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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.


2.1. Main view price

The price, which function in the market mechanism, is a collapsible system, as the service of all aspects of commodity-penny items is clicked on. Relief for tsіn virіshuyutsya takі vazhlivі zavdannya, yak stvorennya ekonomіchnih peredumov for profitable funktsіonuvannya of companies, stimulyuvannya virobnitstva that spozhivannya yakіsnoї produktsії, regulyuvannya obsyagіvі structuring virobnitstva fallow od suspіlnih require stvorennya spriyatlivih ekonomіchnih minds for virіshennya sotsіalnih toscho problems.

Schaub virishuvati ts zavdannya, a system of price and security, and the whole image of all the spheres of the new zososuvannya. Persh for all the price - the price category. In addition, the entire system of prices is guaranteed by the price of internal and external market. Rіznitsya between such prices to finish the suttva. As long as the basis of international prices lies on the international level, the prices on the internal market will spiral by the size of the national value of goods. Remaining to lay down the official documents: the productivity of the country in the country, the structure of the national virology and the economy.

Interior prices can be classified after a number of signs: greater freedom, greater scope, stages of commodity sales, territorial expansions, types of free trade. (Fig. 2.1.). Depends on the freedom of liberty (liberalization) and the regulation, regulation and value of freedom. FIXED - the price is the same as to become a state through the system of government bodies and management (for example, managing the central policy of the most powerful state administrations). Such prices are established by the introduction of the state price lists, as well as official prices and tariffs for comrade services, which are subject to confirmation by the state authorities. Fixed prices are set on environment and see the products of basic galleys (vugіllya, elektroenergіya) that on deyakivi najavlivіshі comrade of services, as well as is more important for life care

Klasifіkatsіya price

Fig. 2.1. Klasifіkatsіya price

population (rent, gas, tariffs for electric transport). Such prices, as a rule, are introduced in non-derogable terms and can be added to special orders.

Prior to the regulation, to establish the price, between the right and the other, you directly establish the power, but, in the wrong way, to rob the inevitable for the seller of the higher level of growth. Such prices are set for monopoly production products, however, at the time of fall, as long as you need to take an hour and a half to stream the price for defective comrade. Recurring prices at the sphere of prices, the power of the visitor to change products and services, are regulated by prices.

The most appreciated are self-owned rights and privileges of their own vitality and special offerings and propositions. It’s possible that stinks can be changed, but they can be changed if there are any boundaries between them, as it would be necessary for rinks. Most often, prices are negotiated, so that they can be formed on the basis of home ownership by the buyer and seller. Stink up in the contracts for the posting of products, as a rule, in great parties and not indefinitely on terminology. The prices for the weather can be changed, the prices for the resources have increased, the growth is faster, new rates are introduced for the latest reasons, so that they can be added to the price list.

Dependently of the sphere of activity of the galoze form of production:

wholesale prices for industrial products;

purchases of prices for food products;

prices for products;

tariffs for transport and services;

rozdrіbnі price .

For wholesale prices, products are sold at the lowest prices, but at the same time with them, companies, and organizations of the highest quality (transport, high prices, trade), we have a great deal of good prices.

Purchasing prices - prices are for great products, great parties realize the sovereign, cooperative and farmers' gratitude for further processing. For such prices, the products are procured, the leading rank, the state authorities for the establishment of special funds (grain), as well as the unstoppable foodstuffs (for example, meat and cereal plants).

The price for the production of the service, as a rule, is the price of the form of the card, the price of the service (work and installation robots) of a particular object. In addition, in these areas, they mean the average cost of one daily work (1 sq. M of living space, 1 cubic m of masonry tile).

Tariffs are the prices for the services of the plumbing and passenger transport, as well as for the services that the population is hoping for with the services of side-by-side and communal services. Until the rest, charge tariffs for the perukaren, dry cleaners, rental, repair and repair clothes, as well as payment for an apartment, phone, water station and in.

Razdrіbnimi are called prices, for those who live to coma through the distribution of trade, I can realize the population. Stink є prices of kintsevo realizatsії goods.

Behind the stages of commodity sales of products, prices can be subdivided into two types: the price of the sale and the price of the sale. At the presentation price of the virobniki company, we can see the results of our latest robot. The main function of such a price is that of the Vitrat and the ripping of the song.

By the type of wholesale price of business є transfer price. Vaughn to conceive of all kinds of business during a healthy operation. Transfer prices can be established like a syrovina, a food factory, a ready-made one, and so on a servant (robot), a secret of a managerial nature.

The price of realization is the price, for which products must be reached by the buyer. Such is the price, except for the allowance, to pay the surplus taxes and surcharges. The price is realizatsii, for what kind of products to go to the virological companion (except for the population), to be called the starting point.

Dependently on the territory of the widespread price, they are accounted for in the foreign lands, and those are zonal.

Zagalnostavni - for the sake of price, so as to be the same in the whole territory of the country and be able to use the special regulations for the department. There are no such prices and up to them, a permanent basis, to impose a rent for one square meter of living space; tariffs for electric energy, which will enable the population to consume communal consumption; tariffs for the services of the postal telegraphic call and deyakі inshі.

