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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

V.M. Moskalova. Protection pracі. Interactive complex of primary methodological care. Rivne.NUVGP, 2009

In the basic methodical complex of the post office, one can look at the typical programs of the normative discipline “Fundamentals of the protection of the law”, and the legal legislative and normative base and the main principles of the state policy in force are respected.

Zgіdno to the structure of distsiplіni complex The Teaching-methodical zabezpechennya mіstit Price not specified schodo vivchennya power bases fіzіologії, gіgієni pratsі that virobnichoї sanіtarії, characteristics of the main shkіdlivih virobnichih chinnikіv, that їh bіologіchnu dіyu on organіzm Lyudin and takozh osnovnі vimogi to tehnіchnoї i pozhezhnoї BEZPEKA at ekspluatatsії tehnologіchnogo obladnannya That warehouse system nadіynogo zahistu.

A complex of basic methodological protection of discipline to make an appointment for a wide range of topics, plans for practical use, topics of independent and robotic work, control tests, nutrition for self-monitoring and a list of recommended student loans .

UDC 331.48 (075.8)

BK 65.9 (2) 248

ISBN 966-327-051-9 V.M. Moskalova, 200_ NUVGP, 2009


Important terms and conditions for protection
1. The program of normative and primary discipline "Defense of the Republic"
1.1 Thematic plan and the start of the hour
Theme 1. Legislation and regulatory framework in the sphere of protection
1.1 Basic etapi development of protection
1.2 Shkidlivі that non-public officials
1.3 Virological injuries and occupational injuries
1.4 Reasons for viral fever injuries and occupational abuse
1.5 Legislation and regulatory framework in the field of protection
1.5.1. The main provisions of the legislation on praci and protection of praci
1.5.2 Principles of sovereign politics in the galuzi okhrani pracі
1.5.3 The right of the population to the protection of the national
1.5.4 The social zahist suffered on virobnitz
1.5.5 Payments and compensations for important and important expenses.
1.5.6 Vidshkoduvannya škodi pracіvnikam for ear health
1.5.7. Obligations of Robotics for the realization of the careless and not for the minds of the prats and Obligations of the prac_vniks
1.5.8 State regulatory acts on the protection of the national
1.6. Compliance for the destruction of the legislature and legal acts on the protection of the
1.6.1 Discipline
1.6.2 Adminstrative vіdpovіdalnіst
1.6.3 Material wіdpovіdalnіst
1.6.4 Criminal vіdpovіdalnіst
Theme 2. The State Administration and Organizational Robot with Power Protect Prazі on Virobnitsvy
2.1 Organizations protect prazі on pіdpriєmstvі
2.2 the Organization of the sovereign management of public protection
2.2.1 Management system for public protection
2.2.2 Functions of management of public protection
2.2.3 Management of public protection in private
2.2.4 Service Organization Protect
2.3 Bringing food to guard
2.4 Observation and control of the camp
2.4.1 The organization of the sovereign in sight behind the camp of defense
2.4.2 Rewarded rights to the sovereign bodies of the state to protect the pratsі
2.4.3 Gromadsky control of protection
2.4.4. Functions for food; Protect the public at home
2.4.5 Home and administrative control over the camp
2.5 Rozslduvannya and the region of extraordinary hardships in vocational training and emergency in virobnitz
2.5.1 Rozslduvannya of extraordinary vipadkiv
2.5.2 Povіdomlennya about emergency vipadki, the order of the rozslіduvannya and vedennya ikh of the region
2.5.3 Special rozslduvannya of extraordinary vipadkiv
2.5.4 Rozslduvannya y region of chronic occupational occupations
2.5.5 Rozslduvannya that region avar_y
2.6 Analysis of the causes of viral fever injuries and occupational exposure
2.6.1 Methods for the analysis of the causes of injuries and occupational injuries
2.7 Come to prevent prophylaxis of virobodnichny injury and professional occupation
Theme 3. Factors of sanitary and intellectual minds and control over the subsidiary laws of sanitary legislation
3.1 The Provision on Sanitary and Hygiene Intelligence
3.2 State Sanitary Law
3.3 Sanitary and epidemiological vision and role in the prevention of occupational occupations
3.4 Assessment of minds
3.5 Influence of minds on the function of organism
Theme 4. Classification of minds of princes for high-ranking officials and assessment of their state-of-the-art sanitary-vimogam
4.1 Repeat the middle ground of that one role in the nascent, friendly minds
4.2 Meteorological thinking and impact on organism
4.3 Zabrudneniya repetitive middleware shkіdlivymi rechinami
