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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.4.3 Zahist vid bliskavki

The main category channel of the bliskavka is at a temperature of 20,000 ° C, I will confirm the temperature of the combustible medium to the temperatures of the temperature and the temperature and temperature.

Ruinatsiya budіvel and equipment is possible for a direct hit of a bliskavka of the second secondary apparition of an electric and electrostatic induction. High potential potential for blizzards can be spent in everyday life by using a special offer, however, through public relations.

Necessity to clean all kinds of blizzards is to be assigned to designated services and equipment, intensive lightning in the district of roztasuvannya, as well as the specified opportunities.

Buddy and equip for a clean sweep of the list of bliskavka to three categories.

When you are equipped with the І І ІІ category, you must capture the right way to hit the blinks, electrostatically and electromagnetically and through the overground metal potentials.

Prior to the week І and the second category, it is necessary to ensure that there are no unprotected attachments to the DNAP (classes 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), as well as technological installations of the first and third store rooms with vibration-free gases, vapors and LZR.

Budіvlі i sporudi scho vіdnesenі to the category III for oblashtuvannyam Zahist od bliskavki, pіdlyagayut Zahist od direct udarіv bliskavki th Named Visoko potentsіalіv through nazemnі metalevі komunіkatsії and takozh od elektrostatichnoї іnduktsії (for installations of buildings i єmnostey іz zalіzobetonnih abo materіalіv is synthetic).

Prior to the third category, it is necessary to maintain a weekly service for the class P-I, P-II, P-III for the PUE, the hanging pipe, the water tower, and the water tower at least 15 to 30 meters, and also it is important that there are more.

Zakhist budyvel vid straight hit in the bliskavki zd_isnyuyutsya for another bliskavkopriimacha, a kind of immediate acceptance of the bliskavki blow, jet input, which can serve to enter the stream into the ground and ground, pass through any stream without a blaster.

For roztashuvannyam bliskavkovіdvodi podіlyayut for:

  • rods;
  • ropes;
  • combining.

For the total number of additional attachments on one stream drive bliskavkov lead drive:

  • single;
  • sub;
  • bagatorazov_.

Zakhisna dіya bliskavkovіdvodu to lay down in the above nadіnostі z'єdnannya strumovіdvodu іz grounding. Z'єdnannyu viskuyut in the way of sounding.

See grounding, іх кількість і Різімі there are deposits of any size necessary support roztіkannya strumy pet support ґрунту, at some roztashovany grounding.

Strum the drive to ground, with an impulse support of no more than 20 Ohms.

Zakhisna dіya bliskovidvodu lay down in the form of configuratsii and rozmіru zones zahistu.

The zahistu zone is the only way to get near the blisk water supply, and in some cases there will be a steeped view of the direct blow of the bliskavka. Zahist nadijny for think, if all budіvlya be in the zone.

There are two types of zones to be cleaned: I’m instructed by regionally recognized bliskovdvіv, іsnu

  • zone type A (maє stepіn nadіynostі 99.5%);
  • zone type B (step nadіynostі 95% and vishche).

There are several grounding and grounding circuits that may be used in the future, if I need to be cleaned, as well as other types of industrial and industrial buildings, such as ground, pipelines, railways and gas pipelines. In razі vluchennya bliskavki in bliskavkovіdvіd, strumovіdvіd i zazemlyuvach carols Visoko potentsіalu and rіznitsya potentsіalіv scho tsomu at vinikaє, Mauger breaking through іzolyatsіyu, yak vіddіlyaє strumoprovіd od budіvlі, abo breaking through ball zemlі mіzh zazemlyuvachem bliskavkovіdvodu i pіdzemnoyu Chastain budіvlі, abo z'єdnanimi h I’m budding metal communications.

For the week І category, the possibility of such breakdowns is unimportant. For the whole reason, let’s say we’ll let us see the bliskavkov’s lead up to Budva’s. Have a vipadu won won’t have less than 3m.

Zakhist alarm ІІ categories surrounded by standing, cable rods with rod bliskavkіdvody vstanovleniem on the arms, the streamers should be laid without interruption on the roofs of the arches from the ground until there are no ground wires except 10

Zakhist buidvel І categories of electrostatic inductance zdіsnyusnyu be a hat to accept the metal ownership of the equipment to grounding in the form of a secondary bliskavka, but at least 10 ohms. When you are comfortable with the second category, you should be secured by a sweep of all electrostatic and industrial grooms, who are granted all rights to stay in Budva until they are properly grounded.

Zahist vid electronic induction wake-up safety:

І categories - with a metal jumpers through the skin 20m down the pipelines in the meters of each other at a distance of 10cm, to make it easier to complete the closed circuits;

Category II - the very zahist, tilki through 25-30m.

Zakhist is entering the highest potential at the week І and ІІ categories of health and safety through the fence of the land, be the same repeated lines, be the same sign. Electrical measures up to 1000V, telephone, radio, signals, and other signals are used to get around the ground with cable lines.