Prior to establishing the responsibility of the ministers, they are to enter the competence for the sake of the ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and most of them are glad. So much the price to get in touch with the Vitrats and Realization of the Regions (regions, cities) and the same territories. Before them, secure, make sure you see the prices for bread and butter, tariffs for the population for services and heating, tariffs for transportation of passengers and other goods from the city.

A special kind of territorial prices є zonal zini, yakі can be divided into two types. Before the first to take pride, scho to get into action and see the products of well-meaning goodies promislovosti (for example, vugilnoї). Єхнє ососососняня з з з з з з з з з з зов з з з з зумумумумумумум знач ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди ди диф ди ди вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит вит Another type of good-for-one price, for the sake of a post hacker is the realization of products for all living singers (geographic areas). Prior to the price of the specific transportation zone, the rate is included for the average rate, ale for the skin zone and the price.

The portions of vitrates for product delivery are fallow (navantazuvalno-rozvantazhevuvalny robots, transport, insurance), as they turn on until the price, they stink for the different kinds of free. The term "franco" (a form of the Italian franco) literally means "Vilnius", and the strictly commercial sense of treatment is understood as the "Vilnius payment". To that chi іnshy kind of free, nadaniya tsіnі, vkazє, to a certain point on the hat, I will hand out the goods to the living transport carrier. You need to enter the warehouse before the specified price and be compensated to the post-buyer by the buyer by paying for the payment of the product.

Franchise is widely victorious as in domestic, so in international trade. Urakhuvannya transport official in international trade prices is secured by international singing rules, so that they will be discerned at a time 5. Practitioners of a free and busy transport offer a wider range of French transport to the hall. You can see the following at a free show: “free - the warehouse of the postochnik”, “free - the station of the destination”, “free - the wagon of the station”, “free - the station of the sign”, “free - the station of the sign, and the free ". So, as soon as the vendor realizes its products without warehouse in the warehouse, then the third price “ex-warehouse of the post-master” is given, which means that all purchases for the delivery of products are taken by the buyer. The price of the “free station” is provided, you pay for delivery of the products to the station, and you pay for the delivery of the price for the car, the price for the car is free. At the price of “ex-station”, the seller shall take care of the same fare for the transport tariff. As a matter of fact, the price is “free - live warehouse”, then all vitriety for transportation and forwarding-rozantazhvuvalny robots to the very warehouse of the buyer carry the post-it.

Falling into view of the most visible types of transport, which means that they are used for transporting goods, there are stalls of the French type: on the marine transport - “free port ”, on the river - “free port ”, on the automobile - “free car”.

Vіdpovіdno to the nature of vikoristannya priіyalyutsya on dovidkovі, the price of the actual land, starts, limіtnі, outpost, seasonal and that.

Dovidkovі - the price of information, which is the right point for installation, as a rule, contractual price. Stink vіdkrito published in the other words, special newsletters, company catalogs, price lists. The majority of suppliers have the role of basic prices, as well as the price of goods for singing, rozmiriv, chemical warehouse and so on.

On the vidnіvid vidovidkovih prices, the price of the actual land є criteria for the establishment of the contract price. However, such a price is not regularly published, but it’s appearing at the front office that has an okremich operation. Mid-term price of actual land and income may help me to establish a new price for the singing contract.

Starts - the price of the highest price, the show, the top rank, the lower interval between. Relying on such a price, selling food to a specific date, specific ideas to specific minds and terms of realizing products. So much the price is fixed per hour sale of goods at auctions or on a competitive basis.

Limit price will show the upper boundary between the two, as a sign at the stage of new fragmentation of new products, it is important, virological and technical designation. Vaughn є criterion of economical docility and fragmentation of new technology with given parameters.

Zastavna price - price for the goods, a yak p_dlyagaє turn. Such prices are fixed on the container, video cassettes at rental points, at pawnshops.

Before the season to lay down, soak like a stretch of rock. Seasonal purchase prices are significant in terms of zooms in winter glasses on sale and sale of goods in retail period. Naybilsh widely seasonal prices are fixed on products.

Guidance perelіk not vicherpuє all see the price, like victorious in economic processes. In practice, zonosovatsya ponad 300 reznidov in price, yakі r_znizyaetsya yourself behind the serpent and the method of zososuvannya. Deacs from them will be seen in the current distribution.

Mizhzh usima tsіnamami, scho funktsionuyut in ekonomіtsі, іsnuє intricate zv'yazok. It is based on the principle of “prepared vessels”, which is evidently associated with the appearance of that kind of price leading up to singing acts at the form of the most important. In the case of Perchochergov’s role, the role of the system in price is to determine the price of the production of the basic gadgets of promislovost, zokrem, energy-energetic (vugilna, gazova, naphtha, electroenergetics) and metallurgy. So, the price tag for energy is very fast for the price tag without the need for economy gadgets, and the dynamics of the price tag for the most expensive products are easy to get for the price of goods. Mizh zmіnami tsin іsnuє not tilki straight, but the th of zvoryazheniya zv'yazok. For example, after the price at the salt complex, after a day, turn into a big galaxy through expensive technologies that have been used by them.