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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.5 Omnipotence

4.5.1. Vimogi before the virobodnichy blessing and yawning for the funeral function

For normal zorovo robots, you need to do the same, think that they didn’t blame professionals for catching or violating injuries. Osnovlenny maє vidpovidati to the established standards and the nature of the zorovo virobnicheskoi liyalnost_:

  • to ensure that there is a sufficient number of people; that there is a limited number of minds;
  • don’t do anything with dzherela svitla і subject, which can be seen in full view;
  • do not overtake on the working surfaces of the ridge and the ridge of the sea, but of the ridge on the plains, let it be lit.

Zir people are supernaturally sensitive to the minds of revitalized and healthy people who are sensitive to the minds of mindfulness. The range between which, for any function, is characterized by a single agreement of up to 10 bills.

The health of the eye of reacting to the blow is weak, but the blow is intensively clarified by the authorities of the country, like the script of the teaser. Switching from one bachen mode to the previous one is progressive.

The health of the eye is steadfast to the extent of being comfortable with the background called adaptation. Adaptation of buvaєtmnova - during the transition from a greater degree to the rate of menstruation, and of the transition - during a transitional transition.

The regulator of kіlkostі svіtla, which should be approached in the eye і zіnitsya vіd rozshirennya ao zvuzhennya yako ogo to lay down ankravisty zorovy bachennya.

Damaged zorovo functions can be brought together with a number of professionals, but with a team of irrational robotic work. Functions from the side on the side of the zora anal analyzer can be brought to the dead:

  • kindness to zoru;
  • contrast sensitiveness;
  • shvidkostі zorovy sprynyattya;
  • stіykostі clear bachennya;
  • Health and safety; clearly identify objects and so on.

The physiological rivale of the stated functions is essentially indivisible, ale vin wait to be lowered due to overloaded zorootnoy robots, but not worthy of non-rational sanctification.

It is inefficient to bring to the zora discomfort, to reduce rozumova and physical precedence, to preserve zorava in the future, to sprout to a number of zoryvoryvan.

Nevidpovіdne blessings bring up to a professional grasp - nystagmus, signs of yakogii є convulsive ruff of an apple of an eye, a shaking of the head, and an increase in visibility at the time of sunset. Illness to bach the light of a non-rugged lamp stribayuchim. The cause of nystagmus is often the return of light and darkness with a weak piece of light. Reduced zorovo functions to lead to the cataract, myopia and that. Overwhelmingly consecrated as it is, it is filthy to be assigned to a healthy function.

A clarification of the viral warfare can be done by nature, by piece and by integral, since it is not sufficient for the norms of nature to be blessed by the skill of piece.

Piece blessed buvaє: zagalim, m_stsevim and combinovanim.

Behind the functional designations of the unit, we will work, work, evacuate and be protected.

In the event of a project, a projection on a viaduct will take place in order to enter into a mode of shy work. Avarіne sanctified buvaє two kinds:

  • for advanced robots;
  • for people without evacuation.

In the event of emergency, for the promotion of robots, a project is being developed in order to ensure that if you want to work in harmony, you can vibrate, wait, disengage people, but disrupt the technological process, normal work robots, and work (electrical), .

Avarіne blessed maє autonomously dzherelo strumu, which guarantees no less than 10% shy blessed, but no less than 2lk all-in-one primitive.

The evacuation of the project is designed to ensure the safety of the evacuation of people in case of emergency in the working environment. Minimum health at home is not less than 0.5 lx, and on vidkritich maidanchik not less than 0.2 lx.