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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.2.8 Features of gas

Combustible gases for singing concentrations can be consumed by burning vibrations, because of the great ruinous and dangerous vipadki.

Vibuh is the center of the great city of combustible speech with great power and energy, and it’s great to have more.

Vibration-free sums of combustible gas are characterized by a lower concentration of the lower vibration level (NKMV) and an upper concentration level of the vibration meter (VKMV). For gaz_v - tse percent percent of the total in the volume repeat.

NKMV - the most important is the quantity of combustible gas in the volume repeated, for which it is also possible to get vibuh when there is an incidence of dzherel vognnya.

VKMV - for the most reason there is no combustible gas in the volume once again, there is no such thing as a vibrator. With concentration, it’s possible to redistribute the upper boundary, the sum is old, and not vibrationless.

Sum, scho vіdpovіdaє NKMV д one by one, there’s a little surplus of sourness, a little more than half a wide and low grip vibuhu. With an increased concentration of gas, there is a slight excess of gas and a loss of oxidation. Such a sum zdatna tіlki gorіti.

For the assessment of the Vitrat repeat with the great victorious understanding about the stoichiometric sum.

Stoichiometric sum - this is a combustible sum, not a surplus but a combustible component, but an oxidizing one.

With a surplus of heat the sum of baghat, and with an excess of oxidizing - b_dna.

Between the gas and gas volumes, the total amount is determined by the experimental method. The lower interval between gasoline and gasoline should become 0.76%, the upper - 5.4%, for acetone - 2.5 and 12.8%.

On pozhega with a lot of gas and gas, the temperature does not exceed 1400? C, and with vibuha there’s an average of 3000? C.

Gases, which may be shielding more than once, accumulate more importantly in the lower zones of primary, in the middle, wells, and those, which are lesser in the upper zones.

Prevention against vibrations є zapobіgannya assertion of non-secure concentration of gas and gas sums in virobic minds.