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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.5.2 Povіdomlennya about emergency vipadki, the order of distribution

About the skin of the extraordinary viaduct on virobnitstvii patience, but an eyewitness to the ability of the kerivnik virobnicho іdilnitsі, a kind of goiter organisation:

  • I’ll help you and deliver the patient’s mortgage;
  • povіdomiti about those who have become robotic and vіdpovіdnu professional trade union organization;
  • To save up to the point of comission from the situation in such a camp, I won’t have a bull at the time of return, so I won’t threaten my health and health.

Robot teacher, having gained a little idea about the terrible vipadok termіnovo орорєє єєє до до до до до до до до до до до до до доко

  • kerivnik of the service of bury pracі (head of the comіsії);
  • kerivnik structural pidrozdіlu or head specialist;
  • representative of trade union organization.

Komisіya z rozslіduvannya zobov'yazana stretched three dib:

  • meticulously obscure the message, to explain, to explain, to understand the legal and technical acts about the protection of the law;
  • z'yasuvati cause a terrible vipadka, viznachiti yogo zvyazok with virobniztvom, and also to establish a person, the yak allowed violation of the rules for the protection of the pratsiba and razrobiti come in to get more vipadok;
  • In addition to the act of retrieval of the form Н-І abo NT for six primaries and transmission іх for solid robotics.

Uncommon hikes, about which the stockings of N-I and NT NT are stored, taken from the region and re-arranged at a special magazine. Robot teacher with a stretch of dobis pisla rozslіduvannya maє approve the instructions of the act and the above:

  • to the patient;
  • Kerivnikov robіt, de becoming a terrible vipadok;
  • Sovereign Social Insurance Fund;
  • territorial body of sovereign glance;
  • trade union organization, a member of such organizations;
  • Kerivniki service to protect prazіpіpіdpriemstva.

Acts about extraordinary vipadki zberigayutsya stretch of 45 rock_v.

An unfortunate vipadok, about which the robot-teacher didn’t immediately come across, was independant of the terminology, as long as he stood, wanted to reach out a month later, please declare the patient.

At times I’ve got a robotic donation, the act of the form Н-І nutrition and delivery is in order, transmitted by the legislation on the examination of labor disputes.

Control over your current careers and the region of extraordinary problems, the highest visibility of the sovereign fund and the Social Insurance Fund are always up to their competence.