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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

1.3. Competition and monopoly officials officials

The form of the price with a significant world is to lie down in the type of market, on a kind of precedence. The structure of the market is recognized by officials, like the number of companies and the nature of the nature, the nature of the viral product, the ease of entering the market anyway. But I’m telling you the main thing, the yak is laid in the basis of the classifications of the market, є steps in the water of the immediate seller (buyer) on the form of the market prices. With the change of officials, there are several types of markets: competition has been completed, competition is monopolistic, and competition has been monopolized.

The marketplace of thorough competition is stored with significant purchases and sellers of any kind of product. At the same time, a part of the skin and skin company is insignificant, and even so, it is not worth it to add goods to the price. The seller can’t ask for a price for his goods, for example, for buying products, for buying and selling products, for a good price. Do not bargain for sellers to sell the goods and for the price, less than the market, because the leather one can realize the market for the price of the product. To that end, the role of a strategic strategy is minimal and sales people don’t spend a lot of time on the Russian fragmentation.

An important, thought-out func- tion of the market for thorough competition is the freedom to enter the market and the entrance to it, the presence of the most discriminatory products, the lack of the same standard products and the absolute informativeness of the products. In practice, I’ve thoroughly competed with є vinyatim ’clown and less deyak ry rnkіv close to it на (for example, rinok of valuable folders, foreign currencies, grain). On the right, it’s possible to find absolutely the same product. You can have a great deal of purchasers who are different in the minds of realizations, in advertisements, in reality, in the presence of one of the most powerful officials.

Singular specific features of the monopolistic competition , which are stored with significant sales and purchases, as well as large-scale sales and purchases, are not at a wide range. The availability of significant differentials is expressed in terms of the offer of different products, as they are not limited in character, but in packaging, they are guaranteed to buy and sell goods. Often, you pay not only for the product, but for the brand name. This kind of competition is the most widespread in the gallows, like a good comrade (easy and easy to use), a bit of technology, little hassle.

Monopolistic competition of winery is there, de gosudarє it means significant business, while it is practically impossible to please one another. Kozhen pіdpriєmets can not transfer more participants to the market, praysyu ​​for fear and rezik and the visitor himself to the necessary price policy. In these minds, sellers are more respectful of respecting the differentiated price of any characteristic product. At vіdmіnu vіd thoroughly competitive іn skin virobnik (seller) can merchandise on the price of their goods. At the same time, by and large, the oversight of the virobnitz products and the price, the stink may not have to undermine the reaction of the competitors, therefore, even the significant number of sellers, the decision of one of them cannot be attributed to the camp of the last.

The oligopolies are characterized by the fact that there are a small number of sellers, a significant increase in the value of the other ones. The price of the significant increase in adoption by oligopolists in all types of markets. The leather company has its own responsibility for not having to react to purchases, but also able to compete with others, how much is needed to increase the profitability of the business. If you are a company, you can change prices for your products, then buyers will quickly switch to such a seller. Reaguyuchi on such zmіni, іshі virobnikov guilty, but also to lower the price of their goods, but to respect to my friends the best of the service. Oligopolist nikoli is not a bit of a lament, but if you can achieve a trivial result for a little breeze of low price. From your side, as a participant in such a market to raise your price, then the competition may not be able to enjoy the butt. Today, such an oligopolist will be encouraged to turn up to the last price, but at the same time try to erase the part of the song.

The behavior of the oligopolist is to become known as two protracted forces. Persha appears to be in the state of skin depletion in maximizing a special way, to navigate as much as possible to reduce the gross income of the galaxy. There is another force, which is pouring in on the behavior of oligopolist, - which means that the maximum amount of profit is maximized by a fair amount of gossip with a dignity of other people, such as being hidden by the sharing of supernormality between themselves.

As a rule, as such, you need to form a serpentine form, so as to fit any kind of fashionable company by setting up a fiscal price. For the sake of being legitimate in nature, oligopolisty often comes to terms in the cartel, as well as monopoly at the most significant cost of the latest products. If it’s obvious that the law is illegal, then the business community will reach home about those who have one of them, and the decision to inherit the stock from the right price.

Oligopolistic structures creep around the galleys, like viral they are standardized (copper, chavun, aluminum), so differentiation (cars, computers, cigarettes) comrade. For new applicants, it’s important to infiltrate the market, Ale Bar'ri entrance is not folding, so that it’s completely impotent.

In the minds of a thoroughly monopolistic monopoly on the market of music, there is one seller (virobnik) of singing products, not the same as a small deputy. For this purpose, the virobnik will adjust the offer of the goods, and in the meals there is a dictation of the price, but in the winter it is possible to pour on it. The monopoly of the winery is there, if there is a significant bar for entering the market (giving a unit of vinyatky rights, patent recognition, the need for significant one-time capital investment) or even if it’s natural.

Oskilki monopoly trim in your hands the whole range of products, you have to face the alternative: either mix the oversight of the law with the method of setting the price higher, or lower the price of the sale for oversight. However, the demand for respect, which controls the start-up of products, the monopoly, does not wait for the appreciation of the established prices, more than just maximize the profit, and not deny the most profitable products. In addition, when formulating a specific price, there is a need to establish, to a certain degree, a monopoly to establish ownership and a certain kind of pragna to reach the auxiliary price.

As a rule , monopoly is possible , so as to socially protect the population of the population, the seller can establish the price, as much as possible of the goods and services. Navpaki, at vipadakha stremyannya living deyakhy goods, they may be able to get stuck even longer temple prices.

As a matter of fact, monopoly monopoly power is sovereign regulation, then, as a rule, price is set on equal terms, as a matter of convenience, it’s possible to deny the “normal” way, which’s enough to make a small rose. In the minds of an unregulated monopoly company, it is independent of the price without any rivals. At tsyuyu vipadok tilka gets drunk on the goods can be an official, I’ll stream away zrostannya price. Prior to the bureaucrats, as well as to stream the monopoly type of goods to the maximum price, to see the battle, the introduction of the new sovereign regulation, the unwillingness to make a high price for the new ones and the unknown.

In the case of long-standing monopoly monopolies, the principle of the so-called “central discrimination”. All the same, if such a product itself is sold to customers for the highest price, even though they want to buy the same things in Russia. Such a term of “discrimination” does not have any kind of ethical snake. You need to live longer in order for you to choose the right way to differentiate the price of the other characteristics of the goods and the service (for example, for the tuners, the terms of the warranty, the warranty).

Conducting discriminatory prices , monopoly podilya purchasers in the group, as well as ready and ready to pay for the product. It’s soundly that such a buy-back was based on the indicator of eligibility and price, so that the buyer can’t resell the goods (as a service), so that you can buy one segment of the market for a low price and sell it for a high price. The best way to do this is to discreetly understand the sphere of services, the stench of the stench, as a rule, cannot be resold.

Requirement of value, but a thorough monopoly is practically not true. However, the butt of Mogue can serve virobnitstvo, as it is stolen by patents. The policy of the state is that we have a monopoly policy in the redistributed and consolidated antitrust laws, so as to protect the monopolistic rink.