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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.5.3 Stage of performance and service and equipment

Vognestіkіst - the whole life of alarm constructions for operating their own functions at high temperatures for the same.

The weekly constructions can be conceived to the country, heat insulating and non-functional.

The loss of inconsequential construction needs to result in something that is completely fallowing to the type - to collapse, but to go berserk.

Prior to basic alarm constructions, lay down the interior and interior walls (partitions), columns, beams, slabs, floorings and floors.

For inconsequential constructions vnestіykіst iznachaetsya tolki for the second inconsequential health (standard, rekritty, beams, fermi, colonies).

Zagorodzhuvalna health of the weekly constructions characterize the possibility of assimilation in the design of the openings of the open air and through the yards in the first half of the entrance to the products of the city.

Thermal design function to lay down the entire building until the program is completed. For the heat-insulating health, the possibility of vignity is signaled by the increased design temperature at the un-heated side and the lower surface is 190 ° C lower than before heating.

The characteristic of the volnesty of the construction of the є interval of the volnestyost.

The range of incentives is one hour, after which there is a construction design for a doctor who doesn’t have to do so, extraordinary functions and heat insulating functions.

From now on, the waste of inconsequential construction of the designation means a fall-off (ruining); a waste of rural health - the emergence of trishchin; and the heat-insulating - the design is completed half an hour until the temperature, as long as the self-balancing words are reused, they will need to change from the usual ones.

The range of bells and whistles for alarm constructions is established by experimental or rozrahunkovym.

Accepted higher levels of vnosti_kostі buіvel and equipment.



Design Features


Budinki with non-rolling and gardening constructions from natural or piece materials? Concrete, concrete, concrete and concrete sheets and non-combustible materials.


Budinki with non-standard and garden constructions from natural ones, piece materials, concrete, concrete concrete. For rewriting, it is allowed to stiffen the trees, construction, as well as plastering, but may be necessary for processing.


Budinki is overpriced with a frame structural scheme. Element of the frame - with metal unprotected structures. Gardening constructions - with non-combustible sheet materials and non-combustible heat insulating materials, but we also insulating a group of low and non-combustible combustibility.


Budinki is overwhelmingly one-sided with a frame structural scheme. Elementi skeleton - from the village, the yak has learned a vnnesakhisnuyu strobka. garden construction constructions with a need for sample testing and storage at high temperatures.


Budinki with load-bearing and gardening constructions from the village of any of the most combustible materials, those that have been burnt down and of high temperatures, with stucco, or even with sheet, plate materials. Before the elements are not shown, vimogs are displayed between the voices and the village, the mother is guilty to the mother for the burial.


Budinki is overwhelmingly one-sided with a frame structural scheme. Element of the frame - with metal unprotected structures. Garden constructions - from metal profiles, but also from non-combustible materials, we insulate the group of medium and low combustibility.


Budinki, up to minor and garden constructions, there are no vimogs appearing between the interstitial and the wide expansions.

Naibilshu inter vognestіkostі in the weekly days of any degree may be considered unsuccessful designs, naymenshu - internal partitions.

That vognestіkіst budіvlі vnaznachaetsya in singing ranges.

The range of free time constructions should not be expected to see the best winter clothes, but the standard way to pay attention.

For mutual intercourse viknostіkostі vikoristovuyu іznі methodi vognezakhistu. Method vognezakhistom to lie down:

  • Necessary inter-vognestyost;
  • type of construction;
  • position of construction in the open;
  • the view of the static and the dynamic navantage, which is designed for construction;
  • temperature and biological minds of exploitation;
  • Aggressiveness of the dilapidated medium;
  • aesthetic vimog to the construction of that.

Nimenshu between vognestіkostі Mayayut metal and unprotected design. Depends on the temperature regime of the rain of the interval between the high temperatures and the temperature of the decile - 0.1-0.3 years.

The metal construction may have a great heat supply, you can quickly get it and spend a lot of health. To this zbіlshennya osh of the comrade does not give a positive effect. For zahistu tsikh design vikoristovuyut:

  • concrete pumping;
  • lined with tar, ceramic tiles;
  • cement-sand and perlite plaster;
  • pokrittya asbestos and rіdkim slope;
  • to cover up, schoch є to get lost in the assimilation of porous, up-to-date prosharks, to shave the temples of heat-insulated power.

Bring guidance to the method of the fireman of metal constructions to give the possibility of increasing the gap to normal values ​​(0.5-3 years).

Trees of construction may have little heat, and they will need to get involved through the burning of the construction, and the way will be to change the area by rubbing.

Vognezakhist tree construction design with a hat:

  • permeation with antipyrens;
  • the folding of thermowells at the plasterboard;
  • facing the fire for a few shades (chervona tseglo, hollow ceramic blocks);
  • covered with sheet asbestos cement, dry gypsum abo sounding plaster;
  • 4-ball enamel village surface treatment.

Trees of construction, captured by environmentally friendly methods, incur the power of important combustible materials and not engage in low-level dzherel.

Kam'yanі design Mayayu vognestіykіst, between such as to lay down vid osh their comrades, thermophysical authorities, a way to play. Zavdyaki their massivnosty and thermophysical authorities, cam'yanі designs to repair the great opir vognnya in the minds of pozhezh. Tseglyany designs in the minds of the elderly to show the temperature up to 700-900 ° C, not changing their opinions and not oznavlyayusniy oznak ruynuvannya. The interval between the height of the tseglyany stovnom 25 cm to become 5 years., And the distance from the void tsegli - 5.5 years.

Concrete constructions are completed in the minds through the fire and inconvenience and low heat supply. Stink to conceive of their functions in the minds of those who are younger than 1 year., One less. Driving with the help of gas can cause vibrations to the concrete and the construction of the construction. For official commentary:

  • zbіlshyut comrade construction;
  • vibrate concrete with a smaller coefficient of heat;
  • Decrease static and dynamic navigation;
  • to get in the material and the goods;
  • zbіlshyut comrade zhishny ball to concrete;
  • to change the heat conductivity by a plaster of chi facing;
  • to get fittings with a higher critical temperature.