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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Understanding the propositions of pennies. The proposition of pennies is a friend of the force, which, in exchange for drink, is the visitor to the pennies for a penny market. Yak і drank on pennies, the proposition ix є we see surplus. The essence of the proposition of pennies of the pole lies in the fact that, at any moment, to save up your own orderly penny stock of pennies, you can stink out of the way for tidy furnishings.

On the territory of a near-economical sub-sector, the proposition of pennies is shared with a penny on an alternative. Mostly, the actual stock of pennies of a close-up indivisible indigestion is drunk on pennies, and it is possible to grow up a part of your stock of pennies for market before selling alternative pennies. First, when re-drinking over an apparent supply of indivisible purchases of goods to the market, they will drink it in any other way. For this reason, the whole proposition and drinking is constantly bothering - with the growth of the percentage percent, the economical sub-account is acceptable for the market with the proposition of pennies, and if the price is lower, it is consumed with pennies.

On the macroeconomic level of proposition of pennies, they form one another. To get involved, right now, all economic sub-projects can not immediately be able to get into the groins market more than the appearance of their apparent stock of pennies. Tobto is actually a mass of pennies in circulation є a natural boundary between propositions of pennies. Niyakі stimulating factors, for example an increase in interest, can not be greater than the proposition of pennies between the two. As a matter of fact, there is a need to offer a small offer, which can be used to grow penniless food, so you can only earn money with a penny in circulation. In addition to being a penny for pennies, one can see how the pennies of propositional pennies grow on a pennies market, and if the pennies are in circulation, they are like a pennant for proposing pennies.

During the present year, the pennies of the official representative of the proposition of pennies impose the remaining nature of the exogenous manifestation, the importance of which is not to be understood as internal processes due to the motivation of the individual bankruptcies, but to Settle on the exogenous propositions of pennies, surround the author to try and verify the pennies of pennies of the pennies, give me an independent sign. I’ll close the bill by tearing out two warehouses of a penny market - consumerism and propositions, by the third of the active relations between the propositions of pennies, and the transition to the positions of subnational activism and voluntarism in pennant loans.

I say goodbye to wikladen, it’s important to correctly identify the right proposition and pay the price of two warehouses of a penny market: one of them is the first one, and the second one. Without the right amount of food, it is unfeasible to correctly identify the actual interposition of pennies, and later on the pennies.

Oskilki have two strengths of a penny market to drink on a penny ahead of time for a wide range of official bureaucrats, generally shaped sectors of the real economy are formed, and the proposition of pennies is very important, so that you can be sure to buy it. Remaining guilty of one's own dynamically posting and inviting oneself to a meal for a pittance. Tiles for the cost of thinking add a sub-active factor to the situation of the penny market will be minimized, and the key keys and indicator (the mass of pennies, the percentage of interest, the risk of indefinitely) will be completely non-existent.

Ozhe, важ pіdstavi respect, scho tі officials, yakі znachenyut zmіnu poopit for pennies, at kintsevuyu pidtsumku znachenyut mezhi zmіni propozitsіі penny. I want to know that there are official representatives, who recognize the oath of the propositional pennies, don’t take money for pennies, and I’m curving my hats to the free will at the monetary policy. Adju be-yakі emіsіyіnі vlivannya (zbіlshennya propositional pennies) can be more right and necessary financial security for singing "guests" consume suspension, voluntary investment, donate money. If you want to use the turnover itself, then you’ll drink for pennies, be aware of the stability and stability of pennies.

Form of propositional pennies and officials. During my life, I drink on a penny about an effective boundary for proposing pennies, and on my own proposition is a result of bankruptcy, we can increase hostility, which will upset the monetary policy of the banknote. Proteus is still on top, more hostilely hostile. Behind him, shouting is a superficially folding process of increasing the number of pennies (penniless propositions), at the same time, the price of the central bank is more pronounced, there is a significant number of older officials, which can be derogated more often than not. In addition, the leather one can be seen as a self-sufficient factor in the oath of the proposition of pennies.

