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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Tipping point

From the hour of reinstatement over Kozatskoye Ukraine’s superficiality of Moscow, it was time to start direct management. Because of the top side of the kozatsk, moreover, for the good of Ruin, it was spoiled by the Polish and Turkish policies, but didn’t set the required sum for the necessary calls from Moscow. І all the same kozatski hetmani stood up for the preservation of the one who was deprived of his rights, guaranteed Pereyaslavsky land 1654 p. The stinks have come to an end, schoo, loyally loyal to Moscow, they are turning the tsars at their supreme supremacy into the future for autonomy.

Ivan Mazepa (1687-1708) . Virshalny etap at the footsteps between Getmanshchina and Moscow instructed for hetmanuvannya Ivan Mazepi - one of the most prominent and most super-polite politicians in Ukraine. Mazepa was born 1639 p. at the noble Ukrainian motherland, who was corroded by the great war at Vіysk Zaporozky. Win dost to finish the temple bless. Having spent time at the Kiev college, Mazepa pereyshov to the college at Warsaw entered the service to the Polish king. It gave you more power to raise the price of the lands of Western Europe, as well as to complete the arrangements for the royal envoy to Kozatskiy Ukraine. At 1669 p., Turning to the Right Bank, Mazepa entered the service until the hetman of the Right Bank Ukraine Petro Doroshenko. Vikonuyuchi his first diplomatic diplomacy, all the way to the full to the Cossacks, as you can see hetmanov’s of Lviv Ukraine, Ivanov Samoilovich. A subtle politician, Mazepa will be reckoned with to redirect potential disasters for herself to the situation for special triumphs. His due dignity in the international right and unwarranted manner of reconfiguring Samoylovich’s zrobiti yogo dovrenoyu special. Well, let me help you make contact with the czar’s rulers. In 1687, as long as Samistelovich took revenge, the offender had a bully image of none other than Yak Mazepu, who was portrayed by Russian nobles.

Ivan Mazepa

Ivan Mazepa

Having reached the end of the whole 21-hour getmanuvannya Mazepa having carried out a tradition for hetmans of Liberated Ukraine Politics. With an unbroken last year (I’m always becoming a servant of the elders who have distributed thousands of gifts to the world. I don’t forget about the power and interest. We are very kind to the benevolent donors. 20 Mazepa Skerov, I mean a part of my special travels to the development of religious and cultural attitudes. The zealous patron of the Orthodox Church, I’ll be in good luck with the whole Getman Church, has a good writing, but it’s worth the time. about Kozatsky, Baroque . For Mazepa’s getmanuvannya, the Kyiv-Mogilyansky academy was able to construct new buildings and up to 2 thousand students, who were very young, having lost a lot of time. bless the blessings. "

The protesters of the kyiv city of the clergy and clergy piled on their honor the buried panegyrics, then the villagers of the Cossack mob could tell a little good about him. Yogo vidkrita y posidovna pidtrimka of the foreman was everywhere annoyed by the middle populace and the moods against the elders of the Zaporizhzhya. Potentially vibuhova situation of a vinicle at 1692 p. If Petro Ivanenko-Petrik. the clerk, who was in charge of a wide number of political sounds, because on Sich and after becoming there, he was stabbed against hetman. Having outgrown, right now, by the way, say against the elders, for example, “Smaller of the people’s roofs and“ let our fatherland Ukraine belong to Moscow ”, Petrik should approve the princely rule of his country without any doubts against Ukrainian people. Protei if zam_st help the Tatars turned the plain steel to rob the population, the popularity of Petrik among the people was abducted and the rebel died out.

Beginning with Moscow . Every day I’m bowing up a festive day. Mazepi has always felt like a hetman, I have to live with a great matrimony at the forefront of water hours and politics, but I’ve laid the cob for an extraordinary cultural and social security. That most hostile rice of Mazepi’s kind of politics fell into the minds of capturing yak power, so much of the western Ukraine’s interest, as well as a good hour of water from Moscow. Kohl in 1689 p. on tron ​​zіishov young and energetic Petro 1. the hetman already soon got his own unforgettable gift of charuvati mozhnovladtsіv. Winning the tsar by actively assisting the tsar in the grand campaigns against the Turks and Tatars, the cult of yakih became healthy in 1696 p. Azov - the key Turkish fortress in the Sea of ​​Azov. The old hetman also gave the unrevealed young monarchs joyfully at the Polish right: by the year they saw a special friendship. Kozatsky colonels iz sarcasm respected. "The tsar will sooner disbelieve the angels, less Mazepi," and the Russian officers declared. "Nicholas didn’t mean the hetman of Cinnamon and the Great for the king. Yak Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa . "

