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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Cyril-Methodius Partnership

Z birch 1847 p. student of Kyiv University Oleksiy Petrov donіs to the tsarist authorities about the partnership, like vin vipadkovo viyaviv. Police at once recognized the members of the group and delivered them to St. Petersburg. As a result of complementary power, the authorities learned about the establishment of the Cyril-Methodius Partnership - the first in Ukraine organization of direct political recognition.

It was not out of place that it was obvious that the authorities had been afraid of the appearance of the manifestation of a wide p_dpіlnogo ruhu boulevard. The partnership was formed of only three dozen active members and several ten spivchuvayuchih. The group consisted of young representatives of Ukrainian intellectuals at the group with Mykola Kostomarovim (charmed by the historian and the laureate to the university), the spokesman Vasil Bilozersky (the leader of the nobility) and Mikoła Gulakimni (official). I want two more intelligents - vikladach gimnazii and the writer Panteleimon Kulish, and Taras Shevchenko sings even the good of knowledge - they didn’t even dare to communicate with the partnership for the first time, they also started talking. The partnership was not too small in numbers, and we would confer with our dyalnosti. With a stretch of about 14 months, the “brother” was scrambling for trivial and philosophical discus- sion discussions (only one hour, one of them was accompanied by Petrov’s donor) and we made a number of arrangements.

The most important provisions, formulated by Kostomarov, were avenged by the creator under the title “God's Law ( Butt ’s Book of the Ukrainian People)” . Writings in dusi romanticism and idealism of that hour, singing shanuvannyam of Christian values ​​and panslov'yansky elements, tsev TV, scho know the strong influx of Polish models, having called up to awaken the suspension of justice, pardon them. In the middle of pronouncing specific visits to boulevards, there is a need to get legal advice, legal advice is available between camps, accessibility for mass. The national food, which, for the sake of obviousness, turned the respect of comradeship into the most widespread sense, placed it in a wide context of pan-Slavism: “All the words of the people of Russia may have the right to freely develop their own culture, but it’s important to respect the same thing, є in the United States. " The capital of the Federal Republic of Kyiv, Kyiv.

First-hand, the goal of the federal federation was scattered by Ukraine, Yakost Kostomarov and one odnomodtsi respected the water time and the most appreciated, the most economical and average words of the English suspensions - through all the knowledge.

In detail before Christ, Sunday the price of the land was described in a pseudo-biblical style: “I have arisen Ukraine. But then it’s more and more helpless ... more the voice of Ukraine is not dumb. In Ukraine, Ukraine with its dominion and the call of brother-words'yan; having felt a response, rebel all the words ... I’ll become Ukraine with an independent republic at the words of the Union. Today, all people need to take the trouble, de map Ukraine, and indicate: “To be amazed, to see the stone by becoming the stone of the day”. Also, the messenger’s bachenna of Maybuty Ukraine, within the framework of the federal desire, was spiraling over the picture of the past, but it included the idea of ​​the independence of the world. Most of the members of the partnership are rewarded, for the vignette of Shevchenko and others, they summed up with the health of their “myakies” and “poetic” partners, without any doubts.

Pogodzhuyuschysya shchodo zagalnyh ambushes, participants in the group, however, dispersed in food about those who respect the music and the nigolovnim. For Kostomarov, tsuli єdnіst і fraternity of words'yan; Shevchenko palked in the social and national nationalities of Ukraine, and Kulish nudged on the important development of the Ukrainian culture. Most of them hung out for the European methods, cooperate with others, propaganda and a “moral butt”, a kind of stench to suppress the authorities, - because of this, find the place for the delivered meta. On the side of them, Shevchenko and Gulak represented the Duma of the Menshosti, which, with such a whip of the Revolution, can be created by the Bazan’s men. We are not in a position to relocate. The members of the partnership recklessly renewed their ideas and ideals, especially, reduce the social and economic, cultural and political share of Ukraine.

Take into account the apparently innocent nature of the partnership of the royal authorities violated the punishment of their last members. When tsoyu suvorіst repentance of the bull is not the same. Kostomarov, Kulіsh and іnshі pіmіrkovіnі dіstali іnvіrіnny lungs іroki, sho transferred the desire to increase the budget of Russia і і rіk і less or less, і і і і і іm іt іt іmgіd іmvіdіvіvіvayu advance employment. Gulak condemned to trihok rock uv'yaznennya. That sheis was blamed by Shevchenko, in a certain tsar of the second official, they instigated a non-secure participant in the partnership. Yogo was seen by a soldier at 10 rokіv. Mikola 1 himself added to the viroku taka: "... under the strictest supervision and prohibition to write and draw . " The physical and moral torment of all desires caused the death of Shevchenko in 1861 p.

The value of the Cyril-Methodius Partnership is more important than the name of the city. Wono showed himself the first, wanting, not wanting, to try the intellectuals to go from cultural to political development of national development; he won the respect of the Tsar’s order out of the way (even though he wanted to draw a map of Ukrainian citizenship against Polish cultural influences in Ukraine), he’ll have the potential to grow up with Ukrainian national bridges; partnership liquidation gave a signal before the onset of anti-Ukrainian policy and marked the cob of good fight against the Ukrainian intellect with the Russian kingdom.