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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Set the tone for a new tension and literature. Creativity of such prominent writers of the era of Yak Cornel, Rasin, Molєr pidkorya, guest of the most significant problems of “people and suspension”, setting in harmony with the soul of the environment and people living.

The literary genre was asserted in literature, and yielded to the temple (tragedy, epopee, ode) and low (comedy, satire, tale). The leather genre of the Mav svoy canoni and the clear boundaries, they didn’t allow them to speak. In the course of the month of June, the tragedy imposed tragedy. The tragedies of Cornel and J. Racina, the stories of J. Lafontaine , the satire N. Boualo , the comedy Molєra no less magnificently sensed more serious conflicts in the original sphere of antiquity, and they transferred them to the zone of the same socially The creativity of Molєra was most appreciated, so that it was possible to learn more and better art, signifying the farthest piece of literature. Comedy Molєra ceased buti "low" genre. For the theme, philosophy, psychology, and moral sound, yogra nikrashchi p'єsy reached the level of tragedy. З кінця ХVІІ Art. classicism, having entered into a swine from the West, having been born in the age of Enlightenment.

English scribes are creating a special genre for the novel, which, as it were, having denied the name of the Enlightenment. The heroes of such novels were boules of sound people who, as they please, freely rely on different furnishings, as long as they need to show their own nostalgia. Typical images of the enlightenment novel were given by D. Defoe, D. Swift, S. Richardson, G. Field.

One of the most scribe writers in the history of Dobi Buv English Daniel Defoe (1660-1731). Popular creators: “ Robinson Crusoe ”, “ Molle Flenders ”, “ History of Colonel Jack ”, “ Kapitan Singlton ” brought the author his fame and life. The topic of “Robinson Crusoe” sounded the theme of his rationalism, active, lively positions, unrequited human capacities and their realizatsii. The author is reluctant to bring to the creator, because of the most appropriate situations, wait for the future, and for the most demanding reign of the most powerful, non-religious, practicality, masculinity, but we’ll be unmistakable with our own strengths.

The first English writer and political writer Jonathan Swift (1667–1745), the novel “ Mandry Gulivera ” among the readers of the book, appeared unbroken by popularity. Seeing the Cossack roads of his hero Vin Vsmіyav Wadi of a special youm English suspension, arrogance, zhad_nib, pidozrіlіst, svіvіllya, injustice.

Creativity of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796) zdobula life for life. In their own wines, having mourned the image of the villagers, having stepped up against the social and national gnita - “ Buv Bidny Farmer Batko Miy ”, “ Merry Zhebraki ”. Part of the creative work of the period of the French bourgeois revolution is captured by the revolutionary moods - “The Tree of Freedom”, “Chesna Bіdnіst”.

In the novels of Antoine-Francois Prevost (1697–1763), overbearing human addictions stuck with zvichnymi furnishings of life - material, family, through scho experiences became not abstract, like in classic creations, but real, topical. Water hour A.-F. First, having destroyed the canons of educational literature. Win is not worse than viviv on the stage of the victims of standing obobobivs, social wits of life, and having killed the people drama with internal psychological officials, in front of character traits (“Notes of noble people”, “History of cavalier de Griso” Manon.

I play an important role in the development of the Native German Enlightenment, played by the prominent singer and translator Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 - 1832), the great poet Johann Friedrich Schiller (1759 - 1805), the philosopher and the writer Johannes Göröf, 1744 (1744 - 1744). ) and K. Schubart (1739 - 1791). The efforts of stinks have confirmed a tendency to rehabilitate human beings, one by one with this understanding of the idea of ​​enormous addiction. Johann Gottfried Herder , secreted, having tested the installation on the basis, began the mysterious outdoor stone of aesthetic theory. Nіmetskі educators have advanced farther through literature, theater, music traditionally panіvnomu. to the educative mystery, to the vivid genre of the dynamical mystery. The stinks behaved against despotism, for justice and that freedom, challenged strong, gracious people, a kind of lure, almost reverential. This position has become a natural aesthetic in Europe.

Draw the very same character to the power of the heroes of the works of Schiller - one of the founders of the classic English literature. Win by the author of the bagatoch of lyric virshіv, balad, drama, beloved by voluptuous motives, the idea of ​​fraternity, to fight people against unrest. At the drama “Rozbyniki” in the image of Karl Moor, the author is indefatigable to freedom, affirming humanity, hatred of feudal orders. The dramatic creation “Wilhelm Tel” exalted the Swiss national hero, fighting for the independence and freedom of the land of the Austrian gn. In “Come to Joy,” he sings by stepping up against tyranny and gnoblennya, for fraternity and the unity of the people.

The most representative representative of the epoch of Enlightenment at the Literary Literature of Goethe. Goethe's creativity has manifested the most prevailing tendencies and super hype. Gliboko zrozumіv significant French Revolution. Win, a great humanist, a lie to the creativity of people, negatively posed to be a kind of violence. All this was known to Yakovlev’s image of all the holy creation of all, dramatic poem “ Faust ”. Ponad pіvstolіttya pratsyuvav Goethe over this creature, a friend of a part of a yakinchiv for rіk to death.

At literature ХІХ – ХХ art. Faust є a symbol of the titanic creative praci, the indefatigable shukannya ustiny i struggle for the freedom of the human spirit.