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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

1.5.4 The social zahist suffered on virobnitz

We are important as the official of the legal zhystu robіtnikіv є obov'yazkov social insurance in the form of extraordinary problems and professional zhvoryuvan .

For the sake of every year in all regions of the world, social insurance of extraordinary hardships is recognized by pen-and-ink patronage, and special legislation is approved and the organization of the organization is organized.

At 1999 p. Buv adoption Law "On zagalnoobov'yazkove social security insurance of extraordinary hardships for viral and professional occupation, as a result of which they neglected prejudice." Law nabuv dignity from 01.01.2001 p.

The law is a system of rights and warranties that are hidden on the material of the rights of the public at different times, often and without them losing their rights of residence.

I helped a couple of people with a timeless discrepancy to appear at a time of twigs, calories, when I look after a sick member of a group, I have a chance to pay for it.

Vidpovidno to the Law, insurance of extraordinary health benefits Fund of social insurance of extraordinary health care (FSNV), which is more than necessary for the ongoing development of any problems.

Warehousing part of the problem є all the damage and the need for ignoring the robots and the rules of the safe conduct of the house and the law "On the protection of the law", which can lead to a high risk of injury. As a result of the problem in your homeland there are 680 ignorant extraordinary homes, there is one fatal accident, then in Ukraine there is an indicator of such a rate for 34 times we can find.

Coordinate the work of the Cabinet of Ministers Fund, and the government has a special eye on the specially organized central organization of the authority.

The Fund has disbursed its activity, so that you can go up to the irrelevantly European ravine, win your money at your own international holiday, and know more and more about the structures in the greater regions of the world.

This is a third-party robots of such kind that we have such a system of safety and security, we offer a wide range of services, improved and healthy, and more efficiently and efficiently.