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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Memories of ancient culture and mystery in the territory of Ukraine

The longest parking of the first people of the early Paleolithic period was found at Transcarpathia, in Zhytomyrshchyna, Uzdovzh midstream Dniester, at the Donbas in Krima.

In the era of the Mesolithic (9–6 thousand BC) natural minds in the Ukrainian lands began to nagaduvati now. Chotiri saw the natural landscape zones: Lisova - Karpati, Volin, Polisya; Regions of the Right-Bank and Livosterezhny Lisostepu; step zone; Region Girskogo Krimu. For the memorial to invade the evening near the village of Balamutivka in Bukovina, there are some boules rozmalovany the image of people, zviriv, myslivtsіv that dancing chaklunіv.

6–3 yew. BC, if in the territory of Ukraine the age of Neolithic has come, the lives of people are seeing the first turn - change of view of the first and the second part of the world - the knowledge of the world,

The form of agrarian and tvarinnitsa cultures was a celebration of social welfare. Yakshcho zbirachi and mishlivtsi respected healthy food for the members of the family, then now it is very important to get more power than the okremich group or osob. Food surpluses stimulated the formation of a caste of senior citizens, administrative staff, a cultist of those social categories of people, who were not the least indifferent until the day they arrived at the church.

Tribes lived on the nightly and the Ukrainian gatherings of Ukraine, they got involved in persecution and tribalism, and in the private-occupied parts of the population they overcame the earthmoving and creation. In Ukraine, archaeologists have known no more than ten neolithic cultures, an analysis of which can be seen about those that have quickened their sight in people, have developed new religious cults, and that’s because of the cult of skulls, and the fact that they’ve been cropped up. In the settlements at the burial grounds of the age of Neolithic, the numerical images of the educative mystery also appeared. At that hour, as in the private parts of Europe, there are known first anthropomorphic statues, a large collection of chi branches, at the Mariupol burial ground archaeologists have uncovered a picture of the land, and there’s a little time for Along with the reach of the educative mystic of the age of Neolith є the image on the plates of Kam'yano Grave near Melitopol.

Transitional era of the Kamyanogo Vіku to the era of the Bronze Age of the Bolsheviks (at the end of the Latin - Middle Stone). Cha epoch in the territory of Ukraine, 4–3 yew. BC That will be a new period for the development of productive forces and virobnichy vidninu and malting with persh metal - middy. The history of the era has shown the goodness of the home of Ninja Tripilska culture , which has already established on the territory of the first aspens of primary suspension, an hour of the farthest ancestral forms of state-sponsorship of the land - the embezzlement and bestiality. The tribes have mastered the new Syrovsochasno Republic of Moldova to the river Psel in Sumy region. Ї elementi vidshukav at 1893–1906 in the territories of the Obukhivsky and Kagarlitsky districts, vilitsy Kirilivskiy near Kiev archaeologist-amator V. Khvoyka. Its name was rejected by the culture of the village of Tripilla pid Kiev, de Bulo was found the most populated settlement.

In the other half of the Bronze Age, tobto for 2750–1200 rr. BC, in the territory of Ukraine there are land-cattle-tribal tribes of the Middle Podunav'ya, pіznіsche - the people of pivnichnoєvropeyskogo march. The stinks were spread out at the tops of Pripyat, Zakhidny Bug, Dnistra and Vikoristov in battles with the autochthonous populations of the fighting Kam'yanі Sokiri. Numerous Tvarinitsky tribes come to water during the hours of descent, who came from the Volga region and the Pivnichny Caucasus. They stole from the populations і, mastered the steppes and lіsostepovі areas, reached the Balkans. The head peculiarity of the epoch of the Bulo of the Vіddilennya of the Tvarinitsky tribes of the Vіd Zemlerobsky. With the appearance of stocks of food of the wining, the need to protect one of the attackers, the wins are new, you can see the offensive and defense defenses: swords, convenient lists, armor, shields and other. The tribal leadership was seen, the suspension of the middle age was accelerated in the middle tribes and tribes, the functional functions were reduced, the social stratification was dampened. Acting ethnographically you respect, for example, for the first time already, duly formed pragermanists, righteous, prabaltіv and praslov'yan.

Kіmmerіytsі . Skifsko-Sarmatian era. For example 2 tis. BC The territory of Ukraine was inhabited by kimmerіtsі. The stinks were engaged in herd creation, the goodness was Volodya obrobki bronze and zaliza, a permanent life kimmerіytsі not mali, the stench lived at the hourly camps and winter camps, some of the first went on to float the room, wished me to complete the rest. Riddles about them know about 570 rubles. BC Forms of suspension of life in the middle have been heard from Skiffy.

Scythians migrated to the territory of Ukraine at the first half of the VII century BC For the riddles of ancient history, the stench of stinks was interrupted by Middle Asia in the steppes between the Caspian Mountains, the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus. Potim, on the onslaught of susіdіv, vіdіyshli at Pіvnіchne Prichornomorya, trokhi zhodom partin ikh of migruval at the Front Asia. The Pivnian Caucasus didn’t get too high for them, they won the boulevard secured with grubby foods, color metals, they upgraded their vіyska. The commanders of the campaigns to Asia Minor Siffi have spent a great deal of energy in Assyria, Babylon, and Midi. Having settled on the lands of the Ukraine, they stumbled steadily from the populated populations, they took over the scream and sound. The apogee of the power of the Scythian power with the capital, since it had moved to the territory of the western Zaporizhzhya region, became the IVth century. BC Scythians conducted the bargaining with Olvіyu, Khersones, Tyroi, Pantikopeem, Makedonіyu, Istrіyu, as well as Roman provinces. At that hour, the patriarchal system of community with a clear social differentiation was already formed in them. Leather povnolіny skіf buv peredusіm war, scho volodіv іznomіnіnnymi types zbroї.

At that hour, the skyline of the religion reached the level of the advanced politics (<gender ... that group theos god), that’s the bagatype of God, but the way of the goddess, and actually the way of the goddess,

At the other half of the second table BC The Black Sea coast was inhabited by the Iranian tribe of the Sarmatians, who arrived in the Urals and the Volga region. In the main, the stench of buli was by the scotch-cattlemen, while their lives and wins were not seen at all. In the first suspensions, such a culture of culture was born, as in the pre-designed range, the more preferential and economical forms, the most recognizable, new and signal-sign systems. Practical is the need to build a monster for the preservation of its living space called up to the winery architecture. Ceramics is declared - the subject of love is the subject of archeology. Lyudina began to cultivate thinness, to cultivate the earth, to live at the place of gracious business and trade.

Zavdannya і nourishment for self-control

1. What is the reason for the importance of primary culture for the furthest development of cultural culture?

2. What are the main health benefits of primary culture of Mali greater than the significance for the furtherance of the development of cultural culture?

3. What is the first viruvannya bulo laid in the foundation of mythology?

4. Expose the role and significance of the mufu in the first culture?

5. Give visibility to your typology.

6. What is the role and significance of the myth of the historical and historical form of culture?

7. What is the reason for the role and significance of the mythological form of the suspension form of suspension?

8. Expose the typology of mythological characters.

9. What are the reasons for the winnings of religion, the mystery and philosophy of the first suspension?

10. Whom do you believe in the peculiarities of the first mystery?