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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

1.5.2 Principles of sovereign politics in the galuzi okhrani pracі

Chennai legislation on the protection of the pracis is protected by the establishment of the proper, carefree and healthy minds of the princes, by memorizing extraordinary hardships and occupational seizures.

State policy and galuzi protect pracі based on the principles of:

  • The priority of living and healthy practice and robustness for the promotion of healthy and healthy minds. The principle of goiter’s commitment is that it is possible to comply with the normative acts, if you need certification of working hours, if you don’t lose your health, you don’t have to lower your independence;
  • The main goal of the industrial safety was the introduction of comprehensive control over the camp of viral education, the careless and non-spiritual minds of the princes. For the full benefit of the teacher, you must now take into account the need for safety, new technology and automation and control of labor and technical discipline, as well as due consideration of the fact that they are important for
  • comprehensive development of the program to protect the rights to the majority of the foreign countries and regional programs, to divide up the economic and social policies of the country and the new access to science and technology in the world without any problems.
  • social protection for the public, visiting children, having suffered a number of extraordinary vacations, saving a lot of work and average work during the whole period of their entire business.

The principles of sovereign policy for the protection of the rights to establish one and the same law for all purposes are independent of the form of power and one kind of duty, one legal field and one normative base;

For an hour, take care to protect the country and the state and state to ensure coordination of all the powers of the world, which will help protect health, safety and security.

The State of Finance for the Protection of the Rights of the National Program, I will extinguish the National Science and Technology Institute for the Protection of the Law and the Organization of the State of the State.

For the implementation of the principles of sovereign politics in the hall of protection of the rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Council has been established for the provision of life-saving living, the Social Insurance Fund of extraordinary and inclusive structures.

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