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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Test program control (101-150)

101. See the legal provisions for the destruction of sanitary legislation:

a) discipline, civil law, administrative, criminal;

b) redeem the congestion of financial sanctions;

c) meeting the requirements for compensating and compensating for the necessary expenses for sanitary visits;

102. Umovi pracі tse:

a) a foldable suspension process, which will lead to a healthy and healthy people camp;

b) the sufficiency of the officials of the virological treasure, which will contribute to the health and praise of people;

c) socially-economical officials who want to invest in health and praise of people;

103. Umovi pracі klasifіkuyutsya on:

a) unbearable, comfortable, acceptable, unpleasant;

b) strained, light, important;

c) natural, comfortable, acceptable, unpleasant;

104. For the important categories of importance can you win professional profits?

a) tokens for I, II, III;

b) tilki for ІІІ, ІV;

c) only for IV, V, VI;

105. Are robots necessary to reach important categories and bring them to the pathological reaction organisms?

a) I, II, III;

b) ІІІ, ІV, V;

c) VІ;

106. The main warehouse part repeated є:

a) acid;

b) charcoal;

c) nitrogen;

107. In the working zone, people can not be less than yak:

a) 20%;

b) 16-18%;

c) 12-15%;

108. With some kind of sourness, it is already impotent to conquer the physical praise, will it soon be a poisonous spirit?

a) 16-18%;

b) 12-15%;

c) 9-12%;

109. Zamokorochennya і death іd kisnevy starvation (anoxemia) is present at the time of kisnyu:

a) 9%;

b) 12%;

c) 14%;

110. The amount of carbon dioxide in the work zone is not to blame:

a) 0.2%;

b) 0.4;

c) 0.5%;

111. Toxic to organisms of people of carbon dioxide, gas to fix at concentration:

a) 1%;

b) 2%;

at 10%;

112. With some kind of carbonic gas, can ludine be more familiar?

a) 0.5%;

b) 1.2%;

at 10%;

113. When there is a concentration of carbon dioxide, gas will cause people to die of poison?

a) 9%;

b) 12%;

in 20%;

114. What about the concentration in the atmosphere of the oxide of coal in the case of pre-reconditioned to chronic isolation?

a) 0.1%;

b) 0.01%;

c) 1.0%;

115. What about the concentration of atmospheric oxide in coal lead to paralysis of death and death?

a) 1.0%;

b) 0.1%;

c) 1.0%;

116.When yakіy concentration of oxide in vugletsu lyudіnі to finish up kіlka razіv breathe again, so that in vvoditi svіdomіst?

a) 0.01%;

b) 0.1%;

c) 1.0%;

117. What is a склад chemical warehouse repetitive work zone?

a) so;

b) nі;

c) frequently;

118.What should I bring to the official bureaucrats of the open middle treasure?

a) a way of life, think of a whip, twigs;

b) climate and weather, landscape, landscape, natural order regime;

c) sonyachna radіatsіya, atmospheric grip, temperature, vologost and shvidkіst rukhov repetition;

119. What is the same?

a) the normal reaction of the central nervous system of people to the physical and the rosum prace;

b) the reaction of people to finish up the temple with emotion;

c) distribution of systems to the organism through the temple of physical learning;

120. What is the climate? Tse:

a) the special features of the circulation of the mass of the surface of the ball, which is known to be the number of sleepy radiations;

b) regularly repeating the wait mode for the given region, missed service;

c) the sufficiency of the physical authorities of the surface ball of the atmosphere for a short short time per hour;

121. It is certain that a certain component of microclimate transfer of virology is designated for:

a) climatic zone, hour of the day and rock;

b) the regime of prazі u vіdkritih chi zakritih primіshchennyah;

c) convection, radio, video, high temperature, or even the latest elements;

122. Mikroklimat - ce:

a) the special features of the surface ball of atmospheric repeat;

b) particularities of the climate, the authorities will close the note to the minor minorities of the earth's surface;

c) Klimatopodgodny umnov, scho iznachayutsya singularities and primenennyam primіschen

123. The current official, who’s the visitor of the microclimate of the virobiotic remedy є:

a) temperature;

b) atmospheric grip;

c) shvidkіst ruhu repeat;

124. In the shkіrі people roztasovany cold and heat and temperature control відповідно:

a) 250,000 - 30,000;

b) 40,000 - 300,000;

c) 150,000 - 250,000;


a) a complex of reaction of people to be-yakі zmіni wait a minute mikroklimatu virobnichnogo middleware, zi zhereberezhenny postіynoї temperature;

b) success of processes, so as to protect the heat transfer of people from the same place, always go to rock;

c) more efficient processes, in order to protect the heat exchange between the body and the middle and the middle and protect the temperature at the same temperature irrespective of temperature;

126. Post_yna temperature t_la people p_dtrimuyutsya as a gent:

a) different processes of chemical and physical thermoregulation;

b) the need for warmth for the rachunas of the Promenade Energy Sons;

c) organically optimized heat balance;

