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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

1.6.3 Material wіdpovіdalnіst

Material and technical robotics and practical rules of procedure є KZpP chap. ІХ Art. 130 - 138 and the normative acts.

Materialnaya vdpov_dalnist - the whole price is given. There you can overlap with the robot driver for Skoda good health, labor, and labor, but they lose health for an hour, and the weekly service, and for service, I have to pay.

Materіalna vіdpovіdalnіst can be separated and repaired.

I interchange the validity of the Škoda, I will indemnify the company, but the robot-operator should carry robots and services from the rozmіrі straightforward shkody, but not more than the average monthly pay.

The tightening of the sums of money from the winners is due to pay the fee to the punishment and the written letter of the warrant, but not twice the price of the day. If there is a lack of writing, you may be more likely to pay more information if you wish to take notice of the district people's court.

I’m going to return the material, I can carry the prince, I can say that I’ve got a bit of trouble with the robot, as a result of breaking the rules for protecting the princes, in such vipads:

  • when there is evidence of a wine sign of criminal crime;
  • as a rule, a special material is imposed on a warrant by the material law;
  • As a rule, a specialist and a robotic teacher is special agreement about those who take care of themselves for themselves;
  • Mostly, it’s the cue of the application of the priest to the pose of the work of the obyazyk.

I’ll go back to the material law of transmission as well in silent cases, as long as I’m keeping the Skoda in the net, I’m in good condition, I’m in need of material, I’m instrumental, and I’ve got to know more. I’m talking about the law of the law, if the person of the service illegally rang, but transferred the person to the work of the robot.

Rozmіr zapodіyano Skody to be registered for actual vitrates abo balance sheet wartosti material values.

On the other hand, the material is available for service, the state is installed by the ship and service authorities: I’m a special person, the guilty party is transferred, I’ve been transferred to the right of way to the right of way.

In order to attract the winners to the complete range of robotics, the mother will be presented through a court of regression poses.