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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.


3.1. Warehouse and structure

The skin-like appearance is stored in an area of ​​chastin, and are called elements. The following items should be included: self-interest (C), surplus (P), mito (M), excise tax (A) , surcharge for dart (martyr), middle-duty national insurance (NP) and trade allowance (NT).

The truth is that there’s a way яз with obovyazovymi elements іn price, that’s why there’s more vitality and no more than a little є nevid'mnoy mental wisdom products. Recruitment of the most important elements in order to maintain the highest quality, the most social importance, to take part in the sale and realization of the product. So, mito enter the warehouse for the price of imports of goods, and the excise tax does not exceed the insignificant part of the product. The surcharge on dodan's wartiness wants to be taxed absolutely absolute goods, ale є singing vinyatki. National middle-of-the-town and trade organizations ’trading’ prices and the price of these goods, and realization of these goods through the middle lanka. That is not only the price of the return comrade, but the very same type of price, the mother may have an unequal warehouse of elements. Naybilsh can be clearly seen on the application of the starting price, as if behind your warehouse you can see in six options.

At the first option (C + P) there is a price tag with a price. Such prices are set to products, so as not to be taxed by commodity surcharges, and realizatsiya zdіsnyusnyutsya without a fidget (for example, Kam'yane Vugilla, shkіlnі pіdruchniki). Another option (С + П + ПДВ) is stalled at that time, if the products are subject to a surcharge on dodana, the soldier and seller are sold (for example, clothing, clothing, furniture, and technical equipment). The most varied version of the virobnik price. For the third option (C + P + A + PDV), you will become accustomed to an official comrade (for example, tyutyunovy virobi, alcoholic drinks). If products are sold through a mid-chain organization, then enter the warehouse to enter the form and form the quarters (C + P + NP), words (C + P + PDV + NP) і shostiy (С + П + А + П) NP) varianti іvpusknoї price of the intermediary.

Warehouse prices for the production of viral reference guidance in Fig. 3.1.



Excise zbir

Fee for dodan wart

National Intermediary

Trading allowance

Ціна підприємства

Відпускна the price of the virobnik

Відпускна price of the intermediary

Rozdrіbna price

Fig. 3.1. Post-warehouse warehouse

It’s obvious that there are diagrams, the remaining element is the price, that is the trade allowance , I will redirect the price to the distribution. Warehouse of public relations (CR) for meeting the comrade, in order to have the maximum amount of elements from one’s own, can be written with the following rank:

Post-warehouse warehouse (3.1)

With an important characteristic value of the structure, I will show the part of the skin element in absolute value. Please note that there are different structures, which are tempted to look at with an unequal warehouse and features of the form of okremich element. As a matter of fact, a warehouse of prices is possible, then it is possible to install a unit of vitrates in Russia, a portion of some commodity additives, which can help me to find the best value for money and the basic strategy of business. For this reason, the skin element is priced and achievable with optimal structure є We are important for the completion of valuation.