127. Chemical temperature control is:

a) the health of the people and the intensive processes during the living process;

b) p_dvishchenim obmіnom rechovin, fallow in wait;

c) a warm-blooded building organism;

128. Zberigati postіnu temperature tіla lyudinі additional help:

a) a waste of heat in the possession of sweat;

b) waste of heat from the inside of radiazii;

c) fizichna thermoregulation;

129.Fizichna thermoregulation vіdbuvaєtsya for rachunok:

a) the heat consumption of the organism with repeated movements, like the ludin vidikhaє;

b) convection, radiation, sweating;

c) heat transfer from the surface of the skin, mucous membranes, physiological directions;

130.Teplovіddacha with a gentry of persuasion in accordance with the knowledge of:

a) strains of water vapor in the skin and mucous membranes of people and in the water;

b) the temperature of the surface of human objects, which should be detached;

c) between the temperature and the temperature of people and the speed of the rukh;

131.Teplovіddacha with a whip of convection __

a) the temperature is the same as that of people, that kind of rukh;

b) strains of water vapor in the skin and mucous membranes of people and in water;

c) the temperature of the surface of people’s objects, which should be detached;

132.Teplovіddacha with a gentry of a radial hatred to be acquired by a hobbyist:

a) between the temperature, the speed of the ruhu and the people;

b) strains of water vapor on the shkіr and mucous membranes of people and in the water;

c) the temperature of the surface of human objects, which should be separated;

133. The thermal balance of the organism of the whole world:

a) the fact that there is a greater amount of human warmth than the usual thermal control and ruined warmth from the inside of the physical temperature control;

b) redundant temperature of the organism during temperature differences in the mid-range medium;

c) due to the flow of the hot drink, which will increase the number of people and the cold, the need for cooling;

134. In the processes of heat exchange to organism with a forensic middleware, the role of vidigra is:

a) temperature and temperature repeated with water vapor and water cooling;

b) the ability to do so, the step of having water vapor and the right hand to hand;

c) temperature, vologiya and shvidkіst rukhov repeat;

135. Intensive viparovuvannya potu zі shkіri people to stay in vologost_:

a) absolutely;

b) well-known;

c) as much as possible;

136. With the minds of a half-clutched vise of ludin, sticking with the Vicon Rob

a) in caesons;

b) glibokih mines;

c) on hang;

137. The hour of working with water and in the mines is especially unsafe є period:

a) compression;

b) decompression;

c) robots in kesonі;

138.For normative parameters in microcirculation per rock, signify

a) for a calendar date of 15 days;

b) for a mid-core temperature <+ 10 ° С;

c) for a mid-core temperature <+ 8 ° С;

139.Temperature repeated normal fallow:

a) categories of robots, out of sight and sight with little insignificant surplus warmth;

b) optimal chi permissible minds pracі;

c) refrigerated chi heated mikroklimatu;

140. Optimal microclimatic minds є so, as it were, they tried to secure people:

a) temple prazdatnіst and comfortable self-respecting;

b) saving normal heat camp without thermoregulation;

c) change your mind for the highest level of praxis;

141. Admissible microclimatic thinking:

a) to destroy the physiological adaptation of people with thermoregulation;

b) to change your mind for the sake of lower productivity and lower productivity;

c) click on the heat balance of the body;

142. Фізіологіchno optimally vіdnosna vologіst repeat to become:

a) 20-40%;

b) 40-60%;

c) 40-75%;

143. Normally permissible volognost repeat to become:

a) 75%;

b) 90%;

c) 60%;

144.Normalization of the microclimate for the support of the complex:

a) sanitary-hygienic visits;

b) preventive and preventive visits;

c) sanitary-technical, organizational-technical and technical concerns;

145. The normative parameter in microclimate of Vrakhov is the nature of the foxhunters for thermal imaging:

a) not to the fraud;

b) vrahovuє;

c) do not wait;

146. Sanitary law of transfer of laws for robotics in the minds of an unintended microclimate:

a) transferє;

b) no transferє;

c) in deyka vipadki;

147. Vidnosnu vologіst reiterate for the help:

a) psychrometer, hygrometer, cataterometer;

b) catatermometers, psychrometers, anemometers;

c) psychrometer, hygrometer, hygrograph;

148.For vimіryuvannya shvidkostі ruhu repeat at primіshchennyah stasis:

a) katatermometry, krillchaty and cup anemometers;

b) thermocouples, alcohol and anemometers;

c) psychrometry, anemometry;

149. For drunkenness, he drank on such classes:

a) organ, piece;

b) organ, inorganic;

c) organic, mineral;

150. Skoda, as I could, the people of the virological drank lay down to see the yogi:

a) physical and chemical power, triviality, concentration, toxicity and other;

b) assertion, dispersion, penetration depth, aggressiveness and so on;

c) in detail, I will become an aerosol, aerogelic, toxic power, dispersion;