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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.5.2 Come in once every day

Rozpovsyuzhnya pozhzhі mozhe vіdbuvatisya all-in-one weekly on the surface of combustible speeches, on weekly constructions, as well as less than weekly spores.

At the stage of the project, it is necessary to transfer the weekly service to the security services and sections with over-burning walls, partitions and over-doors, the front and rear doors will be protected, as well as over-the-air doors.

Prior to the prototype, the code is replaced by the normative documents of the productive design code.

For example, prototyzhezhnі stіni - are a deaf stіnu tsegli, concrete a slag block with a boundary vognestіkostі bіlya 3 years old, schotine ет vertical all structural elements of construction. The stench is being built for non-custodial purposes in the home of the newly-born viral companions for the most part of everyday life. It’s possible to stink out of sight over the cover of 60cm. I would like to have one item of paint (for a vinyatka cover) of vikonano with combustible materials, no less than 30 cm, yakshcho of an element of vikonano with vognetrivkih materials.

For the benefit of firewalls and firewalls, firewalls are required to protect the fireproof zones.

Prototype living areas - there are inserts that can be changed on a weekly basis throughout the entire width and height. The width of the protection zone is 6-12 m from the boundary of the height of the city of 150 hv., And pokritty - not less than 45hv.

At the boundaries of the protozhezhno zone, there will be a fence to pick up the fuel and materials and the technical processes for the approval of the gas saw.

The area of ​​old-age business and over-the-air occupancy is deeply rooted at the top of the stage of high interest rate with the category of rental rates in the first quarter.

Schob, go ahead with the rules and regulations governing the permissible after-hours at the next working hours.

Let’s say that it’s possible to turn it on again — like the same way, because of the high temperature in the construction, it’s even more important if you don’t have too much stink.

Let’s say that you’ve already got to know how much you can do after trivial work, by stretching out some kind of design we can see the heat during the low temperature conditions.

Vimogi often needs to be rejuvenated by business hours and regulate the most important conditions of the year, as well as the rules of their mutual separation.

The spreader will make it easier to flip the bite from one industrial building to the last, the last week, forget the longest cut, with a width of 10–20 m wide, and for folds of 24–50 m, the most