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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.2.7 Features of the saw-blade material

The newly-born person has powdered, fibrous and vulciparous materials are characterized by a minimal energy passion for the appearance of a minimal amount of sour. I drank deyaky solid materials (aluminum, zinc) in the total amount of time we can do the vibration-safe and non-concentrated concentration, I want not to burn at the monolithic station.

If you want to talk about spahlahuvannya and vibuh, then we drank more often saws, they have more to do with their surfaces and they have more to do with a fellow business man. So, 1 kg of vug_lya burn a year, and at the sawtooth stalak spalakhє for a split second.

I’ll stand alone, I drank one and the same day, and I’ve gotten some good temperament. For example, he drank the villages in the aerosol station and the temperature fell 775? C, and in the aerogel - 275? C, at 2.8 times the change. That is why it was not unprotected for a fugitive person who had drunk, oskilki vin maє significantly lower the temperature of the weather. Ale zagoryannya osivshogo saw to bring up sawing that saw, scho interchange at the aerosol station. In the aerosol station, the city saw is seen at the sight of the vibuhu.

Vibration and fire safety authorities are characterized by lower and upper intervals between spals (NMS and Navy).

The lower boundary between the aerosols of hard specks is the best concentration for the first time, while the total amount is the same as for the first half of the total amount.

For a saw, it’s overwhelming to identify a NMS, since in a virobic mind the Navy is practically unattainable. For example, the Navy for a circular saw should be 13,500 g / m3, and that of a peat saw - 2,200 g / m3, and the lower one would be 15 and 17.6 g / m3.

Falling in the water, the NMS drank hard specks in the aerosol station at such a group:

  • Particularly vibration-free wiring with NMS <15 g / m3;
  • vibration-free with NMS <65 g / m3;
  • fireproof with NMS> 65 g / m3.

The value of the NMS saw is to lie down in the form:

  • dispersion;
  • vologostі;
  • together with flying fractions;
  • temperature;
  • troubles dzherela zapalyuvannya i ін.

Highly dispersed drank a non-baking pastry for a fugitive person who had a large summarized surface, which absorbs sourness and temperature and activity. For example, 1 cm3 of monolithic ravine on the surface is 6 cm2, and 1 cm3 of a 1 mm dispersion saw is 60000 cm2.

Zbіlshennya vologostі a saw and repetition zmenshu і intense vibuhu. Shchu vibuhu did not become, it is necessary not to allow accumulated saw at virobicheskie primіshchennyah.