4.3.1 Virobichny drank
4.3.2 Virobnichi otrut that õh infusion on the functional organizmu
4.4 Ventilation of virologic primitives
4.5 Omnipotence
4.5.1. Vimogi before the virobodnichy blessing and yawning for the funeral function
4.5.2 Naturally illuminated
4.5.3 Piece
4.5.4 Methods for a rooted piece of piece
4.5.5 Floodlight
4.6 Vibration
4.6.1 Reasons for the selection of the characteristics of the main parameters
4.6.2 Diya vіbratsії on the organism
4.6.3 Come on in and pick up a vid v_bratsії
4.7 Noise, ultrasound and information sound
4.7.1 Virobic noise and its main characteristics
4.7.2 Diya noise to the organism of people
4.7.3 Method Method
4.7.4 Ultrasound
4.7.5 Infrasound
4.7.6 Ionizuyuchey vipromіnyuvannya
4.8 Electromagnetism (EMP)
4.9 Optical range
4.9.1 Іnfrachervone vipromіnyuvannya
4.9.2 Ultra-Violet
4.9.3 Laser Vipromyuvannya
4.10 Sanitary-hygienic vimogi before the release of virological devices
Theme 5. Foreign vimogs of safety and security at the exploitation of technological possession
5.1. Bezpeka pracі at vikoristannі technological technological possession
5.1.1 Mechanization and automation of technological processes and ownership
5.1.2 Remote control
5.1.3 Control and management
5.1.4 Blocking and signaling devices
5.1.5 Vimogi Shodo Rostashuvannya Technological possession and organization of work
5.2 Safety in operating cryogenic technology and systems that can be used with a vice
5.2.1 Vimogs bezpeki to the vessels, scho pratsyut p_d vise
5.2.2 Vimogi bezpeki when operating compressor installations
5.2.3 Bezpeki vimogs when operating pipelines
5.2.4 Vimogi bezpeki at exploitation of ballons
5.2.5 Vimogi bezpeki during the exploitation of critical technology
5.3 Bezpeka for ventilation, rosantage and transport robots
5.3.1 Organizational visits for bezpek during the weekend
5.3.2 Bezpeka's safety vaults for operating cranes
5.3.3 Vimogi bezpeki to the ropes
5.3.4 Bezpeka internal and internal transport workshop. Internal roads, roads and sidewalks
5.4 Electrician
5.4.1 Features of electrical injuries
5.4.2 Dyya electric to the body on the organism of people
5.4.3 Officials who want to pour on electric heating
5.4.4 Spilling a hat through a strum
5.4.5 Non-baking of stratum in winter electrical appliances
5.4.6 Classification of virological minds beyond the level of electrical safety
5.4.7 System of interventions and going in for maintenance-free operation
Topic 6. Bezpeka
6.1 Zagalni vіdomostі about pozhezh
6.1.2 Understanding about the fire and the fireless
6.1.3 Reasons for the fire
6.1.4 Negative officials
6.2 Fire and security authorities and rechovin
6.2.1 Theoretical basis of the process of combustion
6.2.2 Classification of views of mountains
6.2.3 Group of combustibility materials and recovin
6.2.4 Indicators of fire and vibration
6.2.5 Features of combustible materials
6.2.6 Features of the city of rivine rivers
6.2.7 Features of the saw-blade material
6.2.8 Features of gas
6.2.9 Understand the self-borrowed recovin
6.3 Fire protection and security
6.3.1 Fire protection, materiel and speech and industry
6.3.2 Classification of primary and secondary installations for vibration protection and fire protection
6.3.3 Vimogi shodo vibuho and pozhezobezpeka at vikoristanannі electrical installations
6.4 Alternate fire system
6.4.1 Main ambush system
6.4.2 Vimogi to the system
6.4.3 Zahist vid bliskavki
6.5 System
6.5.1 Vimozhi to the system
6.5.2 Come in once every day
6.5.3 Stage of performance and service and equipment
6.5.4 Fire alarm
6.5.5 Methods and concerns
Vognegasnі rechovini
Characteristics of extraneous powers
Characteristics of chemical incidents of fire
Characteristics of international concerns
Vnogasnі power of halogen rechinov
Characteristics of powdered incidents pozhogogasіnnya
Pervinni sobi pozhegogasіnnya
6.5.6 Prototype
6.5.7 Stationary service
Evacuation of people
Protidymnias zahist
6.6 System of organizational and technical visits
6.6.1 Organizational and technical protection of the elderly
6.6.2 Obligations of the sovereign bodies for the protection of the elderly
6.6.3 Obov'yazki posadovih osib and gorodyan shodo zabechenniya zhezhnoї bezpeki
6.6.4 Sovereign winter sight
6.6.5 Fire Protection and Organization Gas Protection
6.6.6 Instructions and visits
6.6.7 Diya staff pid hour winnings
6.6.8 Introducing food and drink
Test program control (1-50)
Test program control (51-100)
Test program control (101-150)
Test program control (151-200)
Test Test Program (201-250)
Test Test Program (251-300)
Test Test Program (301-350)
Test Test Program (351-400)
Test program control (401-450)
Test program control (451-472)
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