisfy the singing need, friend - to exchange love in comrades in song proportions. Zdatnіst goods zadovolneniya singing people will need to be called a living wart_styu goods. Usa comrade may live, war is impossible, comrade is not possible.

In the process of exchange of goods, new proportions are established , and moreover, it is vipadkovo. Vipadkov_st is zoomed in by drinking and proposing goods to a specific period. Ale in the long stretch of the trivial hour is new proportions are heavy until the middle level, so as to be installed again the goods. Minor vart_st - all the power of a product is exchanged for the best in song proportions.

The goods can be exchanged, they’ll stink to mellow power. Such a power of all goods є prac, such as spent on maintenance. Thus, mi pіdіyshli to other characteristics of the product - vartostі .

Merchandise workers have in their minds, the result of which for one type of product is to spend more than one hour. But on the market, the whole comrade will be appreciated by one world - a suspension of goods. The value її vimіryuєtsya suspіlno-neobhіdnim robochem hour, yaky viznachaєtsya Normal Minds virobnitstva at serednomu rіvnі kvalіfіkatsії that іntensivnostі pratsі.

In the process of prazі lyudina, I’ll survive the wart and the wart. So the two sides of the product come from the double nature of pracі. Skin pratsya can be looked at as concrete as possible, so that I can have some concrete blessings and abstract things, and abstract, as I see it, vitrati robotic efforts. Concrete pratsya I will assure you that I live, and abstract - wart. Commodities are impotent in their ability to live out their wartosti, navpaki, and their wartiness are our companions.

Sounds, in the main of new propositions lie the goods, as in the image of the form. For viznoznachnyam K. Marx, price і penny virazom vartostі product. With the whole price of the product, you can get the right price and interest in vipadkovy rinkovyh officials.

Thus, the theory of labor vartosti vbacha at vartosti ob'ktivnuyu the basis of price, and the main sphere of the assertion of assertiveness is more viral. Kіlkіsna the side of the price is to lay the bottom of the wartost, so that the window of the product is on the viral product, and the market, the drink will not play the main part, but will support the role.

At about the same time, with the theory of labor vartosta vinikla the theory vitrat virobnitzva, I had beaten F. Kenet. For the basis of theory, the basis for the new ideology lies Vitrati virobnostva, so that the Prazya is restrained. Have your cherk Vitrati virobnitzstva to lie down on the okremі іhhnі elementi (bedroom, sirovina, working force). Zvidsi, vikoristannya vitrat virobnitstva as the basis for the price I will explain the price for the products for the environment vitamins. With a brief explanation of this, those who want to see through the vitro virology basics of the basic renewal of the interchange of information with the latest product of the supplemental product.

Theory of the official list of virology in the form of the main process in the process of completing the main official documents: praxis, capital (legal notice) and land. Under tsoyom, the land was respected by the chief natural official. Tsya Theory Bula is cycladic in the French economies of the XIX century Seya i Bastia. The stinks were kept, so in the approved wartost, take care not of the honor of the prince, but of the capital, a kind of nadia to the viral servants during the vicarious interventions of the virology.

Civil servants, for the whole theory, take an equal share in the process of approving the billing, and get the most valuable money from the forensic payment, the rent and the land rent are the same price. Maintaining income in terms of productivity, official means, as such income, as rent and rent, assimilated by interruptions of land and land, to be preoccupied with shaggy owners. Tse became a pivot for the sounding of theory in the zapistalizmu.

Theory trio chinnikіv virobnitstva pereuduvala bugat schools and schools in economic theory.

In the minds of the market when formulated, the role of the product is essential. On the right is that buying a product is not just a product, but those of a consumer who wants to consume a product. The economy has long since turned around the respect for the vernacular sound of the corridor of goods and their value. Since rich is unacceptable for the living, then there’s not a big deal. Ale, from the side on the side, what is the cinnamon product, is, as a rule, the food of the price. Buyer, mayuchi on the market of bagato varіantіv the satisfaction of his consumer, vibiraє for himself is nicest. By the chief official, I’m sharing the vibration of the purchase of the first profitable income. For those who buy Prague, maximize the amount of cinnamon with the separated income of their income.

