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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.

1.2. The essence of pennies. GROSHNY YAK GROSHI І GROSHI YAK KAPITAL

Sutnost pennies. Behind your own commodity, the commodity distribution is penniless - there is a specific product, which is the power to exchange for a specific product, which is the equivalent of the equivalent.

The nature of pennies, like the igneous equivalent, is signified before being crossed. Yak Bulo is shown as food, pennies of winnings from the storehouse of a verse view with unlimited goods of one, most appropriated for its physical powers, to conquer the role of the igneous equivalent. Aly y pislya completed form of pennies as a self-contained economical apparition of a nose with a long stretch of thousands of bully coma in a natural-natural viglyad, a secrea and gold. Being stunning goods, the stench also signaled the commodity nature of the pennies themselves, and the role of those who looked for nothing was lost.

Prote can’t explain the marketable nature of the pennies of the same name as the married people for the specific song. A penny is a commodity in its own right, on its own daily basis, and it’s possible to identify oneself as commodity goods. All of a sudden, it was blameless for quiet minds, if in the role of pennies a concrete comrade appeared. So, gold, having become the monopoly nose of the penny day, scored the most important commodity - the main commodity and the main

pennies. Vigor manifested itself in the way of living, so in the last year.

The order of the specific surviving wisdom as well as the satisfaction of singing, consume people, gold has filled the vexation of living wisdom - the health of being satisfied, whether it’s people who consume the former yakal zagal zobu obmіnu. The more specific and the most obscure, lively wart_ of gold of the win list is super-specific - it’s quite possible to stash at your first power, then you can’t be victorious at others, and at a glance.

At the world’s development of commodity distribution, it’s uncommon for them to catch up with the following: superfluous grandfather, consume more money in gold pennies, having the opportunity to increase the visibility of a specific product. In such a situation, it is especially important to have the specific power of gold as a penniless commodity; the fragments of realizability are more important.

Virishennya tsієї superachnostі bulo is recognized at the hat of idealizing pennies, the progressive transition to foreign-made live cards of a particular gold product to a simple sign. The first crook in tsyomu directly buve zrobilnenii in the third sphere of groshovih v_dnosin, de natural power of gold as a product by the name of the world were visible, - in the sphere of commodity circulation. Mitty character funktsionnuvannya pennies yak zobu obigu vidkriv hly for replacing pennies-gold pennies-signs.

The reality is that there’s about the sale of new gold wartost gold as well as a great product and like a penny. The variety of gold as a staple product is formed on a continuous basis for the increased productivity of suspended products in the golden and suspended products for a specific product. On the other hand, gold is consumed as pennies, besides that, there are also officials, as well as the demand for pennies in the highest functions, the dynamics of gold reserves, the premium in front of the clock, and that. That’s how much gold is like a penny that is stagnant in the form of fresh water and gold, more steel, not more than gold as a product.

Particularly vidchutno price відмінності вартості gold yak zaichaynogo product і yak pennies flicker in obigu coins. Vidomo, scho wіd trivial obigu coins erased and the wartiness of gold, yak really get lost in coins, change. In exchange for coins, they circulated at their front forward wartosts, but they started to lose more nominally. Coins have been successfully sold at such a nominee wartost’s function as a world bartender’s bank account, as long as they have the basic functions, which are designed to show the nature of pennies.

I want more variety of gold coins for real and nominal money. I can buy and sell gold and gold. Such vipads have a real chance of having the same coin played out while holding out a singing hour in the marketplace entrance hours of the front entrance year, especially on the markets, and the view is visible in gold. I’m independent of the price for the comrade in the first video collection, a significant part of the last goods of the trials is the hour I’m selling, I’ve become independent, old. Licher zgodom progressively virіvnyuєtsya nomіnalna wartіst pennies for the actual wartіstyu gold as a product. However, if you have one thing to do, there’s only one amount of virility, actual wart can you know what’s new. From now on, the nominee’s wartime may not be “overtaxed”, but because it is short of extra lines.

