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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Movna food

There are significant deformations in the nationally movable spheres. The main mortgage of the mass transfer to rosіysku movu vikladannya. The negative role was played by those who have partnered and rewarded organizations, the powers to establish a greater dedication in the practical part of the deal that grew up with me. In the provincial fate in the western Ukrainian regions, the course towards the replacement of the military personnel was taken, the Ukrainian people were filthy and they did not respect it. Representatives of the party kerivnitsva often vidmovidіvіvіvіvіvіvіy stіdosuvannya in tsobov massії іnformatsії bagatokh Ukrainian words and zamіni іх roxіyskimi.

In order to preserve, on the radio, to ignore the modern practice, lively bagato words of non-Ukrainian resemblance were introduced, Russian words were introduced into the tidings, to say the same, as long as there was no need for them, as long as they were completely written. Russified financially and forever mortgages, as I have seen my duty in writing my written remuneration. Schools realized their work right away after the release of the territory of Ukraine in 1943–44. Z 1958 p. in Ukraine, the obov'yazkovoy became eightfold. At the last hour of prace, there were a lot of talented teachers, among them - V.O. Sukhomlinsky, director of a secondary school with. Pavlish of the Kirovograd region.

The characteristic rice in the old rock is the change in the sphere of life of the Ukrainian mov. In the last season, the number of holidays in Ukraine was not included in the national warehouse of the population of Ukraine.

At the 60th pp. I’m singing for normalization of the political situation in Ukraine, which gave me the opportunity to show my young generation’s charisma, so I’ve called on the public, I’ve been able to communicate more freely .Simonenko, V. Stus, I. Drach, D. Pavlichko, B. Oliynik, Є. Hutsalo, M. Vingranovsky, I. Svitlichny, I. Dzyuba, С. Sverstyuk, V. Chornovil, V. Zaretsky (div. .№11), A. Gorska and Inshi). From the top of the ears, criticism was criticized, publicity was defended, and the deeds of the Militia Bulo were unchallenged.

In the 70-80s pp. Ukrainian mov was selling more and more from the other spheres of suspension of life, it was lost in Russian and that denationalism, they spun up a wide life of understanding “happy people”, “One zagalnoradyanska culture”, “angry national people”.

Trivial administration and team culture, piecemeal freedom of creativity was limited by the narrow framework to the principle of party and the method of social realism. Everything that hasn’t been invested in the social canon, is not public, has been revised.

In the 60–90s pp. The blessing in Ukraine developed in the minds of the mass russification in the main mortgages of the USA. At 1978 p. The Bolsheviks adopted a decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on Strengthening Vivcheniya and Vikladannya of the Russian Movement and Literature; In 1989 p. viila decree about єdina ofitsіynu zagalnogoobavna movu in SRSR (rosijsku). The number of schoolchildren changed from my Ukrainian holiday (from Kyiv in 1992, 307 school students, from those who started to work 341.3 thousand students, from Ukrainian school - 49 school (36.8 thousand students, 123 school students). , 9th academic year), from Ukrainian and Russian - 135 schools. In 1992, 85.8 thousand students (25% of the increased number of students) went to Ukraine in 1992. They went to Ukraine for a longer period of time. mine.

In the 70s, in the minds of stagnation, nouveau broadened, it was more respectful to put it in front of children, in history, literature, mysteries, criticizing and interrogating oneself without interruption, picking up one's mind. So, at the trivial hour of the literary process of acquisitions, the novel by O. Gonchar “The Cathedral”, the commemoration of those sacrifices of our spiritual recession, is seen in the reproduction of the work of A. Gorsko, L. Semikino, O. Zalivakhi in Kyiv University.

At the forefront of advanced intelligence, there is a broadening of the national-democratic collapse, who have been rewarded with the right to human rights, in addition to that, in the middle of the city. In the 70's pp. Ukrainian lawyers opened the Ukrainian Helsinki Split (V. Chornovil, A. Pashko, I. Dziuba, V. Moroz), who actively took up Russian language, repression, and the impoverished memory of the Ukrainian culture. We whistle against the system of books. I. Dziubi “Internationalization of Russia and Russia?” "

Whatever difficulties, Ukrainian culture with the other half of the twentieth century prodzuvuzhival, zvidchyuyuchy significant creative potential of our people.