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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. The main picture of the economic structure of the sovereign socialism

The vibration of the Maybuty model, which will be typical for Ukraine, is the transmission of a critical analysis in front of the economic system of our past suspension life.

Signs of the economic model of the sovereign socialism

Before the sign, to characterize the model’s colony, to lay it. The whole - the monopoly of sovereignty of power, which has zoomed all over the place in earnest in economical and all of the most important parties to the life of suspension and has been affirmed as a result of real success in meeting the requirements of the formalities. In the SRSR, 9 out of 10 skin enterprises were interrupted by the power of the state, while the latter interceded with more processes.

Unsuccessful as a whole cannot function as a single hairline, except for the given time, there is no need to follow specific sub-items, but not “be bottled up” among all members of the suspension. For nefektivnі rіshennya, as a rule, they should be paid tim, but without having to do without them an uninterrupted communication. Viduvatsya vidchuzhennya pracіvnikіv vid vobodiv virobnitstva: stink me to be special, scho prayyut for hire from the state, the very same power is old anonymous, "nothing." Vidati decrees about nationalization - it doesn’t mean that you want to organize a new job for new collective ambushes, you need to be careful about the needs of the rightful ones. Proceedings of the collective and the local leaders can be remembered twice as much as possible, if you can self-reliably control the function and control the lock behind them with a mine. The support of the economy and the privatization of May of a significant part of the state enterprises as a result of matrimony to the structure of the state power - the replacement of the monopoly position of the government (state), the state has the state, In the effective economy and ideology, the primacy of power is enormous, and not power; the role of the remainder is obliterated by the interests of the populace and that of ob'єdnan.

The magnificent flow to the form of the model of the sovereign socialist society was made possible by administering administrative deposits, which would fool the development of the market. For these reasons, there are more opportunities for interruption in order to manage other organs of government, more than enough to conduct independent state donations: formulate virological programs, buy necessary resources, and sell their income. Teams ’ordering, which should come from the з hills’, obov'yazkovі to the weekend; Robot collectives to evaluate behind the step of realizing plans; The market cannot cope with the structure of virobnosis. Managing control on the strength of power, and not on the government’s interest in the goods of the merchant, on how to use tools to regulate the government’s zv'yazkіv commits, administrative regulations.

The suputnik of the command economy is the economy of the economy, who doesn’t call on the official fence and the fence without rules, which is adopted by the civilian economy.

From now on, when administering administrative deposits, if they’re sooo victorious for the best practice, then we’ll have to organize the organizational suspension, allow the economy of health to self-regulate and self-regulate; stink socially ineffective, and even exclude freedom of labor, employment and social care.

With the help of the given model of the central control of the suspension of the vertical, I can zoom in the vertical and horizontal displacements in the region and the region. At the expense of low efficiency of the virobnitz and a very large part-time budget, the power is concentrated on concentrating in their own hands the most part of the friable product (in the case of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics of Belarus, up to 3/4 of the national total). As a result of the business and the region, they became attentive to the center, drank themselves at the camps, which they had accessed, and their worn hands and resources. In the middle of enterprises, great events were won, the cherubaths from the center were much easier. Often "giganti" did not forget about the high level of effectiveness of virobility, but they did not impose upon them to dictate their mind to the market. Once you have made more than that, you have the opportunity to recognize the share of the monopoly violator and the suggestions to wait for winter, to pay for it, to pay for the road, and often for non-production.

On the deformation of the economic structure of socialism in the Soviet Socialist Republic, a bureaucracy of management was identified, which is based on the implementation of self-governing foundations. Bureaucracy is a monopoly function and economical and suspension singing life, especially marked by stake. The bureaucrat is a civil servant who is a kind of Vikoristov’s clerk in the service (dovrenu vlady) on the Skoda clerk, to put corporate interests for the suspension and power. Bureaucracy - privileges of prosharok, no interest in carried out radical democratic rebuilding in suspension. When saving special money in the sphere of management of the bureau, kratism is not possible because of the need for improvement, but as a whole, it is possible to obliterate the other negative side for the “bottom-up” control wrap. The development of government-sponsored democratic democracies is not possible for the benefit of the monopoly of bureaucratic apparatus: for information, resources, personnel, taking administrative decisions, for privileges.

Find our deformovanoї modelі sotsіalіzmu became i zhorstka zalezhnіst Economy od іdeologії that polіtiki scho vinikaє vnaslіdok direct zroschennya gospodarskih i polіtichnih structures, if pravlyacha partіya viyavlyaєtsya gliboko "vmontovanoyu" in ekonomіku i pochinaє dіyati yak kerovane core ekonomіchnoї i polіtichnoї systems yak vischy eshelon admіnіstrativnoї Vladi . When tsomu power vtrachaє his vіdnosnu nezalezhnіst od partії, її aparata: if kerіvniki Reigning organіv Vladi i gospodarskih organіzatsіy zobov'yazanі regularly zvіtuvati before partіynimi іnstantsіyami about his robot, ekonomіchne Zhittya zaganyaєtsya in zhorstkі іdeologіchnі framework іnіtsіativa gospodarnikіv paralіzuєtsya fear vtratiti zaynyate Location. For these minds of science and propaganda, I want to protect the “noise of the noise” over the effective state system of Ukraine; slurry svіdomіst mіfologіzuєєє, а, and the behavior of people є initiative є doubling - з баг баг в баг баг баг баг баг баг з з з з з з з з з з,,,,,,, дов дов дов дов дов дов.

Yak Nerinkova Gospodar’s system of sovereign socialism is developed according to the latest laws, moreover, it’s gratitude to the merchandise market, for that it’s characteristic that it’s closed, it’s weak to integrate with the power of the market, and tradition relies on power. Self-insolation is not a guarantee of independence of the country in terms of deliveries due to cordon, but also to our own people to ensure that they are at the galuz of science-and-technology progress and kindness to the people. The axis is that without the need for economic autonomy it is impossible to go through the administrative-command system, which I have discredited myself before the civilized economy, within the framework of the economical social economy.

In this way, sovereign socialism is a whole slurry device, which has become better known for overcoming the early socialist revolution as a result of the growth of the most deformation in the economic, political, social and spiritual spheres. Win is a system of catching administrative methods of managing the economy with the highest standards of law, political institutes and ideological guidelines. "Vitratna" gospodarska system sovereign sotsіalіzmu, pristosovana to ekstensivnogo type rozvitku suspіlstva, dozvolyaє mobіlіzuvati in the hands of powers velicheznі resources i spryamuvati їh on virіshennya vuzkogo Cola problems nadzvichaynoї vazhlivostі (lіkvіdatsіya tehnіko-ekonomіchnoї vіdstalostі, oboronozdatnіst, prorivi on okremih LUXURY directly NTP i t. ін.), ale is not in the best way to protect efficient development for normal minds. Vaughn was able to realize the trials of an hour of parasitism on the reserves of natural resources and the traditional asceticism of our people.