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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Test program control (151-200)

151. For the classifications of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan pneumoconiosis lie down:

a) accumulated saw in the alveoli;

b) the sight of the fox saw;

c) pathological processes in the body;

152.For the classification of the Ministry of Health, pneumoconiosis, they are:

a) three groups;

b) the fifth group;

c) six group;

153.Profesіyne zhvoryuvannya vid saw the name

a) legenevy fibrosis (pneumoconiosis);

b) sіlіkatoz;

c) anthracosis, carboconiosis, metalloconiosis and in .;

154. Come in and saw the following:

a) systematic control and proper operation;

b) lіkvіdatsіy reasons for proper sawing in repeat;

c) technical, technological, sanitary-technical and medical and preventive care;

155. An effective approach to borotby with a saw є:

a) mechanization, remote control, automation of viral processing processes;

b) mechanical control, remote control, control, sealing, ventilation and so on;

c) catch an indivisible zahistu, aeratsii, respirators, eyepieces, special clothes, etc., .;

156.From a step on the organism of people, people are talking about:

a) carbohydrates, alcohols, efiri, fatty acids, metals and oxides;

b) supra-schismatic-temple-pomir-malonebespechenny;

c) so, it is necessary to enter the body with open hats;

157.Toksichna d_ya shk_dlivih speeches on the body of people to lie in:

a) іndivіdualnykh authorities the organіzmu and I will become more experienced;

b) zasosuvannya incomplete installation and ineffective ventilation;

c) temperature її kipіnnya, springs, volatility and іshih physical features;

158.Zapobіgannya profesіynim otruєnnyam including:

a) a sanitary-expert examination of speeches and possession, which is guaranteed by the highest number of vimogams;

b) technology, technology, sanitary-and-technical and preventive and preventive visits;

c) interrupt ZIZ, air conditioning system, control and warning signal;

159. Prior to robots with long rechinas, individuals are not allowed, but:

a) to have a prototype of the igneous nature;

b) didn’t pass the special visit and the medical examination;

c) Mayuk up to 18 years of age, people over 55 years of age, women over 50 years of age;

160. Before robots with long rechinas, individuals are not allowed, but:

a) Mayuk up to 18 years of age, people over 55 years of age, women over 50 years of age;

b) pіdlіtki vіkom up to 16 rokіv, cholovіki older than 60 rokіv, gіnki over 55 rokіv;

c) pіdlіtki up to 18 rokіv, cholovіki up to 50 rokіv, zhіnki up to 45 rokіv;

161. Behind the way of changing the ventilation of the buva:

a) zagalnoobmіnna, doplinna, avarіyna;

b) zagalnoobmіnna і mіstseva;

c) natural, piece, total;

162. For the designated ventilation can

a) tidal, natural, summed;

b) avarіyna, natural, tight-knit;

c) tidal, pull-pull, tidal-pull-pull;

163. Behind mіsets dії ventilіtsiya buvaє:

a) mіstsevoy, zagalno obmіnnoy;

b) regulated, inspired;

c) mechanical, natural, piece;

164.Avarіyna ventsіya, as a rule, to the project:

a) heavy;

b) tidal;

c) mechanical, mechanical;

165. The natural ventilation of virobiotic species may be:

a) unorganized;

b) only organization;

c) unorganized and organized;

166. Organized natural ventilation is called:

a) gravity;

b) aration;

c) mіstsevoy;

167.Mechanical ventilation:

a) by working, but by avarіynoy;

b) working hours;

c) tіlki avarіynoyu;

168.Mechanical operation of ventilation:

a) inconspicuously exchanged, missed, combined;

b) mіstsevoy, tidal, combined;

c) mіstsevoy, knitting, combined;

169. The main requirements for the installation of ventilation systems for indoor ventilation systems are as follows:

a) number of species of warmth, vologs;

b) the number of children who need to file a loan or a notice;

c) number of steam, gas, saw;

170.Kratnost povіtroobmіnu ce:

a) an introduction to repeat, letting go one hour, until the reception is received;

b) viznazhennya ob'єmu repeat necessary for the implementation of normal minds in this given;

c) presentation of the message until the season of tidal season;

171.Priority of an eye to stick to different minds of sincerity is called:

a) akomodatsіyu;

b) adaptation;

c) zorau function;

172.Adaptation buvaє:

a) is dark;

b) dark and zvorotnaya;

c) dark and svetlov;

173. The regulator of light, which is necessary to go to the eye є:

a) the cornea;

b) sіtkivka;

c) zіnitsya;