Zavdyaki to the close hundred footsteps of Peter the Great 1 Mazepa Zmig faster the great Cossack rebels, who shook on the right-bank Poles of the Right Bank near 1702 r. Pislya yak tsey district was once again populated, the Polish gentry tried to recognize the stars of kozakiv. The right bank of the cossack river was rebelled by the Colonel Semyon Palim, who was popular with the people: rebel policeman commanders povdomilyali, who won’t want Pali’s to “be with the honor of Khmelnitsky”. Strength rebels already cash 12 yew. as long as they got the озаinsh kozatskі mock-ups - Samіylo Samus, Zakhar Iskra, Andriy Abazin . Sobering up against the rebels fell the same Polish solidia, Yak Nemirіv. Berichiv and Bila Church. I am leaking to the gates of the Polish gentry with a \ auger bulo on those. scho razgratsya shchas on zrazok less variantu 1648 fate. However, 170 ^ p. removing the Poles, I mean the part of the spent land and take Paliya into the lodge in the yogo “capital” Fastovі. Itself at this hour at Poland will invade the greatest horror of Peter 1 - the king of the Sharpie Carp XII. Skoristavshissya zamishannyam. Mazepa will reconcile the tsar to allow you to pay the Right Bank. Again, offended by the part of Ukraine’s Ukraine, they were blown away, and the merit was due to the attribution of Mazep’s own name. Schob guarantee yourself a threat to the side of the popular Palia. Mazepa for the misfortune of Peter 1 I will order that you receive that salary to Sibir.

Prote on the cob of the XVIII century. at the other centuries of the king’s king, Mazepa’s so quietly piddrimuv, they’re overworked. At 1700 p. the great Pivnichna vina has vibrated. At the 21st rush to fight for the freedom to the Uzbek coasts of the Baltic Sea, the head opponents were the Russian Tsar Peter I, the 18th King of Sweden, Carp XII - the commander, ale Kepsky politician. Knowing a number of catastrophic wounds on the cob of vinii, Petro 1, the whole sticky hangover of the zvidnyh zvichіv, virishuє modernization of the army, the management and suspension of infatuation. Significantly, the centralized government was visible, all the control of life was controlled more fully, and the same way as “old sound”. In the range of price policies, the threat of danger was guaranteed by 1654 p. Traditions of autonomy of Getman.

The first hour of the king tsun visuv in front of the Ukrainians neuvuvan earlier vimogi. Kozaki's first surrender of the bully fight exclusively for the king’s interests. The place to grab your land is through the uncontrolled vorogov - the Poles, the Tatars and the Turks, the Ukrainian bullets are now being beaten by the Swedish armies in the distant Livonia, Lithuania and Central Poland. In these campaigns, it became painfully obvious that the Cossacks couldn’t follow the regular European armies. Rik at rik ikhni corrals turned around at night, having recognized the costs, they took 50, 60 and 70% of the warehouse. If you are tempted to plead for your sights, Petro 1, having put on the chorus of the Cossack regiments of the Rіysky and Nіmetsky commanders, the morale of the Cossacks has become absent. Foreign land officers were placed with contempt until the Cossack’s voice, yak was respected by the girshim, and often the Vikorists simply yak to the harmony of meat. Kolya got a little bit about the names of Peter the Great and reorganization of the goats, the foreman, the position of a certain bulo povyazane with the Viski settlements, became worried.

Vіyna viklikala remstvuvannya also mid-Ukrainian peasants and citizens. The stench was smitten, but in the villages and villages of the Russian Federation, the yakis were screaming about the waste to the civilian population. “Zvidusil,” wrote Tsarev Mazepa, “I will wipe away skargs for svavillia rossiyskih viiisk.” Navigate the hetman, becoming threatened, if you send a vote about the tsar’s reign of the deputy head of the alien general Chi rossiysky nobleman.

Dissatisfied with what she had done, she smashed Mazepa shukati his patron saint, Bulo pov'yazane v nourishing the graveyard of Ukraine. If the Polish ally of Charles XII Stanislav Leshchinsky, having become a victim of an attack on Ukraine, Mazepa turned around after helping to Peter 1. Tsar, the Swedes are on the verge of attack, vіdpovіv: “I can’t date ten people; struggling like that. ” Tse bulo for the hetman by the remaining stain. Petro 1, having destroyed the goiters, was obliged to defend Ukraine against independent Poles, it was the basis for pleasing 1654 p., And the Ukrainian hetman ceased to respect the goiters, taking care of the tsar’s princes. July 28, 1708 p., If Charles XII, kotri ishov to Moscow, turning to Ukraine, Mazepa, in order to secure the relaxation of his own land, re-entry to bik swedish. Behind him came close Z yew. kozakіv and pro_dnih members_starshini. Worry, for some Ukrainian people came to Karl, the boules were established at the pact, the written spring of the day. For the redemption of the Vіiskovo help and the provision of Karl, having endured the seizure of Ukraine, the three-thirds are being signed to the world with the tsar right up to the second edition of the rule of Moscow that is the old rights of Moscow.