Shchob pardon the analysis of this official, written down the proposition of pennies in the foreclosure such a formula:

M = mMb,

de M1 - a proposition of pennies at the forefront of a ready-made pose by banks and deposit on flowing rachunas;

m - coefficient of penny-credit multiplier;

Mb - a groshova base.

Zmіna propositional pennies (M1) can be but Wiklikana digny official, so as to pour on the oath of the penny base and on the multiplier multiplier.

Oskіlki groshova base (Mb) we change the control over the central bank, then the oath can be taken away from the singing operations of the entire bank - the operation is in the open market, refinancing of commercial banks, currency. Make sure to stay behind yogic solutions, that’s the place where the pennies are presented to the rosaries, the ones that are adequate to the pennies, the центрального function of the central bank.

The time of the multiplier multiplier is not only the decision of the central bank, but the first officials, who can irrespective of their will, and can independently add the pennies to the oath. These officials can be buti serpents:

- norms obov'yazkovyh reserves;

- regional rates;

- typical market interest rate;

- interest rate for deposits before meals;

- the oath of the bagatism of economical sub'єktіv;

- Тінізації підприємницької діляності;

- I’m going to become a banker, banker.

Let’s take a look at the mechanism of infusion of cutaneous factors with the proposition of pennies.

Zmіna normy obov'yazkovogo reserve wiklikє protylezhna for direct zmіnu kofofitsієnta (m) multiplicative groshovy masi, oskilki vin to be recognized for the formula t = 1 / r, de r - normal

ma obov'yazkovogo reserve. That is, the lower norm (r), the second one will be a certain multiplier, and the larger the obedience of the penny, which is in large quantities.

Зміна облікової rates of infusionє on a groshova base. At higher regional rates, commercially viable banks will be redeemed for refinance loans, in addition to which there will be a change in cash surpluses on the central bank, a large base can be saved, and a larger reserve can be saved.

Instead of the typical interest rate, they will absorb the losses of the pennies on the banks. On the other hand, with an increased interest rate for pointers and areas with commercial banks, you can expand your opportunities for refinancing rates when you have increased regional rates, you can expand your reserve base, banks are available. Water time at this situation can be drunk on banknote pointers, excess reserve reserves and quick multiplication of deposit pennies.

You can bring up a lot of bahamatism until winter, save the deposit and the ready storage of grocery masks: buy the bills, save a portion of your money, we’ll cut them in the form. Ale oskilki depository warehouse zumovlyuє multiplicative processes, and Gotіvkova - nі, then winter іh spіvvіdnoshennya bring to zmіini zagіnnogo oath the proposition of pennies. So, in case of growing baggage, the deposit warehouse of the groshovo masi zrosta is shorter than that of Gotivkova, so it’s possible to reinforce the multiplication effect and to keep the proposition of pennies. Changing the matimah’s bagatelism is a lasting drain on the proposition of pennies.

Tinіzatsіya pіdpriєmnitsky dіyalnostі zumovlyu м zmіnu structures of groshovy stocks on a gorivka of a gotivka. Allow me to relax multi-payable deposits, how much money to get from bank circulation and not to get more credit for the loan. Fall of the season the multiplier change of the position of pennies The deposit form is much larger, the lower is the growth of the mass. That’s why the penny of proposition is irrelevant in the world of growing economy.

Low stan daviri to bank, bank pan tezh negatively absorb on the process of multiplicative money deposit, more to cause the sale of pennies by deposit money to stream. Zbіlshennya Gotіvkovo warehousing pennies aren’t compensating for the three times the depositary warehouse, scraps through the multiplicative stink effect can significantly redefine the sum of Got_vkovyh viluchen.

In the minds, there are a lot of gaps to the banks, the number of multiples can be reduced, because banks need more money and more money, and more time, more money and more.

From now on, the penitentiary oath of the propositional pennies is proportional to falling banknotes, and in the period of banknotes there is also a rapid rate of avalanche, which makes it possible to paralyze the entire payment system of the country.

