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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.5 System

6.5.1 Vimozhi to the system

Prior to the system, set the following :

  • non-combustible and important combustible specks and materials;
  • separation of fuel and vibrant and indefinite rivulets and virins;
  • Isolation of combustible and vibro-unsecured mediums;
  • zapobіgannya rozpovsyujennyu drive for the inter osedka pozhezh;
  • vikoristannya preoccupied with fireworks, alarm constructions with regulated intervals of inconvenience and combustibility.

The system of fire- fighting for zhistu including gambling of gentry evacuation people; vikoristannya preoccupation of collective and indivisual zahistu protsyuyuchih; system of protidymic zahist; vikoristannya catastrophes of the fire signalization and concerns about the fire, organization of the fire protection of the oblast.

Lokalizatsiyu pozhezh zdіsnyuyut with a gust of oblashtuvannya protoporzhezhnyh pereshkod (station, zones, foreign smug); hydrodischarge, water barriers, internal gas and steam vavs; boundary permissible areas of protivorezhnyh and vibration-indefensible vіdsіkіv і section; emergency shutdown and communal services and so on.

Effective vibration of the necessary methods to clean up the necessary steps at the stage of the project:

  • view of the concerns of fire, роз роз роз роз роз,,,, к к,, к та та ут ут ут та ут ут;
  • order zberіgannya čechovin і materіalіv, dying out of which categorically zaboronyatsya one and the same zosobami;
  • dzherela y ways of giving lead to the consumption of fire;
  • the order of servants and zberіgannya zasobіv pozhezhegasіnnya;
  • Victory of active systems of active burning and vibrating.

For the sake of awakening and equipping yourself with such an order, so that they can keep them safe and secure by stretching out the period of evacuation of practical intercourse with the majority of collectives.

When they’re ready to obey their mother, such as planing, so that evacuation of their children will be completed, then they will be sent to them by non-civil servants after they have received a couple of permissible limits.

Prior to the system of firefighting, zagist should be assigned to a collective and indivisible zahist, so as to protect the security of the lawyers by stretching the right time for two non-public officials.

The system of protidymic zhisty rozrahuvatsya for the care of not obscured grooms evacuation lasting an hour, worthy for the evacuation of the princes.

Violation of the problem of getting on a snowfall May be safe from troubles signalization and the idea of ​​waiting for dinner on the stage.

Surrounding the city, for the sake of fading, I need to re-transmit the mechanical hardships, so I can preserve my functionality by stretching out the rozrachunk hour for the sake of fading, warming up, and emergency.