Such a foundation was laid as the basis of boundary corinosity, a yakinikla in 70 rock of the XIX century. The main representatives of the boolean economy of the Austrian school are K. Menger, F. Wieser, E. Böhm-Bawerk and economics and mathematics W. Jevons (England) and L. Valras (Switzerland).

Zg_dno z tsіyu teorієyu price of the product is not recognized as the cost of the product for the product, but of the boundary cinnamon for the living. Border of corinth goods - price has been increased corinth, as a matter of safety, I need to live up to one good. Corinthism is irrelevant - the sum of the boundary corinths that can be reached with the living singularity of the obvious good. For the most irrelevant goods, the corinth is limited, and the other is zrost. To this, the value of the boundary corinosity is indicated by the supplementary release of the given product as a result of the return of food to it.

Proteus in real life did not know the practical zososuvannya. The main нед нед нед поля поля поля є є є є є нем нем нем нем нем нем нем нем є нем є нем нем нем нем нем нем нем нем є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є In addition to the theory of borderline corruption, a significant role has been played in the development of a new economical science, and so, it has shrunk the law of corruption and the formality of marketed consumerism.

With the theory of boundary corinosity between the theory of value, at home and in the presence. Vaughn's winnings for example XIX - on the cob of the XX century, and її the main representative є V. Pareto. From the theory to the market, in the minds of thoroughly competitive competition, the price is the same as the intensity of the remaining consumption, so that I can establish a small amount of food and drink. Speaking of the offer and the offer of the new card without the participation of the wartime and viratic vitrates, which means the creation of the wartost by the process of form the price.

The weakness of the theory is that you don’t have to eat food, why do you want to see the price and offer, and you don’t have to worry about the fact that you don’t have to wait for it, comrade

On a regular basis, the classics of the political economy are about those that are basically based on vitality, and the position of the theory of boundary corridor and the position and position of the main part of the theory. The bourgeoisie of the English economy of the XIX century - the cob of the 20th century, and the chief representative of the theory of the English economy A. Marshall .

Basically, the idea of ​​A. Marshall, as it was, was open to the Principles of Economics (1890 p.). Knowing the same world inappropriately trying to give them the most significant value in the previous propositions (the representatives of theorious labor wartime and theoriginal officials have agreed on the same), At the end of the day, I will pay for having tied to the category of boundary corinosity, and the proposition - with a great infusion of vitrates of virobnosis.

A. Marshall dismisses the mechanism of interdependence and proposition on the form of price for the minds of thorough (pure) competition. Speaking about food and energy consumption is an oath of products, which can be done on the market, and, by doing so, energy is needed on vitrati virobnitsva. Remain, on your side, pour in on the offer of goods by enterprises. In this way, the strength of the message and the proclamation of direct pride is in the middle of the year, while the vitality of the viral performance of the singing role is in the form of the price.

Analyze the laws of formality, proposition and price, A. Marshall hanging a number of new positions and vocabulary in new terms and categories. So, win in order to turn on the official one hour before analyzing the price and ahead, having signified the sounds between the windows and the windows in the minds of a short-string or pre-string period. Widely in life in the economical country there was also the idea of ​​A. Marshall, which was eternally inclined to receive and offer for price. Theory of value, yapronavuvav A. Marshall, at her falsely roped out put part of the economy, the yak called mikroekonomіkoy.

At present, the theory of value is centrally located, theories are fully integrated in order to pour money on offer and offer. Nowadays, the most important thing is the result of a folding complex of such officials, as well as the productivity and effectiveness of the laws, the cyclical nature of the government, the state of pennies and the balance of power, the nature of sovereign regulation. In order to get involved in giving the most valuable price to the economy category is not in the treatment of Karl Marx, but as a bag of pennies, the buyer is worth paying for the latest goods.

The order is lower than average and lower price for transferring the theory of border corridors, and looking at sub-active estimates as the main official is fixed. Acting economically, hanging out in front of all the necessary victories of a be-a-kind theory of secrecy at an ordinary time.