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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Commercial banks of various types and forms of moisture are managed by public partnerships and partnerships with separated business laws of Ukraine, banks, banks, banks legislative acts of Ukraine. The Bank is entrenched in establishing the legal status of a legal person from the moment of the first registration in the National Bank of Ukraine. It’s possible for the fellow-members to be able to meet the needs of foreigners and those who have lost their organs, political and professional organizations, groups, parties, and more. It is impossible for the bank to take part in the participation of civil servants in the court, prosecutor's offices, state security agencies, internal authorities, state security, as well as civil servants and state authorities.

Allowed for direct consolidation to the administrative power of the bank to the bank on the side of the district of the category of the most important places, as well as the prohibition of the official services of the state.

The Statutory Fund of the newly launched commercial bank is able to form only for a share of high-esteemed money, it’s a good idea for money, and there’s more money for more money for getting more budget and more money for the bank. The rozmir of the statutory fund is considered to be the clerks of the bank, but we cannot be less than the normative vimogs of the NBU. Please note that those who want to protect your songwriting ability and the bank and their ability to get their own goiters. For all of these provisions, we’ll adopt the 31st of 1998 p., The minimum amount of the statutory fund of the commercial bank, which has been set aside for the share of the national capital, is responsible for the total amount of 1 million.

As a matter of fact, the bank is consolidating in the form of joint venture (in full investment) and the share of foreign capital in the statutory fund is becoming 50% or more, then the rate of up to the minimum increase is 5 times higher, and the cost is 100% higher. Vimy vimogi to the minimum amount of statutory capital of newly created banks with a share of foreign capital in need of more and more bank guarantees for non-resident banks, as well as in Europe. A portion of a skin clerk (participant) in a statutory fund cannot be re-granted 35%.

For the registration authority governing a commercial bank submission to the regional administration (RU) NBU a package of necessary documents. But before tsyogo, it’s necessary to take a singing bag of pennies and Akumulyuvati Ії for a time-consuming rahun in the NBU. For the sake of wisdom, due to a contractual agreement, we can’t take a look at the minimum number of NBU wimogs. The NBU RU has a look at the package of registration documents on the establishment of a commercial bank and is issued with a new ticket to the central unit of the NBU, but they can easily see the latest structural documents. The remaining solution about the possibility of opening a commercial bank with a national capital is the acceptance of food and drink at a glance and regular banking, and the bank with the share of foreign capital is the NBU Regulation.

Organizing a commercial bank, except for registration, transferring a licensed bank dyalnost. There is no doubt in the above of official permission for the performance of singing bank operations. Цей dialed typeє NBU. Licensed health by admitting to the market the banking services of Ukraine of commercial banks, understand the requirements of certain types of banks and establish the NBU to ensure that they are safe and not to threaten the interest of the public. In case of licensed insurance, an oath to capital bank is required, a financial institution, additional standards of regulation of bank banking, professional accounting, independent banking, and financial banking. NBU typeє banks with a license for health are low in operations with profit, profit, active, passive, operations with currency values ​​and that.

Organizational structure and management of a commercial bank shall be designated as functional customers and services of such bodies. The bank’s governing body is ищ zagalni zbori aktsіonerіv (participant), as well as the most strategic strategy of entering into the second year of business. The third-party authority to the bank will realize its functions and functions without delay through the employees and control organizations, as a result of which. The shareholder of the joint-stock bank є rules, and of the share-management body. The robot is corrected by the head, and the director-general director, like picking one’s name is indicated by the statute of the bank. Control over the official rule (directorate) of the bank health insurance committee and warehouse, as well as the hardening of the public fence of participants (participants). For the meeting of the shareholders (participants), a special body is to work with the method of the secret service of the robot bank and the control of the work of the government and the revision committee. Such a body is ост glad to be glad, as a grave є interest ц interest at the interruption of the observatory zborіv. Rada virіshuє strategichnі zavdannya management and development of the bank.

Organizational structure of a commercial bank, including functional services and other services, leather and other operational rights and obligations. The main criterion for organizing an incentive is to give the bank an economical service and an oath of operations, such as a win-win. Departments, managements, vіddіli are formed vіdpovіdno to klassifіkatsіі okremikh bankіvskih operations ао іхніх group for functional designations. That’s why the specificity and name of the particular commercial banks may be different. Great banks may have a singing measure filing and managing and managing organizations managing them (directorate). In Ukraine, before such banks, as in the central unit, there are separate functional departments, I have a wide range of official and territorial directorates, including Prominvestbank, AKB Ukraina, Oschadbank, Ukrsotsbank bank.

The yak is already at pidrozdіlі 12.1, the commercial banks are being bought universal and special. Naybilsh with wider specialized banks є Saving, investment and mortgage.

Saving banks in the country with a widespread economic economy - as a rule, establish a small credit, and function in the regional area (at the land, land, state). The activity of the local banks, as a rule, is controlled by the state, as in the special government, the guarantor of their operations. The main client is the bank в population. Contribute to the population to learn more about investment, investment and investment. Razmіshchennya koshtіv zdіisnyuєtsya at the form nadannya living, mortgage, blank (nezabez-liver) loans, purchases and shares. Oshchadnі banks widely lend to the population for the help of credit cards.

In Ukraine, specialization services bank for servicing the population - Oschadbank. Vіn ma форму the dominant form of power and cyim guarantee to the population of their contributions. Due to various reasons, the main reason for which is low pay for population, active operations, Oschadbank has more than enough direct access to credit for people. Good credit is weak, the loan is about a good credit, it is broken with banks of the Czech Republic, loan exchanges.

Investment banks, health, mobilization, pre-postal deposit capitals, and the promotion of structures and powers. By means of mechanics, kostіv klіntіv є emіsіya і rozmіshchennya oblіgatsіy that іshshih species of goiter'yazan (certificates, bills). Investment banks to finance the consumption of consumers, learn to learn, identify the lines for the opening and seeing the most valuable places in the world, the average price and the average price. Investment banks do not have to buy middle-term functions among those who are investors and investors, but they sell large packages of shares for regional ownership, give credit to purchasers of valuable folders. Legislation bagatokh krai vidnosit such banks to non-bank financial and credit institutions.

Mortgage banks specialize on the type of pre-holiday signposts on the outpost of the non-bridge - land and city bills. Resources of mortgage banks є power accumulation and mortgage regional banks.

In Ukraine, the classical investment and mortgage banks are still dumb. The reasons for such a situation are the lack of market and land, as well as the interconnection of pre-term capital, one of the reasons for the instability of national currency.