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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Vidrodzhenny u Venezії

While in Florence and in the middle of Italy, the imaginative mysteries flashed indifferently with the plastic sign (painting buv, front, plastic), then at the Venetian pan painting, such is so, a verse of color.

Vіdrodzhennya in Venezії - vidokremlena і svєrіdna part of the zagalіtalіysky Vіdrodzhennya. It seemed a little better, more trivial, the significance of antique tendencies in Venezia was the smallest, and the sound of the forthcoming development of European painting was more.

Love venetsіantsіv until beautiful colors to color (the stench did not respect it with another ordinary element of painting, like Florentine) called up to a new pictorial principle. The material image of the Venetian painting does not reach for the old light, the skills for the old gradation. All the same at the work of Venus, sleep now, Giorgione. The quietly colored Venus is written with a minimal light model - it’s very easy to light up, and the light is golden. Sometime I’m sprung up and down, go ahead and form. Zgodom Veronese, Tizian, and Tintoretto presented the mystery of "lіplennya" for a different color to the most important stage of mastery.

We are a self-fulfilling Venetian artist who accepted the respect of Giovanni Bellini ( Bila 1430-1516). Most of the work of God is seen at Venezia and the world of noble types, which are portrayed, and also with the beauty of their components.

At the school in Venice, one of the most prominent Italian artists was standing , Vecellіo, a large house of Yak Titsian (1476/1477 abo 1489 / 1490-1576). According to the color of the Tizian incarnations, the One Mayor has his own kind, and according to the refinement of the composition, one can lose more with Rubens. Having lived a life of dignity, Tizіan adjusted to the great number of creativity, the knowledge of the plot and the tracts.

Behind the wines of Buv the nobleman and blue bagach. Having seen the draws before painting, Titsіan enrolled at the bellini ministry, and then he was filled up with the talent of his friend Giorgione. The glory of the yogi can be repaired from 1508, if he wrote the name “ Cristo della Moneta ” on the doors of an old shafi - a picture, a name and a title called “ Caesar's Dinar ”.

The glory of Tizіana rose far beyond the boundaries of Venice. Yogo was requested before Rome and Paris, Charles V having replaced his portraits with Yoma, stating that he was not guilty of writing for them, okrіm Titsіana. Z 1545 p. Tizіan to the requested Papi arriving in Rome, he is still alive there and died of a pestilence.

The artist is invaded by the great master of the image of the living body. At museums, the Danato and Venus bagato are kept in place, and they must be put on penny. Inodі Titsіan writing in a romantic-symbolic style. The butt can serve “Love is heavenly and earthly”, is depicted at the forensic view of the two ginners of the well-sarcophagus. The painting “Three Wikes” was painted in all styles, showing the image of a shepherd and a shepherd, little krillat amur and old, otochenen by brush. In the paintings of the remaining period of Titsіan’s dying period there is a significant lack of time, even though the color and composition are overwhelmed by such a possibility.

Find the mitzier of St. Venecius Buv Paolo Veronese . Win the talent and the innocent of his mystery. The whole swing of yogic obduruvannya yidchutnyi yogo bagatofіgurnih great compositions, such as " Love at Kanі Galіleyskіy ", " Benet at Budinka Leviya ", " Tamna Vecherya ". All of this is a colorful species of writing about the Venetian palazzo with musicians, goats, dogs. They didn’t have anything new at all, that’s why artists from the drive of one of the creators had the opportunity to appear before the tribunal of the Holy Inquisition. Farbi Veronese is beautiful, naughty, stinky material - no matter how much I can do at home, oksamit, khmari, tila.

The characteristic of the era of the Italian Renaissance of the Bula is unique without the creation of sculptures, furniture and objects of rose.

In the middle of them is the Neptune Fountain in Bologna, the robots of Giovanni and Bologna (1524-1608), the miracle of energy contours and the distance to the composition of the surrounding area. Giovanni and Bologna - the most famous sculptor of the era of the Renaissance. With his decorative creations, he’s pressed the colossal roses and embellished them with plastic images in the “grotesque” style - masks and fantastic creatures.

Miraculously conceived, a bronze statue of the Mercury of the image of God Tim, who was rushing for the second, some representations at the forehead of Eola, which was seen for the first time. The statue of Giovanni dav new life to the ancient myth.

The architecture impressed with decorative embellishment: they repeat the motifs of the monumental architecture, and in the stones you can see the last architecture , the frieze , the right side of the cornice, the whole part and part.

Rose-colored parades, gilded, embellished with ribbons and paintings were used to store part of the atmosphere of the inhabitants of the noble and bagatim Hulks of Italy. Sculptors ’paintings were painted in mysterious coffins. Often, drawers were used to draw crates from a stock tree through the method of completing speeches of an acceptable smell.

Goncharna maisternist among the people of the past came to the West and saved only the Skhodi. The craft went to Spain, de Mavri made clay glazes of dishes. The yogo was embellished with leaves on a large aphid, which was replenished with a metal red and yellow blisch. The center of virobnitz Іspano-Mauritania serving the islands of Mallorca, the stars and the name was "Mayolika". The works of Urbino, Gubbio, Lezaro, as well as Ferrari, also appeared with deserved glory.

Dormitory to the pigeon, however, live the aphorisms of the rosemal pottery with light arabesques; On the other hand, we got a chance to compete with the pictures and folding composition of the new headlights on the street. Vibir farb zalisya obmeshimsya, and that in short respected ti virobi with ornamental embellishments, on which are the image of people figurines. Povnokvitu mayolikova virobnitsvo reached the XVI century.

The prototype is especially sincerely epoch of Vіdrodzhennya to characterize robots iz gold, in some artists entered into strictly architectural rules. Filling and dishes were embellished with pink and pink roslin and creatures. The koshtovny stones and navigating sea shells were taken alive, the iglyad was comprehended.

With the butt of a mysterious mystery we can serve the famous name of Francis I Robot Benvenuto Cellini . On the oval image of the image of the god of the sea, order with him - the ship, scho serve as a nurse; against God sit the Earth, bіlya neі - a temple, which serves as a bowl for seasonings; In the near image of the sea and earth stars, rib and shells. Sіlnitsya - нийdiniy dostovіrny tvіr Benvenuto Cellіnі.

Self-control and self-control

1. Roskazhit about the development of architekturi doby Vіdrodzhennya.

2. Add a speech:

Until budivel protorescence type to lay ....

Proto-Renaissance Architechture ...

The initiator of the architecture of Early Renaissance ...

Naiharakternіshі budіvlі Filіppa Brunelleskі - ....

The Proto-Renaissance of the Gothic mystery ...

3. Roskazhit about the development of the productive mystery of the doby Vіdrodzhennya.

4. Write an abstract on one of the topics addressed:

“Recognition of the talent of Leonardo da Vinci”.

“Freedom of genia is irreplaceable, - the breadth of the artistic sweep - the character of the Michelangelo Buanarotti rice.”

"Creativity of Rafael Santі".

"Artists Іtalії doby Vіdrodzhennya."

5. Describe the creativity of the art of early Vidrodzhennya.

6. What are the characteristics of the Early and High Renaissance Rice?

7. Roskazhit about Vіdrodzhennya Venezії.

8. Write a copy of “The development of Ukrainian architecture XV-XVI table”

9. Write on the subject: “Sculpture of the dob Vidrodzhennya”.