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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


In the architecture of the most spectacular period of classicism, the ensemble of the Versailles Palace , overshooting in 1668–1689 pp. for the order of the French king Ludovik XIV. Architects of memory - Jules Arduen-Mansar and the mayor of the garden and park mystery Andre Lenotre . The main equipment of Versailles was infused with its forms, long-awaited buddies with magnificent columns, porticoes, sculptures. Versailles Park, like the whole ensemble, is a program tvr. There is a regular park: everything for the newcomer is vivreno, desecrated in the avenue, the signpost for fountains and sculptures is marked. Zagalna yogo dovzhina - about three times kіlometrіv.

In the style of classicism, Budinok and the Cathedral of Invalidiv were in full swing, Vandomsky Square and the Square Overcame Paris, robots in the Louvre are seen.

The Dutch architects, mostly from the middle of the XVII century. vіdbuvaєatsya a sharp turn to classicism. The main principle of classicism is mentality, the enjoyment of ancient antics, the normative of creativity, rationalism, moralism, the Dutch architects of the other half of the XVII century. We have opened a new type of patrician Zhitin's boulevard with a facade, embellished with strict filaments and a pediment. Tsey type budovi zarazlsya zrazku for such equipment with a stretch of the whole XVII century. and the cob of the XVIII century.