174.It is irrational that I will destroy such a function of dawn:

a) the style of clear bachenia, the identity of the zory sprynyattya, the state of the zora;

b) the visibility of the subject, the clearness of clear bachenia, the throughput of the analyzer;

c) gostrot, contrasting sensitivity, shvidkost zorovogo sprynyattyta, stіykіst clear bachennya, ін .;

175. It is not necessary to bring the primitive note to a professional grasp:

a) nistagma;

b) cataract;

c) myopia;

176.Reason nistagma є:

a) weakened piece of light;

b) often zmіna svіtla y tіnei;

c) relaxed dawn;

177.On the unit of light flow є:

a) lumen (lm);

b) lux (lux);

c) candela;

178.One unit of power є:

a) lumen;

b) candela;

c) nit;

179.One unit of light:

a) іt;

b) candela;

c) lux;

180. Deposited vіd dzherela svіtla ovіtlennya virobnichih primіshchen buvaє:

a) nature, combining, igniting;

b) zagalim, m_stsevim, integral;

c) natural, piece, integral;

181. A piece of lighted buvaє:

a) natural, piece, igneous;

b) zagalim, m_stsevim, combinovanim;

c) work, avarіynim;

182. For the functional designators of the piece of light buvaє:

a) shy, avarіyne, evacuation, defense;

b) mіstseve, zagalne, combіnovane;

c) nature, piece, integrally;

183. In nature, near the land to lay down:

a) the natural light regime of the given city;

b) number, size, construction;

c) the performance of the competition beyond the sides of the horizon;

184. Mediocre lamps of roasting:

a) the temporal lobe;

b) strobe effect;

c) slіpucha dіya, temperature, temperature, temperature spectrum;

185. Basically, the designation of svіtilnikіv:

a) adjust the recreational area with the lowest vitrates;

b) seize a security watch for mechanical shkodzhen, and very good work;

c) all at once;

186.For light technical functions, the following parameters are necessary:

a) dzherelo svіtla that kіlkіst svіtilnikіv;

b) the norm of light, type and system of light;

c) all at once;

187. The approval of the system and the type of lights is:

a) the nature of that by the minds of the virobiotic medium;

b) some of the victorious light flow;

c) rozrahunkovim method;

188. The razrakhunok sanctified by the speckled method of vikoristovatsya Todi, if:

a) signify sanctification for pure primenchenie;

b) the necessary approximations of rosrahunok;

c) in the primaries уже even lower kofіtsієnt vіdbittya svіtla;

189. Razrakhunok sanctified by the method of pet need to work together with a toddler, if:

a) at primіshchennyakh low kofіtsієnt vіdbittya svіtla;

b) allowance of the approach of rozrahunok;

c) to rozrahovatsya sanctification of pure primіshchen;

190. The highlighted method by means of the quick view of the flow of health is good for noting:

a) clean із high kofіfіtsієntom vіdbittya svіtla;

b) with a low rate of performance;

c) with approximate accuracy of rozrakhunkіv;

191.For razrahunku razvitlennya speckled method vikoristovoy formula:

a) ;

b) ;

in) ;

192.For razrahunku sanctification method kofіtsієnta vikoristannya svitlovogo flow zasosovyut formula:

a) ;

b) ;

in) ;

193.For razrahunku sanctuary by the method of pet need to work out the formula:


b) ;

in) ;

194.The reason for the winners в:

a) unbalanced and unimportant part of the mechanisms;

b) deformation of the parts, unbroken to the center of the carriage and axle overturning, drift, irregular heating, unsatisfactory technical overlook and that .;

c) technological technology, technology, technology, and transport;

195. The main parameters of selection:

a) Colline is shvidkist (m / s), colline is accelerated (m / s?);

b) amplitude of amplitude A (m cm), frequency (Hz count / s);

c) vіbroshvidkіst, vіbropriskrenennya іh іv rivnі;

196.Vidnosnі rіvnі vіbroshvidkostі are designated for the formulas:

a) Lv = 20lg ( );

b) Lv = 20lg ( );

c) Lv = 20lg ( );


197. Falling into contact with the people of the world:

a) horizontal and vertical;

b) transport, transport and technology;

c) zagalnoy and mіstsevoy;

198. Behind the spectral warehouse Vibratsiya intellectually submit to:

a) low-frequency and high-frequency;

b) shirokomugovu and sinusoid;

c) aperiodic and quasi-periodic;

199. Від вібраційної twigs I protect people, as if they were falling:

a) resonance colivan;

b) fasting zagalnogo zvorno-vodovih vіbratsіynih rukhіv;

c) intensive technological technologies;

200. The nature of dії vіbratsії on the body of people to lay down vid її vplyu:

a) on a vitally important organization and system;

b) energy consumption;

c) contact area;