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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Protidymnias zahist

Dependently on the first day of the week and on top of the protidimny zahist to be protected:

  • constructive ways;
  • a lot of planual mischief;
  • special tricks;
  • technical solutions.

A meta against the long-term occupation of Budіvel and equipment transfer:

  • Separation of product distribution within the range between production and production;
  • primusov’s vision from the daytime;
  • izolyatsіy muzhlizhi osredkіzh pozhizhі;
  • Perezhengennya zadimlennya sumіzhnyh primіshchen

For a protidymic zashist, flare up the dimmer hatches, as well as decrease the concentration of dim in the winery zone.

In buddies with dim hatches, there are more secure choices for evacuating people, a better robot for pozdrozdіlіv, zadіyanih for gas supplies, will feel better.

Oblastuvannya dim doors are transmitted alarm clocks for free weekly holidays for vibration-safe and safe to categories A, B, C.

Dimov’s hatches do not overtake at the primitives, I can change the windows, I can’t override the glybin;

The transverse cross-section of a dim hatch of steel is not less than 0.2% of the area of ​​the virologic area and can be crossed by valves, as if it could be crooked manually or automatically.

I especially respect the protidymic zhystu for the holidays of the promoted tops (10 and more for the top). In such budgets, there are special, independent, non-related gatherings, for which there is a clear indication of the meaning of the designation. In such gathering clusters, there is stasis of the anterior primus vivid visual dima.

For unobtrusive non-concurrent gathering boxes, go ahead and go ahead and see if they are deaf, dim-impermeable walls with their upper entrances.

For a better view of the dimo from the corridor, transfer the mines to the dimpled one with a primus thread and valves on the skin surface, so that the bucket can be sealed and nadіnymi in the robot.

Protidimny zahist zavotnogo budyvel zd_isyunnyuzhitsya for the help of special special ventilation systems, so as to automatically shut off the zone zarezhdennya in the middle of the rain and the excess vise in the middle of the room, so I will reduce the need for more time.

Dim can rozpovsyuzhuvatsya on top of the weekly through the vertical and horizontal communal. For your convenience, in the zone of passing communication through the weekly constructions, the gap in the walls of the weekly blindly walled up by the alarm clock, but also with mastic from non-combustible materials.