All the same about those who are penniless in the process of gaining special vartosti, as well as can be improved and paralleled with the internal article of that material, because of the stench of money. It’s penniless to the absolute isolation of the new wartost, which is the most significant in the metamorphosis of Product-Pennies. The ability to formulate such a penny of pennies has laid the foundation for a vivid view of the pennies of a particular commodity, for the pennies not to be tied with a natural speech form, for example, pennies, electronic pennies.

Yak self-form is the main form of pennies, basically they are seen in the form of goods. It’s not stinky to stink, but I’ll live up to the idea that I would be happy to meet the needs of people, exchanging for the good things before. Tom rinok sprymaє groszy yak abstract value, bazhan herself in her own right for being a certain sub-project, irrespective of the particular specific consumer needs. From now on, it’s penniless to become an absolute commodity, such as to protect the market for all of the most important commodities, the old majority of the remaining and the latest in baggage addiction.

As such, it’s penniless to go in many functions far beyond the sphere of commodity exchange and service to the sphere of economy, the scope of the increase of wartosts, the increase of distribution, the re-distribution of that, and the number of customers to invest. і

A penny is a penny and a penny is capital. Gathering pennies for servicing the process of pounding up wartosts and productive vikoristannya (investuvannya) has completely changed their suspension. With a simple hassle of obigu, scho having serviced a swap of goods, the stinks were redirected to the nose of self-growing vartosti, so that the form of capital. The stench began to be widely serviced on the basis of the wartosti, vikoristannya її for financing the development of vi-

Roboticism, formulated on the basis of the masi of the positich capital and that ruhu. Self-sustaining self-promotion has become a priority for the sale of pennies in the process of self-cultivation, for the sake of self-reliance on the interests of economical sub-sites, and on the other hand.

In case of investment in the sphere of investing, it’s worth dropping money, and in the case of winding up, you need to lose money and money.

Penniless penniless victorious is crucial for the realization of an implicitly lively wartost, so that they are given the right to obliterate themselves in exchange.

A penny is capitalized for the purpose of securing an implicit wartost. For the whole purpose, the wartiness is almost realistically necessary, a lot of awesomeness and, for the most part, so that you don’t need to save money, but to save money. It would be better for you to think that you are penniless for formulating the industrial value of the trading capital, as well as a positive capital. In these untoward settlements, the designation of pennies is expanding significantly, their new functional forms are developing, the form of payment is increased and the payment is important, and the role of pennies in an economical life is always growing.

Nabuttya a penniless of one form does not mean ruhu kapitalu, but the stench has ceased to be victorious like a penny.

Functions are like capital, pennies are sold for the rest of their tradition and func tions, and I want to save money, as soon as I see the pennies. In addition to the fact that a penny is a big penny and a penny is capitalized, it’s worth paying attention to designated pennies at their state-of-the-art sub-contracts. A penny is completely penniless in front of you when you have a personal visit, if you have to protect the purchase of goods and the service.

It's penniless to capitalize overpriced at third-party purchases, overseas sales for a penny market, scraps of money for a penny dodatkovy dokhid at percent interest.

When servicing virobiotic resident of pennies, immediately є completely penniless and capital, scraps to sprinkle realizatsії goods that gained a profit.

More than one thousand capital, you can imagine yourself in the range of the capital turnover of the okrug. It was announced at a new sum of groves (at bank rachunks, at kasahs) є at once with a part of the first rebidious capital and a large number of licenses, while I would be safe to streamline the payment platform. Збільшення цієї sumi at once immediately Збільшує його werewolf capital, so that a lot of obvious resources, yogo liquidity, to rob business is economically possible.

At the boundaries of the whole economy, the sum of pennies is evidently characterized by a loss that is less than the mass of the liquidity and not a partial oath of real capital. Zrostannya tsієї sumi should result in less than half the price of the economy, there is no need to swear the real capital of the whole. As a rule, the growth of the penniless masque of pennies will be supramid, and then bring it less to the point of znets.