Petro 1 wonders about the "great New Mazepi’s great feasts." Through the day, after transferring Mazepi to the Swedes to the Hetman’s capital, Baturin, attacking the commander-in-chief of Russia’s princes Menshikov and virizav usih residents: 6 thousand. cholovik, women and children. A sound about the massacre in Baturyn Terror, which was distributed in Ukraine to Russia, the best possible deal for the most famous people in the years before Mazepi, made plans for a better potential getman. Tim hour Petro 1 punishing the elders, who didn’t follow Mazepa, convert a new hetman, II leaf fall 1708 p. becoming Ivan Skoropadsky. The fearful butt of Baturin, the horror of the Russian rooted in the middle of Ukraine, the Protestant Swedes swallowed a warning about them. The great part of the Ukrainian population is not that big of a desire for Maztepu. Vaughn won’t have a little bump, so I’ll develop. It’s not marvelous, but a single significant group of the Ukrainian population, but I still became a hetman, boulevards of Zaporozhye. Although they often stinked with him for busting the elders, they all respected Mazepa with a lesser evil, torn apart by the king. But Ale for the price of the stench of Mali, you pay dearly. Equals 1709 p. Rosiiiski vіyska zruynuvali Sіch , and the tsar saw a post_yino diyyuchy order to stravuvat on mіstsі skin pіymanogo Zaporozhtsya.

In the fall, in the winter of spring 1708-1709 pp. vіyskі si supernikіv maneuvered, pragnuchi know for yourself strategically vigіdnі positsії that will enlist the pіdtrimkoy Ukrainian population. Nareshti 28 of a worm 1709 p. The battle of Poltava is one of the most important battles in Europe history. A rebuilder for Nii Viishov Petro 1, whose plans failed to succeed. Russia has now secured control over the Uzbek coasts of the Baltic Sea and has begun to rebuild at the power of the European power. Shchodo Ukrainians, then the battle left the end of the world’s magnetized vision of Russia. Now the remainder of the Hetmanshchin’s meal of the Russian Empire’s Bulletin’s meal is currently consumed. I just, Petro 1 vvazavv English English resentment of the Irish third-party model for the good of our nation in Ukraine.

Wikayuchi pozlya striking in the form of re-reading of the Russian Kinnoti. Mazepa and Charles XII knew the sidewalk near Moldova, which belonged to Turechchy. Here, bіla metro Bendery, 21 spring 1709 p . driven by grief 70-іchny Mazepa died.

Pilip Orlik (1710-1742) . Nearly Mazepa to Bender, there were about 5 0 senior representatives of elders, more than 500 goats from Getman and 4 ponad. Zaporizhzhya. The word “mazepintsi”, which is what historians call an hour, was blown away by the first Ukrainian political emigration. At 1710 p. they stink the hetman from Vignan Pilip Orlik, who, under Mazepi Buv, is the general clerk. Take advantage of winning your own credit, Orlik Warehouse, the draft constitution (“Rasia e sophiiiiiiopeh”) - this is the name of the Bender’s constitution. It’s her winnings, having embarrassed the hetman’s prerogative, changing social exploitation, preserving the special status of the Zaporizhzhya and fighting for the political church of Ukraine and Russia, in Ukraine. For pidtrimki Charles XII Orlik joined the Union of Krimsk Tatars and the Ottoman Port on the cob 1711 p. rozpochinaє spіlnii pochіd zaporozhtsіv i Tatars prot rosіyan in Ukraine. Pislya kіlkoh rivulyayuschikh successes that all failed to fail. By the stretch of offensive rockets, Orlik iz a small group of holiday-makers go through one of the European capitals to the center in jokes for making a reference to their help. Hetman’s Wrestling-Resht on Vignanne was internationalized in Ottoman Empire. Protein won’t kick the bombardment of the French, Polish, Swedish and Turkish political dances with manifestos about the shortage of Ukraine and at once with the blue Grigory plan of crocery, hidden on the link to the Moscow meeting.