Growth of interest rates on deposits until the supply has been acquired by banks to receive money for reckoned deposits and expanded process of multiplicative deposits, unlimited deposits of pennies. In principle, for deposits before the supply, banks may not have to pay interest income, if they are short, they will bring insignificant income to banks. Proteus bankas practice has increased the profitability of income and for such deposits, for which special deposit rachunks like sci-racks, super-sa-rachunks, and rakhunas with automatic “cleaned up” are skinny.

Zmіnu propositional pennies through the collection of multiple multiplications can be added to the official bills, seasonal seasonal consumption consume the population in Gotіvtsі, which can lead to a reduction in multiplier deposits and lower reduction. I have a great deal of opportunity to pay extra reserves in advance of the seasonal season, which will be the best way to save money in order to protect your personal needs.

Analysis of the factors I’m excited about the proposition of the pennies is that the remaining oversight of the propositional pennies is formed by the Cotirioh group of sub-accounts: the central bank, commercial banks, as well as bank depositors and those depositors. To manage the proposition of pennies to complete folding zavdannyam. Shchob to bring a proposition of pennies to planes riven, not to finish v_dpovidno v_dregulyuvat groshovu base. For what is required

Please note that there’s a multiplicative deposit with the right amount of money.

Graphic image of propositional pennies. Oscillations of penniless proposition are most likely to form in front of the bank system, graphically depicting crooked propositions in the coordinate system when the tactful credit and credit policies are deposited. As a tactful tact of the policy ц pidtrimannya on an invariably equal number of pennies in circulation at a substantial Russian interest rate, then the curve of the proposition of pennies is such a matrimony (Fig. 3.5).

Crooked penny

small twenty

The line is straight vertical, drawn from point 4.0, to talk about those that actually have a proposition of pennies put up for 4.0 billion hryvnias. і bankіvska system planє pіdtrimuvatі її on tomu rivnі іnzalenno vіd zmіni interest rates. As a matter of fact, the decision will be taken for quiet minds that there is a proposition of pennies up to UAH 5.0 billion, then the curve of proposition can be shifted to the right to a point that is adequate to UAH 5.0 billion, or to be left at a vertical position, which means that the interest rate is independent .

It’s almost a penny-credit policy vis-à-vis for tactful utilization at an unchanged even interest rate when there is a large Russian penny, then there is a curve of proposition for such a sight (Fig. 3.6).

penny crooked

small 21

The horizontal line М1 was drawn from point 8, say about those that have a penny position (point A), you must be right to put right to the horizontal line М1 (always see the right for pennies) so you can put the percentage to 8. As long as the monetary policy is set, the interest rate will be set at 10%, then the line of pennies will move up at point 10, but the horizontal position is more carefully.

Amount of propositional pennies (point A) on both sides of the road at a time that is convenient for uprising the interest rate on invariable interest (8% 10%), the central bank can protect you by selling green paper for your purchase (please note) zbilshitsya).

The curve of the proposition of pennies can be filled in on the look of a tidy line, the most pennant-credit policy is the transfer of more than one penny, less by the way, less than that for saving a stable percentage of interest. In such a case, you immediately notice the amount of pennies, the rate of interest, and the rate of propositional pennies of the loan position, shown in Fig. 3.7.

The vibrancy of tactful value of a penny-credit policy and of a different crooked proposition of pennies to lie in the form of a specific economical situation in the country and those quiet officials, which have increased the amount of pay for grocery

Crooked penny

small 22

shі, vіdpovіdno to yako bankіvska system is guilty of vidkoriguvati proposition of pennies. If, for example, growing up a penny for money is worthless, then, so that you can’t get the money out of the process, you can completely redeem the money for pennies, I want to make sure that I’ve become better at it. A whole set of crooked propositions of dimes is definitely set vertically (Fig. 3.6). Yakshcho drank a penny to reduce food, for example, accelerating the gross of pennies and the convenience of convenient technology of pennies, so that you can save real money and save money. The price of situation is horizontal, the curve of propositional pennies (div. Fig. 3.6).

To understand more clearly the mechanism of this zv'yazkіv is possible on the latest graphical model of a penny market, including including a curve for food and a curve for proposing pennies.