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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.2.5 Features of combustible materials

Zagoryannya solid combustible materials to lie down in their character, masi, I will become the method zalyuvannya. The stench can catch fire for minds, but you won’t be able to warm up shvidko rosіyuvatisya at the middle of the middle.

The burning of solid combustible specks is of a small character. The city of such materials is wood, rubber, gum, plastics, at two stages:

  • thermally distributed with the approval of volatile and solid products with offensive oxidation;
  • the pride of the half-moon and the holy days.

By itself, it’s foldable, the hard thing is not to burn - to burn unnecessarily products of the rossiyad. Self-determination of solid combustible speeches can be repaired even if there is a certain amount of warmth, you must go into the middle of the storehouse on the surface, burn, but will not re-heat the heat, accumulated by its surface.

From now on, when the solid phase is heated, there is a view of the gas-like products, which can burn and burn. Warmly asserted, firsthand, on the whole door of the house, I want to get to the area of ​​the new hot portions of the combustible, gas-fired, steam-and-gas recycles of the thermal distribution, which will promote the process of combustion.

For example, the temperature distribution of a village can be fixed at a temperature of 200 ° C, carbon dioxide, water, carbon monoxide and a pair of organic specks appear. At a singing concentration for the djerel’s appearance, they’re busy with something, I’m thinking about it further away from the temperature and the transition to an exothermic stage. Termichny distribution will be sold until the docks, docks do not viperchatsya all about combustible speech.

From now on, the process of the village’s village is composed of two main periods: the village bet and gas, which were settled during the village’s spread, and that village town, which was approved at the time.

The temperature of the burning of solid combustible specks after dovidovymi to become 50-580 ° C. Naybilsh low camphor, the most attractive - xylolite, most of the rural villages spalakhyut at temperatures of 270-300 ° C.

Shvidkost city of solid materials to lay down in the form of vologost, about a lot of vagi, pet readiness, access to repeat and the last official.

The range of solid combustible materials is the most economical, the most fuel-efficient, the cellulose, the gunpowder, the stink of gunpowder is to be consumed for more than one year. You can smell the water with water, the earth with water in tightly closed containers.

The particularities of the burning of solid combustible materials and recycling are significant for the evaluation of reliable business processes and for the organization of technological processes, as well as for the preparation of the required benefits.