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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.


In order to really appreciate the truth, the very idea of ​​being infected at once from our country and my friend is my prospect, it’s critically critical to analyze. We would like to reassure you that there is an economical model that has been developed at the Radyansky Union. The very same signifies relevance to those that are at the rate of political economy.

§ 1. Socialist idea and the main stage of development

Vіdomo, scho іdeya sotsіalno rivnostі, fair suspension існує стільки, скільки існує people. Literally all the people can have legends, in which they describe the ideal suspension device and the nature of the social character of the people. In the first suspension, the class didn’t disappear, that was not a problem for the growth of just suspension. He cried out about the growing suspicion of socially irrelevant classes and groups of people, who wished to win the thoughts about social justice and jealousy, since I formed the idea of ​​social welfare. The residual registration of utopian ideals of socialism by spelling the period of the on-the-go bonded capital on aprons of the main mass of workers.

Evolution of Socialist Ideas

Socialism is not the only idea, but the practical rule, obligations to the working people, cardinally significant suspension. At all the stages of the European socialist ideology, she won over on scientific knowledge, realistically transmitted, revolutionary romanticism and elements of social utopia. In special literary studies, such as the main form of social communication is violated. In the first place, it’s utopian socialism. Yogi was most intimately represented by the boules T. More, T. Campanella, A.K. Saint-Simon, Sh. Fur'є, R. Ouen ta іn. They wondered about the idea of ​​a centralized planning system at the national level, explained the need for liquidity of private property and all capitalistic systems; brought the right to the organization of the distribution for the country and for the needs; They shook the test of ґ н н н орган орган орган орган в є оз оз оз оз оз ок ок г г г г г уман уман humanism and socialism.

Another stage is the re-creation of socialism from utopia into science. Tseay etap povyazaniya z formuvannyam ob'ktivnyh mind changes and minds for falsely evolyutsії іidea socialism. The founders of the science of social socialism were K. Marx and F. Engels. The basis of their introduction is the thesis about those: the development of suspension is determined by economic laws; bourgeois virological and social media ґ Runting on the exploitation of hired people, as if I’m on the go-ahead, who are dominated by the capital class. Capitalistic virobnitstvo at his own grandfather’s development is more nabuvє of a suspension character, a kind of entry into super-specific with a private form is invaded. Virobnitsvo succeeds, with the transfer of the necessary regular regulation of the development of the site, the use of economically-friendly sub-units, to which private ownership is possible. Marxism itself has signified the Marxist interpretation of Maybutyan suspension - socialism.

The third is the history of social welfare due to the crisis of traditional manifestations about the new and the new fables. Tobto is necessary “inventory” of accumulated knowledge, rethinking. In the first place, the Marxian economic model of socialism is welcome, as well as the model, which has been implemented in the regions of the socialist system.

Marxist model economics socialism

The economical model of Marx and Engels is designed to be valid, valuable, and basic elements. The fellow-believers of Marxism revealed that, based on national interests, the possibility of organizing a plan for the development of virology is possible. The stinks have been respected, which is an indivisible pracica of collectives, that is, just the way to follow the obscure plan, to gain a lifelong suspension of yak corisna and is necessary before the product is violated before it’s live. Behind Marxism, pratsya with socialism and communism has a seamless suspension character and that does not require consumer marketing, through the act of realizing goods. I have a lot of luck because of the main consumer needs, in optimal proportions I live and have a lot of resources and resources, I’ve got a lot of necessary vitrines (planned prices) due to dermal appearance of the products and the business card. That’s why the incentive of the collectives and the environment is not determined by the results of commercial activities, but by the time they’ve been displayed. Pratsivniki - collective hairline, gospodar virobnitstva; stink to no one to sell your shy strength, even to endure in the same stanzovno stagnantly zagalnonarodnyh interventions virobnitsva. Primary practice is manifested in the interest of a large number of buggies to protect the home productivity and practical effectiveness of suspension. The main socially-economical result of collective practice is the growth of good and harmony development of all members of the suspension.

The model described can be used to build up to six key elements, one for each (economic and good), strategic and social, and maximum (long-term; pratseyu) - get rid of it. At the theory of socialism of Marx and Engels, the necessary and the possibility of harmonization of human beings and suspensions is necessary. Їх ekonomіchna model є antirinkovy character. Socialism is communicated as a device for building and building works. The model, implemented in practice, is seen in the initial role of the state in the economy, as well as the main organizer of the state-owned processes. Tsya model distala name sovereign socialism.

The Soviet Socialist Republic has a residual economic model of sovereign socialism formed in the rock industry and collectives in a situation of mass lawlessness and terror, although it wants to be small in size and in the long term. The stinks appeared as a result of heroic harnesses to the people and could have been much larger, yakby was not adventurous, the policy of the steel kerivnitsva, aimed at the ruin of the traditional culture and culture of the best.

At the front period, the model of sovereign socialism of the Bula was canonized, while at the regular fate, it was transferred to the national territory, along with a number of foreign countries in Central Europe and Asia, and the recognition of Cuba. The mastery of socialism, from one side, having been rude to the creation of the ideal of social socialism, in the center of a kind is not a power, but a human being. From the first side, sovereign socialism has emerged from the irreparable ideological prikritty of the total regime of steel. The reason for this is the economical science of education, the model of the butt of the deformation of the development of suspension.