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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


The cobs of the bank dyalnosti syagayut hours of the Old-time Babylon, if the temples took contributions to zberiganny and saw pozichki pid percent, earplugs at klintiv letters of zobov'yazannya chi zastu. Analogous operations, as well as penniless rosaries, were priests and temples at the Old Greek, temples and meals, and at Old Rome, the menorsaries. During the fall of the Roman Empire, the ears of the bank handicraft got stuck. Rosybotok virochnitsva і trading from the middle of the vіki prizіv to vіdrodzhennya bankіvnitsva. At 1171 p. Buv Banks Venetsії Banks, and at XIV-XV Art. bankers later boules by force of suspension. In bagatokh kraїnakh иvropi banks winnies zaddyaki development of trade. The stinks were being swayed by merchants for zbirgannya groshy і zdіysnennya rozrahunkіv. At the bottom of the bank bank on the right there is an intensive transfer and more convenient. Repeated pennies in bank operations are progressively registered with trade receipts, records on rachunas. From the roster, imennyh1 bills of banknote, banknote, broadened security checks, practice of bezgotovyh rozrahunkіv, scho to bring up the bank "fat bank". Lending a significant amount of money to private banks in the hands of bankers.

With a fierce postal service for an active izoskolnenny bankіvskogo business, becoming a development of capitalistic virobnitsva. Fatherland of classical capitalism, like home, є England, the very same people there found it nasty to get together the basics and the principle of bank reference in the presently rozumіnnі. We run a great action bank, a bank that has widespread commercial outrage, a bank of England, followed by a number of banks.

It’s clear that we’re new at the stage of developing bank operations, having changed over to bank notes, having to transfer money to banknotes, borrowed money from banknotes, and to credit for a bundled banknote. Prioritize me in the middle of payments and credit. Sharpened are the most favorable operations - the acquisition, the acquisition of large assets in the population, the sale, the sale, the expansion of active operations, and the increase in the number of retail transactions (large). Vlasniy kapital bank v vracha є primary function of active operations and servants of the fund, a kind of guarantor ди contributions to the bank ’and install payment bank establish.

Immediately with the development of functions and banks themselves, they are especially capitalistic enterprises. At the XVII century. Banks are registered in the form of joint-stock partnerships, and, for example, in the 19th century in more capitalist countries, joint-stock banks will take over the current positions. In the first place, concentration of banks became stronger at industrial enterprises. She won the slut of the intensive growth of the great banks, the united banks, as well as the banning of some bankers. On the cob of XX century. Most banks in the country have been granted credit card positions, hundreds of banks have been registered, and there are several small and medium monopolies. I at a time in the country with a widespread market economy and concentration of banks in the temperament.

In the minds of ordinary people, the banks of foreign countries have an important role to play in the financial powers, and the regional power positions. At deyakoy territories (France, Italy and India), the state of Volodia has specialized commercial banks. If there is a clear form of sovereign regulation of the banking system, the single power should take upon itself the guarantee of the bank deposits and the deposit. 70-80 rocky XX century nabula shvidkogo rozvitku mіzhnarodna dіalnіst great banks The order of the minority corporations in the promises and the lower galleys was manifested in the national bank monopolies, since it was over the border between the borders of the base. Such banks may be called transnational (TNB). The duty of the National Bank of Ukraine is small in form, which are recognized as national traditions, and the legislation is skinny. Vinayayut as well as bagatonatsіionalnіy ugrupovannya, to some extent enter the great banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, so that consortiums approve. With a concentration of banks, a tendency has been linked to universal unification - expansion by the great banks of stake operations. Universalization will follow in the process of special banking. Offend the trend by modifying. There are a number of specialty banks that are invested, profitable, open-minded, highly-profitable, mortgage-free.

Banks are important in their role in suspension. It’s stinky to secure the transfer of the penniless capital from the spheres of accumulation to the sphere of Victorian. Heads of banks with the mechanism of distribution and redevelopment of the spheres and galleries of virobnitz. Banks should save on the cost of saving vitamins and rationalization of all processes and goods, capitalizing on them, and taking into account the growing concentration of capital and capital. Through banks, mobilize large capital, necessary for investment, expanded distribution. The role of the bank in the minds in the minds of the future development of the market economy. It’s stinky to succumb to oversensitively important institutional institutions, as a matter of fact, to lay down a significant peace for an economically prosperous country, as a whole for a whole skin and skin people. Functions of banks are increasingly coming from between simple financial and credit intermediation. It’s a good idea to carry out the sovereign pennant-credit policy, and through it, to run into all the main economic processes in suspension. The order of traditional bank operations (credit, rozrahunki) novoryadivayutsya non-traditional. We are happy to provide you with bank services, middle-aged employees, trustees, guarantors, consultants and consultants.