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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Polonization of Ukrainian knowledge

The overbearing butt of the privileged Polish gentry celebrating the magnificent asymmetric desire to know ukrainian, and the obvious cultural concept has encouraged the stretch to the utmost Polish. Having marveled at his overturning over the Protestants, the two got embroiled in schismatics, like the stench was called Orthodox. By chance, since 1569, the stinks were torn to Ukraine, mainly because of their troubles with Yaroslavl, Lvov, Kam'yantsi, Bari, Lutsk, Vinnytsia and Kiev, Ukraine’s national polemics, and the middle of them was a quick visit to Ukraine. dogmatic regional studies and cultural identity, attribution of Orthodox. At his famous treatise, “On the Unity of the Church of God,” Skarga brought to the heart of Orthodoxy the need to relocate to the hopeless camp, which is the only way for him to come to Rome one after another. “The Greeks fooled you, about the Russian people,” wrote Skarga, “more than giving you holy viru, they didn’t give you a Greek move, they cursed you with words of love, you didn’t get to know the truth ... by the help of the words “yanskoi movi nikoli it is impossible to recognize true”.

To know Ukrainian, to know how to know, for its very quality, sensitive to a lofty social status, first and second religion and culture, we were proud of disobedience, it was slightly opposed by vanity. The patriarch of the whole Ukrainian aristocracy began to massively see the Fatherland and adopt Catholicism, and with it the Polish culture. In 1610 p. in the recurrent grief of the treatises “Trenos, a la Crying for the Holy Church”, the previous representative of the Orthodox Church, Meleti Smotrytsky, mourned the loss of Russia, of those who were born, those who were born, , Sangushki, Chortory’s, Prons'kі, Ruzhinsky, Solomyretsky, Golovchinsky, Koropinsky, Masalsky, Gorsky, Sokolinsky, Lukomsky, Puzini that insh, how much do you like? Now, who have felt that they are ... noble, dear, dear, strong, old and strong, who are famous for their prestige, are they able to live in all? ” Catholic Poles.

It’s a good idea that, to the best of our ability, the mechanism itself is asimilar, depriving the Lviv archbishop Yan Porokhnitsky , who himself was a representative of the Ukrainian squeezed family: “If I was happy, I would like to acknowledge that with their own emotions, and so [stink], getting married often, they brought Russia back and sent the right Roman Catholic to the right; the pilgrimage of pastors had ruined the Reshtu, so that the first pan in Russia has gone over to the bone with a Roman bone, having left the walnut schism. ”

With the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox magnates tіlki lіchenі rodіi lost lost vіddanimi old vіrі. Prior to these, secrecy was laid down by people, who had abolished the title until 1569 p., If the Ukrainian people became able to become the political cultural power of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Long-standing traditions were promoted to be wooing around in the midst of the midst of the noble gentry in the Isolation and the Secondary Center of Polish culture. Protein politically, socially and economically stink bully over the weak, so that you can complete the process of polonization.

It’s important that you lose your knowledge, which is small for the Ukrainian loss of power. In suspensions, they have already laid the cob of the most common Europe, with the future and the future, the people without nobility are all one, but they have no head. It meant that Ukrainian people have lost the class, which has given them great pride in politically, putting in song politically, having spoken the culture and living in the church more fully. With extensive polonization in the middle of the Ukrainian nobility of Orthodoxy, as well as the Ukrainian language and sound ones, they began to engage in front of the lower faiths. The stink of yak so became the subject of contempt in the eyes of the Poles. In view of the ambitious and charmed youth of Ukraine, there are constant views of vibrations and minority traditions of the people, and as a rule, there is suspense and culture. Part of the coup was given to the rest. On the other hand, the important problem of the Ukrainian history was the problem of the leadership of the Ukrainian suspension, but, to put it more simply, - the third issue.