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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Since there are two curves — for food and propositions — to put one on top of the other in the same coordinate system, then the graphical model of a penny market is obsessively completed. I have a preference and a proposal to be given to each other and to see the result of the interchange: the level of interest and the rate of the equal interest rate, which is different (Fig. 3.8).

Graphical model of the pennies market

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Curves in favor (MD) and position (М1) are shifted to point A, and there are adequate mass of pennies in circulation worth 4.0 billion UAH. that rate of income (nominal interest) on the income is 8%. That means that in order to save money, you have to pay your mothers $ 4. bln. Worth of money, and the bank system can protect you from the loss of money for the whole day. For prices, think the interest rate (interest on income) is stable at 8%. If you want to satisfy the needs of both parties to the market: buy it, you can form a small supply of pennies, you need 4.0 billion hryvnias, you need to have a little more money for them, and sellers need to buy it interest rate.

For such an interest rate, the interest rate is not important. It is permissible that, as a rule, by removing the order in the current situation, set the interest rate at an equal 6%, that is, the lower interest rate. Reacting for the sake of winter, if the alternative alternatives to losing the pennies and growing the pennies are reduced - the point is popped to curve right to the position A1 (while the point of proposition is replaced in the front position A). Zbilshennya will eat for pennies to show off in a fully-fledged economy sub-sites to the banks of the highest grocery poems. Prote banks can’t get into trouble with this Vimog, the fragments of their reserves were surrendered without a trace. Surround the banks to try to buy additional reserves for the interbank market, and the interbank banks compete to compete for resources. The layered commission will increase the interest rate of the subsidiaries, and the docks will not be able to reach the front (equal) level. Ale in the world of the closest bet to the whole riviera of growth is alternative to the pennies ’and I will quickly drink pennies. Yak tilki the rate is reachable 8%, all pre-tax drink on the penny and all indicators to take the most important position: drink and offer - 4 billion UAH, interest rate - 8%.

It is possible to destroy the rynovagu market in the “trouble” way in the other way - to get the most of the pennies until the new ryvnya drink. For the whole, the central bank is guilty of saving reserves of commercial banks, having bought from them a full number of valuable folders and refinancing. For rahunok dodatkovyh reserves reserves were pleased b dodatkovy drink for pennies, and rivnova vіdnovilsya bi. Ale rіven її LUVs bi zovsіm іnshim - obsyag groshovoї Masi zroste to 5 million USD interest rate and znizitsya to 6.%. Prote such trivia can be negative motherboards for real economy, in front of commodity markets, it’s very easy to drink.

The defeat of rivovagi on a penny market can be considered by officials as well, as if they were on a proposition of pennies and on a pennant for pennies. In these rides of the rivovag, you can see the tilka on the lower rivals as much as so much money.

Spill on the market at the propositional pennies. It is permissible, for example, to think of the importance of the penny market at point A, which is 8% of the nominal interest and 4.0 billion UAH. pennies, Central Bank for the Adoption of Proposals for pennies up to UAH 5.0 billion. The actual rate of multiplier deposits is becoming 2.0. For the price, think to the central bank it is worth buying UAH 0.5 billion from commercial banks for valuable goods, so that you can buy a large amount of pennies (proposition) for UAH 1.0 billion, to get to the planned time. The inheritance of pre-positioned pennies of crooked M1 on the graphical model can be shifted to the right to a point that is adequate to 5.0 billion UAH. (Fig. 3.9).

Spill on rink zmіn popita and propositsії pennies

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In case of constant consumption on a penny, the point of overflowing the curves of consumption and positioning is to go down to the right along the MD curve at position A1 to indicate the new level of interest on the penny market: the interest rate will go down to 6%, the weight of pennies will be reduced to 5.0. Only for this parameter the situation of the penniless market is stable and new is the position and position at point A1.

What specific processes in real life did you need to pay in the penny model?

Having held up reserve reserves, the sale of the central bank of UAH 0.5 billion worth to the central bank, commercial banks want to have the right to hold their current assets and save money at a sign-up for a medium-sized bank account. Dodatkov’s offer of resources is lower than the interest rate on the whole market, and by the year it is the interest rate on all bank pointers. Lower interest rates, like lower rates of alternative wartosts of sowing pennies in economical sub-sites, for those whose reason is that they pay attention to pennies, which means that you need to show up for a little catch. I will stink of growth at once due to lower interest rates of subsidiaries, docks will not be drunk before a new level of propositional pennies, which is 5.0 billion UAH. At the same time, there is a supply and a position, and the interest rate is stable at 6%.

The Central Bank may accept a decision about changing the proposition of pennies on an equally important market, so that you can make up a macro-economic agreement. This can be achieved by selling the valuable folders on a safe market, which will lead to a shortage of excess reserves in commercial banks and a change in their ability to press on the cards for their customers. At times I save money for pennies, and later on for bank loans, on the first loan, quick loan resources in the bank, I’ll bring up the shortened bank credit, change it to pay interest. Competition among economical sub-accounts for bank pointers to give the whole process of a trivial character, leave the percentage not within the reach of a new equal importance, adequate to the new obeditas to eat and offer, so that we can pass around in advance. The curve of the position is visible, and the point of regularity is the increase and upward curve and loan A position (div. Fig. 3.9).

Spill on the market for food at a penny. On vidmina vid propositsii drank on pennies we can’t vouch for bazhennyam banking system. For the whole, it’s necessary that the person at the real economy save on the necessary changes of mind and officials. One of these officials may be more interested in GNP and national income. At the end, inappropriately inapparently drunkenness is drunk on pennies, in order to meet the need for trans-stock reserves. In graphical models, appearing in large, crooked populations from the position of the MD in the position of M1D1 (div. Fig. 3.9).

For invariably pennies, the point is the bridging of the curves and the position and position (the point of revival) to move upward at position A2 (div. Fig. 3.9). It means that rvnovaga is more than enough to eat and offer, with a mass of pennies in circulation 4.0 billion UAH. Nastane for interest rates of 10%.

In the real world, we’ll have a chance to receive more economic sub-accounts for banknotes. To give such a sign to banks, you will need to reserve money, and I’m sure to drink on resources at the bank’s market. You can’t stop the banks from getting rid of the rest of the demand for resources in this way, because the proposition of pennies is overwhelmingly overwhelmed - 4.0 billion UAH. Among banks, there is a need to compete for resources, to determine the reason for the increase in interest rates on the interbank market, and most of them for the lowest interest rates. In the world, the percentage of growth of zrostatima is alternative to the varieties of zbirgania of pennies, and in the economical sub-sectors, the accumulation of pennies is changed, and after that, you can get more poems. With an interest rate of 10% reached, the economy of sub-sectors in the year to come is stable, keep the pennies stable and see the price of the penny, however, for the significantly higher percentage of the penny.

It’s sounding that you can appear as a factor, to make up for the low price. Here you can take a look at all the processes (drink some poems, reserve form, interest rate), they will be launched, ala in a straightforward way. Rivnovaga on a groshny market to be updated on the lower rivny. The line will go to the model market to go down and the point of line to go down the AZ point along the line of pennies.

In real life, you can have a big bagato and the last choice of food and offer pennies and big points of the model market. In the case of a significant increase in interest rates, the interest rate mechanism is equal to the supply and the offer, and the leather new interest rate is the premium for the supply and loss of interest. For the first time, I’ll look at the percentage of interest in the same market forces, which in the market of goods, let me see the percentage of pennies, and form on the penny market.