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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

2.2. Svitospriynyattya primary people

On the first stage of development of the human form of human suspension, the cult of religion was born, the basis of which was primarily viruvannya - totemism, fetishism, magic.

Totemism is a cult of sacred ancestors . The skin of the tribe has few of its sacred ancestors, and so often part of the mustache ototozhnivalis with creatures. Such a system was called totemism. Totem-tse is not just creature, but divine creature, as if it were real people and creature.

Fetishism is a poignant object, a kind of spreaming for the nose of demonic forces and forging one’s share of the whole tribe. For example, an end-to-end puablo, knowing your own son’s life, you’ll have a good perspective on your life, going far beyond the boundaries of the separated one.

Magia . Myths lyudin is not out of place to lie all the time, and nvpaki, you can put it on the light. Thus, the share of only one hundred speeches is bound up with those who have learned. From now on, magic is a way to pour on the subject through vikoristannya not of their virgins of vigor, but of mysterious respectability to one, deystvichnaya sound of vystupa to a number of people of human will. Magiya couldn’t physically absorb objects and appearances, but magical words and rituals were used to attract people, making them more comfortable, optimistic,

The first viruvannya formulated the manifestation of people about themselves, about the nature of life, and were systematized among mythologists, and at that time the role of suspension ideology. Mythology (<gr. Mythos - reconsideration, transmission + logos - understanding, enunciating) is the whole form of suspension light, the image of the intricate soul rejuvenated by living stories, overwhelming wonderful and fantastic brutes. All in all, the way of human booty and svitospriynyattya scho нruntuetsya on the sporting nature of people. With the catastrophe of seeing people in the natural environment, it could have been more difficult to find out about sporting events and other poems. Tak svitosprinimyattya put together the first principle of the myth, schoo helping people to see a part of the cosmos - an ordered system and all-out, for the vision of chaos. Mithology was stored by Mifi. Yak vidomo, mifi (<gr. Mythos - narrative) - this is a fantastic symbolism of the manifestation of people about life, as well as more information about godless gods and supernatural heroes. Compensating for lack of knowledge about nature, it’s stinky to become a perish historical form of culture. Myth did not give an obtrusive picture of the light, but only less than a singing sense. Tse, on the one hand, spiritualized, these are the manifestations of nature, who are afraid to make sacrifices, putting their own hope on them. The skin of the tribe was upsetting its gods and mythological characters, so the religion of the first people and being called “pagan” is a folk religion.

Mythology and mythology in the embryonic foresight have been strengthened by all major forms of suspension, relational philosophy, fantasy, formally poetry, it is not impossible to do without harm

The mythology of the Bula as its own embryo is not only the primary culture, but the first culture, infused, in the main way, spontaneously, consciously and reliably sensing the first people. Reliance on the can of the mythological tradition of the Bula and the Doteper is overwhelmed by the head plight of the preservation of culture and the preservation of Latvia by the stretch of the thousands of years ahead of time. To the chief designators of the boulevard’s boulevard paintings, there is a great deal of personal experience, which is typical typology of mith.

Naybilsh rozpovsyuzhenim type of myth є і і ​​і і і і і є є є є і і ​​і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і і є є і є є є є є і є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є тип є тип тип тип тип тип тип тип типє тип Tse rozpovіdі about the similarity of creatures and roslin, land of the sea, celestial lights, forms of state gift giving, etc.). Cosmic homosexuals talk about the cosmos of space as a whole system, its structure is vertically linear, it can be stored in the underground, earthly and heavenly light, it is pierced with a single green tree, and there is a horizontal light and the vast expanses of the “alien”, not yet mastered by culture, about transforming chaos into order and expanding the cultural community. Logical production of a cosmogonic myth є myth anthropologist, assignments to the customs for the likeness of the Persian people, as well as the representatives of the tribe of the genus. Astral mіfi rozpovіdayut about the planets of the planet, arrange їhnyoї appear on the firmament with them. Eschatological mifi (<gr. Eskhatos - left, Kintsevsky), de about the ruin, “death”, or “Kinets svitu” (all-weather flood at “Epos about Gilgamesha”, biblical apostle). Calendar mifi treats winter season in rocky cycle process of dying nature of nature.

Pershoprashturi - a group of characters who want to make it easier to work for early people’s alcoholic goods, great-grandmothers, some kind of sites to keep their music alive, but totemic music, they’ll love me to be anthropomorphic.

Cultural heroes - a character who is more likely to do better for people who have different cultural attributes than others - carriage, life, clothing, knowledge, love, love, rule of law, laws. At that slov'yanskіy ukraїnskіy mіfologії tse - Veles - god i skotarstva bagatstva, patron tvarin, Svarog - god of heaven Vaughn, opіkun kovalstva i shlyubu, Dazhboh - god i Sontsya stubble; Dana - the shore of Vodi, Lada - the shore of spring and love, patron slubat of that home vognischa, Kupaylo - god of earthly fruits, kindness and kindness.

Spirits are a mythological fact that we need to permanently interact with people, suppose that we change them in different forms of life, remind us that we live positively and negatively. , Vila - Volodarka krinitsy i lakes, Lisovik - fox spirit, patron saint, Domovik - house spirit, patron of the house, child - unclean spirit, Vidma that vidmak - chaklunka and charler, upyr, spirit of heart and soul, - wrapped in a vovka ludina.

The gods and gods are capable of the supreme nature of being able to curate the light of people and to cherish them. With the development of religion, the image of the gods is evolving in all forms of politics to monotheism in the direct absolute sense of the word until all immortality is immortal, all-possessing and all-encompassing. In the midst of them there are utilitarian words: Perun, the god of wii, bliskavki and thunder.

Myth vіdіgrav a role of consolidated human power with the community, the order is as sacred as the laws of nature. Mythology - the system is conservative and the system is not unique. The reason for the ruin is not merely accumulated knowledge, but internal people. Myth cannot regulate the life of strong people, that is the realization of freedom, on the one side, on the one hand, the basis of the mythology, and on the other hand, the old style of the new form of culture, the transformation of religion, mysticism.
Із міфів міділя мистаться mystery. Yogo korіnnya syagaє of mythological ceremonies and rituals, de ludina experiencing serpent and beauty, natural life, as the divine powers. All kinds of music and forms of mystery, dance, music and music are forms of musical creativity.

Form educational people who want to, as if mystically, winnies about 30 yew. rock that. Tse - stereoscopic zoobrazhennya human hands, the image zvіrіv, masks, schi vikori-stovuvalis in the old rituals. Butt butt can polihro-mnii painting of the Altamіra cave in Spain. At the cave Triokh Brothers (Troyes Frere) at France є the image of people with reindeer horns. Primitive musical instruments less could have beaten the beat, dictated by the beat to the rhythm of the ruhiv. The tank of theatrical performances character and performance of the stage of various acts of labor. However, rituals to promote the carrying of a magical character are aimed not at the aesthetic, but at the mysterious price of the gods.

We are important bulo podolannya mіfіv fіlosofієyu. Yakshcho mif bending non-rational wisdom in symbolic images, then philosophizing to impart zrobiti wisdom is the subject of rational ministry.