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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Represii. Friend svіtova vіyna

30-rr. became a folding hour vyprobuvan for the Ukrainian people. At an hour in the Radyansky Union, the steel total regime was established.

The process of Ukrainian production of Ukrainian culture, which burst into flames in the 1920s, is a pity, since it was too early for breaks.

At the end of the hour, the repression at the high hour of the deed of the day and the whole time for the cordon (O. Oles, V. Vinnichenko, Є. Malanyuk, Yu.Klen, O. Teliga, O. Olzhich, O. Koshyts, D. Antonovich, D. Chizhevsky ін.) that its dyalnіstyu to take a stronger interest in the interest of the huge society to the Ukrainian culture.

30th - All hour of mass repressions at the center of intelligence. All the fabricated people on the right were judged not by any malignant and counterrevolutionary activists, but by an intellectual, creatively active part of the Ukrainian people. In suspension, a spiritual and ideological monopoly took shape, all galactic cultures have fallen idly ideologically. For the rule of Steel, de-integration and de-humanization of degeneration were dealt with, the victims of repressions were the spiritual elites of the country - in general, high schools, students, Ms. Chernyakov, M.Kh. M.Irchan, Ostap Vishnya, Z. Tulub, B. Antonenko-Davidovich, I. Kulik, I. Mikitenko, V. Pіdmogilniy, луж.Pluzhnik, V. Polіshchuk, O. Slіsarenko, M. Boychuk, Yu.Mikhailіv, І .Padalka, V.Sedlyar and inshi).

Clergy of the clergy were recognized. At the 30th pp. the thought about the relationality is crooked. I respected that I won the world about the recognition of class divisions and class suspensions, which gave birth to. The priest and the clergy hung, grateful of enormous rights, and the cults were equipped and they were ruined, and they were transferred to the state consumption. A great deal of cultural memorabilia was spent at the church’s birthing period with church and church bulletins: the icon, old books, speeches of the church, including the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral (XII century), the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (XII century).

The unfortunate rites in Ukraine were recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church of Greece and the Catholic Church, and the UAOC’s parades were celebrated and ordered by the Moscow Patriarchate. Whole at the 30th pp. in Ukraine, the Bula is attached to the church near 80 church churches.

At the 30th pp. boules of fences create significant numbers of pre-Revolutionary sacrifices and democratic proposals, as well as create written writers (M. Drahomanova, B. Grinchenko, M. Kostomarova, M. Maksimovich, P. Kulish, V. Vinnichenko, M. Vulnichenko, M. M.Zerova, G.Kosinki, M.Іrchana, L. Staritsky – Chernyakhіvsky and the First).

Friend svіtova vіyna has become difficult vypobuvannyam for our people. Vіyskovі podії took away millions of people’s lives, the bullets were filled with valuable cultural memories, and looted museums and private collections. Thousands of museum exhibits boulevards vivezen for the cordon and will not be turned around.

The Ukrainian culture of all the forces dedicated the fight to the healer. In evacuation, they were selling the most valuable property, the Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and creative writing. Patriotic themes took over the writers' creativity (“A Word About the Mother of God” by M. Rilsky, “Oath” by M. Bazhan, “Love Ukraine” by V. Sosyuri, “Spring”, “Mother's Voice” by P. Ticini, “Ukraine on Fire”, “Nich before the battle” O. Dovzhenka, “Yaroslav the Wise” I. Pokers, “Zenith” Ostap Vishny).

Heroic and patriotic themes were exchanged with the works of Ukrainian theaters, the performances were performed by O. Kornіychuk, I. Kochergi, L. Leonov, K. Simonov, performed at concerts in front of them all over the world.

Ukrainian cinematography at one o'clock in full time over the chronicle-documentary and artistic films (“The Battle for Our Radyanska Ukraine”, dir. O. Dovzhenko; “Yak Gartulalis steel”, “Raiduga”, dir. M. Donskoi).

Since we won over in suspension, we have hoped for the democratization of life, for asserting authority to special rights, human and political rights and freedoms. The nature of Vlad was magnified by the totalitarian regime. Boules were re-written by people, as if they had already gone to see more amusement of their wills, they had been reproached to the full extent.

The Persians have more than ten years of tearing off the ideological dictates and the clutches of the Mitzvah. The topic of vinyi was overwhelmingly dominated, but the emphasis was on the alternate, final stage, the reasons for the defeat and heavy losses of literary creators did not hang out. In connection with the death of Y. Stalin, a number of writers condemned to show non-conflict, a tendency to embellish the dysnostic and illustrative, although I want to process the inconvenience in literary and mysterious boules insignificant.

Trivial administrative creativity in the field of artistic creativity. From 1946–1948 the decisions of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks “About the magazines Zvezda and Leningrad, about the film Veliky Zhittya, about the opera Great Friendship V. Muradeli’s and those rudely and incompetently got involved in the creative process, denied the freedom of creativity of the mitts. At the first time, rocky bulo has been uncritically criticized and tinkered with in the bourgeois nationalist science pracity “Short Course in History of Ukraine”, “Naris History of Ukraine”, create M. Rilsky, V. Sosyuryan, M. Sosyuryan, M. Sosyuryan.