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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


The third peak of mystery is the creation of creativity of Mikelangelo Buonarotti . Yogo dovge life - lower feats, as well as creating genius. Win Buv sculptor, architector, painter and poet. Ale to Usyomu Vin was lost by the sculptor. The yogo figuri, written on the ceiling of the Sіkstinsky drop, can be taken as a statue, at yogo vіrshakh, you’ll have a chance to see the sculptor’s view.

The youngest partner Leonardo da Vinci, Mikelangelo Buonarroti, was born twenty-two and sixty-six times old, and died after forty hours of rocky death. (1475-1564). Yogo youthful, highly talented robots, especially the “God-beard with an unhealthy body of Sina” in the Cathedral of St. Peter and “David,” said that Michael was a creator for the jubilation.

Statue of David - вис вис ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота ота вис ота ота вис вис вис вис вис вис вис - - - - - Statue of David - about five meters high - small standing on Senorii square near Florence. The restoration of the statute is not much more important: at the time (post of the 16th century), the Florentine republic was amused by its internal tyrants and its ranks. We wanted to know how small Florence could be able to overcome, as if a peaceful shepherd David was changing the order of Gol_af. For Mikelangelo vidkrilsya the opportunity to increase their ability to be free. Vin Vikonav with one single marmurovskogo sweep of beauty with his streaming novice young giant.

Two main sculptural thoughts go through the mithia’s creativity: the tomb of Pope Julius II and the tomb of the Medici. As a result of the robots over the tomb of Pope Julius II, the statues of the terrible prophet Moses were completely lost (most completed: “The scoot of the fillings ” and the “The silent fillings”). Beat the circumference of the “Scooted Chubby” figure, watch for the winter of plastic aspects, and look at the speedy stage of the muscular rose of the motuzka. The “ Withering Fattening ” doesn’t shave its motto: throwing your hands behind your head and scowling your head to the shoulder, chinning at the camp, which is similarly like death, and dreaming, you’ll be able to hear the sound of anguish.

Sculptures of Capelli de Medici, zakіnchenі at 30-rr. XVI century., Do not mean unambiguous tlumachen. Tse "Nich" and "Day", "Evening" and "Wound".

Madonni Rafael - an ideal isolation of purity and innocence, since the artists were not able to reach them. Mikelangelo’s picture was preceded by more biblical figures: can, verse images of иgovi, ancient prophets and siblings. The stinks were blown up by the closest souls of the soul, the image of ангvangelsky. To that, ymovirno, Sіkstinsky drop with її “Last Judgment” and Ст to the doorway to the world є the most picturesque creation of Mikelangelo. The Sіkstinsky droplet has the whole genius of being seen as a new world.

Lists of stele Sіkstinsky drops. I’m covering the middle of Mikelangelo’s stela with the plot compositions, honing the skin with the written figures of the naked youths. Among the plot lists of the Sіkstinsky Capelli, the composition “Adam's Folding” was presented. The internal serpent of concise composition is superbly glyboky: there is, above all, the ultimate symbol of accomplishment, spiritualization. Creativity, God-demiurge, do not indulge in your own simple grace, simple hand and cold stare open, for the first hand of Adam. We see that bachimo, like the life of Adam, is like a sneak at the power of life.

Already at the deceased Vіcі Mіkelangelo judged again, turn to the list of Sіststinsky drops. At this time, Vin wrote on the article “The Last Judgment ”.

The remaining period of life of Mikelangelo as a whole was dedicated to equipping the Roman church of St. Peter. Prior to this, Saint Gallo, Giaccondo, Rafael i Perruzi were above the complex. 1st axis at 70 rockies of Mikelangelo for Papi’s coddling, holding on to the colossal prazu. The Zavdannya boudoon of the Vicon was brighter than him: the dome of the cathedral, without transverse, decreasing part of the whole, equip and miracle an awakening mystery.