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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.2.4 Service Organization Protect

Organizing a non-custodial weekend of virological care is required for special protection services of the public, a large warehouse is required to be specified in Article 15 of the Law on the Protection of the National Law and No. 3 of this Regulation. The service of the protection of the right to order without delay to the clerk of the company, may be the legal requirements and the rights.

Before obov'yazkіv service to protect pratsі to lay down:

  • Organizational management of the protection of the public in particular, until adopted on the basis of the scheme, issued by the order of the individual principles for the county of the viral hospitals;
  • Warehousing robots for protection and protection of visions;
  • Carrying out certification of minds of the national and sanitary-technical camp of virological workers;
  • Carrying out the pre-training, further investigation of the causes of viral fever injuries, their analysis and oblast, as well as the entrance to the site, are forbidden.

Special services of the service of the defense of prazі at the time of manifestation of the destruction of the right may:

  • Vidavati to warriors of structural pridrozdіlіv obov'yazkovі for the weekend attribution of the shodo osunennya of the obvious shortcomings, in vimagati vid of them neobhodimn_ clarification with food to protect pracі;
  • Supervise the robot-giving submission about the complete operation of the robots, which could violate the legal acts and protect the law, but did not pass the honey-eye, but did not try to prevent the access to the robot;
  • To accept the operation of machines, mechanical mechanisms, as well as to prevent the threat of life and health.

Before the functions of the service of protection of the Prazі enter, you must enter a deed of health and safety, as a matter of safety bezpey prazі, as soon as possible, I will interrupt the persecution of the princes, as well as control over the lawmakers and regulatory acts.

It is possible with the sole legislation of the liquidation of the service of the protection of the rights of admission to different times of the rule of law.