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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

2.2. Functions

The price at once with the most powerful sovereign regulators of vidigra has an active role in the most important social and economic zavdan. The value of this price is for regular economic processes in the micro-, so in the macro market, through the functional functions. In the economic literature of a single thought, there is an appreciable functional value. Prote naiposhirenіshoy є point of dawn, scho tsina wikonu, yak minіmum, p'yat functions:





Racial distribution of virology.

Oblіkovo-іnformatsіyna funktsiya price †“all the same with the groshy form іzіznyh for its natural form of resources, vitrata and the result of virobnitsva. Only for the extra price you can identify the variety of materials, energy, energy and prices, calculate the amount of available vitraments for the viral products and the income from realizatsii.

Mimzh in the minds of the market for regional functions price can’t be set up until the value of the value is displayed, for some companies selling their products. In addition to such officials, I would like to drink, offer, compete, get hold of the hands in the process of establishing and promoting the market, not only the size of the box, but also the price of the box is not shown. In addition to the market, in the process of buying and selling, we can offer the opportunity to complete the sale of vitrats. Here, I’m showing the price, which is the reason I’m satisfied with the specific needs of the consumer.

Thus, on the basis of the base all the region’s regional economic processes and the latest results are based. Whatever the basis on the basis of price, all of the macro design indicators are shown, showcases, gross domestic product, national income, investment, oversight, profitability, profitability, productivity.

In addition, the price is especially important for information, such as the tool for analysis, forecasting and managing the development of consumer goods, galleys, regions and economy of the country as a whole. Kintsev pidsumku has a price that is in favor of a region of results of economic dormancy and one of the criteria for singing state gifts.

The essence of the rozpodіlchії funktsії polegє is that, for the other reason, the higher cost of redistribution of the national income by means of economic gadgets, regions, forms of power, social groups and social groups. In order to achieve a higher income through a higher price, you can see the products of the singing galluses, the price of the price and the structure itself. So, the winners of the establishment of high prices for prestigious commerce and objects of luxury (natural jewelry, jewelery and precious metals and precious stones) should be protected from the fact that they have a significant share of the population. Increase income, ensure that you’re able to realize their realizable goods, as well as alcoholic and tyutiunovyh virobi through the budget, to increase social welfare for low-income people (to increase their living expenses and free travel).

Realization of the funded functions can be reached by including the excise tax on excise taxes, the surcharge on income and the lower tax payments, which can be directly levied on the sovereign budget. Zavdyaki to the patronage of the need for the zagalnogozhava budget to protect the redistribution of income in the regional aspect. So, in Ukraine, for the rags of budgetary clothes, you can reach the Volinsky, Ivano-Frankivsk and those deynyh oblasts.

Overpriced income in the same way as for the establishment of the highest prices for the very same products for the future residents. For example, tariffs for electricity for the population of Nizhny, and at industrial enterprises.

The most active functions are manifested through prices, as well as regulate the power. So, the name of the camouflage of vugillas is a surcharge on dodan. I’m very safe because I’ve gotten more income between them with energy-energetic and clenching promises. Regularly get okremich goluzey for an extra price, power to keep up with the temperament of new development, the singing world of superexcision and the number of viral companions and the consumer goods and household goods. But he didn’t need to go through the price system in the minds of the sovereign regulation so that he couldn’t wait for any economical reasons, because in the worst cases, it leads to the low competitiveness of the need for low-cost budgeting.

The order is especially valuable, and in the big problems it is important to play a role in the retail processes of the financial system. Napriklad, pіdvischennya zhittєvogo rіvnya okremih verstv population shvidshe mozhna dosyagti Shlyakhov zbіlshennya zarobіtnoї pay (pensіy) abo zmenshennya rates opodatkuvannya dohodіv gromadyan.Dosyagnennya tsієї Well methylation through the system tsіnoutvorennya Mensch efektivnosti, that scho zmіna tsіn torkaєtsya іnteresіv usogo population, not tіlki Yogo sotsіalno nezahischenoї parts.

