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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.


In order to have an innovative marketing concept, I will need a producer of the latest high-tech products, high-level viro-technology, and effective innovation. Harmonization in connection with the elements and the ability to change the zone of economical rhizicism, which is the reason for introducing a new product to the market. The commercial success of an innovative product, the representativeness of one of the cinnamon authorities in the entire segment of the market, where to enter the best part of the marketing, the evaluation of the new products. For the sake of fate, we’ve been basing ourselves on a straightforward analytical and methodical apparatus, a new rozumіnnі role of marketing and their advancement in pіdvishchennі efficiency іnnovatsіy. Sales managers of the services of the first and third parties to choose a more functional and innovative product, to give more recommendations for the design and style of the new product, use the new method.

Innovation is a permanent process, which will require significant investment and improvement in the process. Water time is the goal of creating a new product - that’s all sorts of creative work, but don’t wait for new resources in new financial resources. The order of resources needed for effective marketing security and the benefits of innovative activities, as well as learning from your science and marketing.

By the discipline “ Commodity Innovation Policy ” ив vivchennya head of direct marketing and expansion of functional marketing in strategic planuvannі іnnovatsіynogo process for the creation of commercially far away goods. Vivchennya tsієї distsiplіni zabezpechit maybutnіm magіstram that spetsіalіstam of marketing dostatnі Znannya zasadnichih PROVISIONS tovarnoї іnnovatsіynoї polіtiki, bringing neobhіdnіst i efektivnіst wide zastosuvannya rezultatіv NAUKOVO doslіdzhen, tehnologіchno gnuchkih virobnitstv, systems avtomatizovanogo proektuvannya, zasobіv Suchasnyj marketing, innovations in stvorennі konkurentospromozhnih vidіv tovarіv. The very same nutrition of visvitluє proponovaniya pidruchnik. It is irreproachably connected with the leading methodologies and organization of marketing, management, macro- and micro-economy, as well as a complex of quiet disciplines, and I’m able to specialize in marketing.