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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Mystery school

To an educator Mystetsvo 20 – an ear of 30th pp. as well as the apparent manifestation of the great number of direct currents, school and other activities. You have an hour of artistic creativity: Association of Revolutionary Mysteries (ARMU), Partnership of Artists named after K. Kostandy in Odessa, Association of Artists of Chervona Ukraine (AHCHU), Obtained Ukraine. Pratsyuyut such signaled mainstream, Yak M. Burachek, I. Zhakhevich, F. Krichevsky, M. Samokish, G. Svitlitsky, K. Trohimenko, O. Shovkunenko, M. Boychuk, I. Padalka, V. Sedlyar, P. Volokidin, I. Trush, O. Novakivsky skinny.

Traditions of the book of grafikas by G.Narbut. Chimalo artists at the 20th and rr. practiced at the scenography genre, making out theatrical performances (O. Khvostenko-Khvostov, O. Ekster, A. Petritsky). Much of the monumental painting was undertaken by M. Boychuk, professor of the Kiev Art Institute, the same university: I. Padalka, V. Sedlyar, O. Pavlenko, uniquely learned more from their creative work, and re-learned the traditional art. Fraudulently pracing paintings by F.Krasitsky, I. Ї.Zhakevich, O. Novakivsky skinny.

A sculpture has been developing for an hour. The monument to T. Shevchenko near Moscow (1918, S. Volnukhin), Petrograd (1918, Y. Tilberg), Romnakh (І. Kavalerіdze), Odessa, Katerinoslavlav, Chernigov is bored. The great monument to the poet-humanist and philosopher G. Skovorodі from 1922 It was built near Lokhvitsy in Poltava region (I.Kavalerіdze). Rozpochinaє creative work of O. Arkhipenko (1887–1964), a kind of waving for the cordon, becoming one of the most popular posts of the forefront (“Zhinka, yaka conceive”), “Post”, “Stupayucha Zhinka”. Sorry, the sculpture of Radyanska’s hour is small in all kinds of political and agrarian painting, which was introduced in the artistic creation.

So, at 20-rr. XX century zavdyaki polititsі ukrainskіzatsії, poshtovkh yakіy yielded more nationally-arbitrary struggle for the hour, the culture in ukrainian ruled an important croc on a hat for a long sleeve to the complex of “little ones”; organically included in the artistic process, created significant artistic values. Alena is a new culture, which relied on communal ideas, re-emphasized spiritual values, and led to tragic manifestations of cultural life.

At the 30th pp. after decree of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, “On the Revival of Literary and Artistic Organizations” (1932), the mysterious boulevards were released, and the wider organization of the platform was fully developed.

There are mass repressions. After committing suicide, M. Skripnik, who was called to plant. For the sake of Equality 1933 p. M. Yalovoy repaired repressive protections of culture of metro Kharkov. For example, there are hundreds of writers at the tabor, artist M. Boychuk and his followers, a number of sciences, church divisions were recorded, the number of NDI values ​​was awarded, the previous, humanitarian profile.

At the 20th rr. Bula is formed by self-martial arts culture , as it may may be, the Bula is known in the 30th rr. "Zapochatkovane 20-x Rokach pіslya revolyutsіynih sotsіalnih i natsіonalnih kataklіzmіv Renaissance ukraїnskoї culture was rozstrіlyanim Vіdrodzhennyam i on kіnets 30th rokіv genre stilova formally rіznomanіtnіst poperednogo desyatilіttya Bula zvedy to єdinoї sotsrealіstichnoї" Noti "navzagal vimalovuvalasya pohmura picture іdeologіchnogo dictates, to schematism, conjuncturality, if you have to navigate one at a time different inconsequential peculiarities have come to behold themselves in themselves ”* 52.

* 52: {History of the Ukrainian literature of the twentieth century. 2 kn. Prince 1 .: 1910-1930-rocky: Nav. pos_bnik / Ed. V.G. Donchika.-K .: Libid, 1993.-784 p. }