Stimulating the function of the price in the sense of desire, as well as the steepest of the most appreciated vibrancy and the realization of the highest types of products. For an additional price, it is possible to stimulate the development of regional structures of virobnitsva, to control the attainment of scientific and technological progress, to increase the productivity of products, to save material and labor resources.

The price helps stimulate the inflow on the job, by the leading rank, through the size of the allowance to enter the warehouse. So, to preoccupy the virobnik to pre-launch new products, in order to do it, you need to install the other income, the lower value in the price of the old virobu. It’s not necessary to respect the fact that the price itself is an incentive for new products to be violated, because the higher price can be increased by the large amount of the goods needed, so you can take a little rest.

For the benefit of stimulating functionality, there is no way to change the value of the self, the price of the installed lower price is equal to one of the new power products in the same period. To stimulate the incentive of the price to live in the future, if absolutely the price of growth, ale, the significant value of products, the price of the cinnamon effect will be smaller.

There is a greater realization of the incentive function in the application of the form of the validity of the receipt in the Kiev metro. If the administrative office was installed, the rate of one trip became 30 kopecks. The latest ticket for a month was 19 hryvnias. This meant that for a passenger one trip on the subway (one unit) lived for more than 32 kopecks, for example, for skin day, for urakhovi and for children, for a month (30 days), two days per day were bored with this kind of transport. Such a price of a good ticket didn’t economically feel like a quiet holiday, like a subway lounging for more than 25 days (working plus sub-days), because leather travel cost 38 kopecks, which is much more expensive than in Japan.

With a half-hour trip up to 50 kopecks. The price of the receipt was up to 25 UAH. For these minds with a metropolitan metro on a day of 25 days, the cost of one trip is 50 kopecks, and 30 days is 42 kopecks. Tse, madly, I want passengers to corridor with past receipts, and not tokens.

Increasing the incentive to live on absolutely great goods (clothes, clothes, furniture, perfumes) through the price of their high characteristics is due to their difficulty, as they are very powerfully, . In order to stimulate a special living experience for the population, there are more goods to be reached, as a rule, for the differentiated rates of indirect taxes (excise tax, mitigation) and regular regulation in the warehouse of the highest cost-effectiveness ratio.

Balancing the function of the price is to ensure that for the other price, it’s possible to hear less and less, to reach the minimum price and position. Vishche was already meant, what will I drink and offer virіvnuyut price. Along with this process, you can marvel at the side - the price is a tool for securing small meals and drinking. Vіdomo, scho mіzh rinkovoy price and that kіlkіsty goods, yak proponuetsya for sale, існує recession is wrapped. So, if the price is lower, the goods should be changed, and if the price is lower, the sale of zrosta is reduced.

Navpaki, proposition are characterized by a direct fallow between the price and the amount reserved before the sale of goods. Зі збільшенням зіни the oath of ostracє, and Зі змшенням - падає. Thus, price, incentive virobnitstvo in case of deficiency of products and streamlining in case of surplus of goods, as a safety precaution, dynamic balance between consumption and provision.

In market minds, such a function of value automatically adjusts the suspension of virobnichto with a hat to speed up the release of goods, which do not bother with food, and the direct material, financial and labor resources that are most effective, that is more efficient. With the slightest link in the Ukrainian market, the competition and the balance will be balanced, the role will be more important when you formulate the price for comrade and servant.

Functions are appreciated because of the need for rational distribution of virobility to be seen in the fact that, for the benefit of the higher price, the transfer of capital to the quiet sectors, the galleys and the viola can be improved. Such an overflow of capital for a healthy life is independent of a rink of ranked officials with a method of deceiving a larger value to a surplus. In the minds of the Ukrainian economy, with insufficient development of competition, the monopoly of the most important and the most important factors, such an increase in the cost of capitalization could result in remittances. In general, the main part of the shirts is direct not to the virobnich sphere, but to commercial and middle-class business, de norm, there is a significant amount of food, lower in the last galleys.

Enhanced functionality. So, the balancing function є to the stimulating-productive ones is also fixed on the wide range of goods, which are browning with food. Functions are appreciated as a matter of regional growth and cooperation, and at the same time, through overstatement, you’ll be able to get more business out of the box.