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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


The culture of the Old -Timed Descent is one of the most respectable cities of the world. Itself here from the ocean of primary cultures cherish the first civilizations, formulate such specific elements of culture, as literature, law, morality, mystery. The culture of the Ancient Descent came to life in the great territories, the cities of Pivnichno-Scheidny Afritіs, Perednyi, Pivdennyi Shaіdnіy Azії, a lot of processes, I’ve got a lot of money, I’m living in Ukraine. Spiritsivnі natural mind already in the IV century. BC miscalculated the development of the digging of the earthly statehood, founded on a piece of zroshennі. However, the valleys of the valley were louder than oases, some of which violated the elements of cultural and cultural heritage of the people.

3.1. Old Culture

For vivchenny rozdіlu need to woo the respect on the trivial preservation in the culture of the people of the Old-Timed Descent of surplus primitive suspension. At the same hour, the new populations of the state appear — slaves and rabbis, asserting such a specific form of power as the despot, despotism, the whole supreme power was dominated by the king, and the land was respected by the power of the state. Civilization - such a step of development and ordering of suspensions, deletion of letters, assertion of a place, monumental equipment, form of social and class empowerment and power. The role and significance of the old civility for the development of humanity is great. Transferring meaning means that you are not a direct platform for civil society; writing is for transferring information and information, a system of rahunka, a wheel, philosophy, science and practical knowledge, mysteries and crafts. Representatives of the first civilians, who didn’t want to interfere with the latest technical equipment, shot great monuments, they couldn’t ruin them, they could have bored, they’d be able to see more great visoti.

Of particular importance is the fake development of human beings. Close 6 yew. This was the reason why a cuneiform script appeared in Mesopotamia and in rogroglifi in the Ancient Ancient Egypt .

Persons of civilization, who had their faith in the fourth millennium BC, in the historical and geographical aspects of the old term “Old Church Scheme”. Win and get to live in antiquity to the ancient traditions - these were the names of the city of Rome, the people of non-antique rites lived, they pulled in from the Mediterranean for two hours, there is a long time for a long time.

In the social and political plan, there are rice of the first civilized boules: the despotic nature of the rule, the rule of monopoly and centralization, the person’s power in the individual monarch (the king is in good standing), This order of organizing the suspension without having to worry about the functions of the most important and important systems and the pyramid, by activating the active conquered polity.