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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.

PART 1. Pennies and Pennies Systems



Pennies - one of those found in life of suspension - to play an important role in one's economic and social development. The stinks of zagrydi have screwed up to themselves a saw respect of the Naukovets. Already in the hands of Plato and Aristotle є cіkavі vislovlyuvannya about pennies. Often guess about them і in the lithographs of the period of Kyiv Rusі. Proteins of systematic pennies and formulas of scientific theories have come to grips with capitalism. Vivchennya a penniless with a significant world signified the form of an economical theory of science.

Klasichna politekonomіya Sunset, on a daily basis, virosla due to the fundamental problems of pennies, scho buli posed at prazah A. Smith and D. Rikardo. The scientific studies of these students also became the dwarf of the theory of pennies of K. Marx, as a loan is more important to the Marxist economical nation. Bagato respect for the problems of pennies was attached to the princes of the economy of the Sunset of the XIX-XX centuries. - J.S. Mіl, W. Jevons, L. Walras, M. Tugan-Baranovsky, A. Marshall, J. Keynes, P. Samuelson, D. Patinkin, M. Fridman and I.

It’s independent on the baggage prices and the great number of theoretical conceptual pennies, humanity is not the least unambiguous residual food supply, but also pennies. It was stated that yak didn’t cry out sums in some minds alone, but with the rest they entered into superecision with real dіsnіsty і vіdkidilis. Obviously, everything is possible to explain the fact that today the daily flow of pennies varies adequately to the nature of the suspension of vidnosin, in a certain way they function. Therefore, for the recognition of the nature of pennies, it is necessary to provide food about their liking, about the reasons for which the winnings and the pennies are enlarged in an economical life of suspension.

The appearance of pennies is the result of evolving the development of commodity exchange. Schach dachi naukovo dostovіrne tlumachennya daynosti pennies, it’s necessary for us to see what they’re like. Sorry, the economical thought did not give an unambiguous explanation of the whole process.

Recovering from Aristotle I to the XVIII century. at the pennies theorist to fill out an expanded book, thought that pennies are won by people like us because they were protected by the legislative acts of the state for the sake of exchanging goods. I will call this interpretation of pennies penny rationally conceptual.

Proteus science analysis is similar to the nature of pennies, classifications of politicians A. Smitom, D. Rikardo, K. Marx, and free conceptualization. Adje pennies in the early simplest winnings at the early stages of development of suspension, as long as the factor of mutual dominance, nor the power of the state simply couldn’t have been able to grasp their regular, complete formality.

Descendants of the classic political economy went on a trip, which is guilty of pennies amazed by the difficulties of the immediate exchange of products prazі. On the smallest

development, if tilka virobniks felt the need to win surplus products in their own hands and want to share them, it’s very difficult to fill the groceries: there is no need to bribe the two sub-markets to the market with lively bells and whistles. For example, the moisture of the skins of the sheep hot_viminat grain on them; Kindly, as a rule, the ostranch of the Ostrov Mav will need sheep in their skins, so that they’ll replace the sheep’s eyes. All the three of them couldn’t add up and turned around with their goods.

Actually, the participants exchanged a lot of interest in the fact that the middle of the products, which exchange for the market, is that he drinks on some kind of profitable one, so that you can find the best way to live. Your product can be expected to be easily exchanged for good at a moment in Denmark. It is permissible that such a product is given by the government. Yakshko won’t show up in many ways, then the sheepskin coat of sheep’s clothes should be washed for strength, for yak potim yim in need of grain, it is straightened out: on the spot - sokir, and for it - grain.

I have a hint for the skins вла hair band є not just a lively wart, but a hassle for a shit, just like a simple function for pennies. With a quick and quick exchange of such products, you can get a good deal for the participants, they need to take all of the necessary products and the new way of paying for them is new business. In the okrimichi midsews, de long ago having swindled, their comrade for the role of the igneous equivalent was steadily seen. In such roles in other peoples, thinness, hutra, strength, grain, turtles, metal and tin appeared.

The verse closed for one of the goods in the role of the foreign equivalence meant, most of all, the appearance of pennies in the third most popular viglyad. The stench could have been seen later on visually, the basic funktsii funktsii - a hickey vimіryuvannya vartostі and a hickey obigu. Protein on this primary form of groschen don’t melt.

At the world, the development of commodity distribution, the growth of productivity of suspension products, the acceleration and expansion of territorial relations between exchanges of rumors, having sent vimogs to a pennile product. Zokrem prefered vimogi with a lot of portability, health is easy to last and vidnovlyuvati rybnu form, trivial zberigannya of physical bristles, high pet wartosta and health of trials hour of indefinitely. The formulated list of the vimog led to a hitch to the role in the role of the foreign equivalent of the best goods (thinness, strength, grain) with embellished goods (perl, turtles, pieces of skinny metal), and then the rest, pieces, metal pieces and potim - of the noble (sr_lo, gold).

Consume the market for secure effective exchange of goods and supplies to the penny earned the right amount of important value, especially the supply of natural goods, the health of the people, and the need for healthy food. skinny. At the price of a grocery item, having gathered health, I will be in need of people, and the abstract person will be in need of people. Moreover, in the world of actualized other lively wartost of penniless goods, weakened by the sound of the rest with pen-and-ink living needs. Vreshti-resht, the role of pennies zagagli went over to non-material noses, which are not the least survivors who survived. Tse became in the mid XX century. through the demonetization of gold.

It can be clearly seen from the wicked, the winnings and the distribution of pennies - the trials of the evolving process, the zooming in by the elemental development of the commodity distribution and the exchange. I will call this treaty similar to pennies evolyutsіyno concept. There’s a great deal of science and technology that will provide a basis for understanding the daily pennies. There are a number of important visnivs:

* in the first place, pennies for similarities - all the goods, but not just the goods, but the nose of the singing suspension signs, the form of which made up the view from a wide range of the sound goods of one - penny;

* in a different way, as if the result of the trivial evolu- tion of a commodity distribution of a commodity and a penny is impossible to catch, but once we give it to us, and we are obliged to constantly develop like that by day, so by form;

* in the third place, pennies can’t be butted out for the welfare of people, but for the most powerful powers, docs are adequate for pennies of suspension, so there’s no way for them to be "introduced" there, there aren’t such a thing.

The role of power in the creation of pennies. The European evolution of the concept of pennies is not known for all the nutrition about the role of the official in the creation of pennies, before the state. The managers of their own slurred nature and supremely important economical and social roles are penniless and power is clearly recognized by the mutual interest. Tom dumb fellow wanted to block the role of the state in the European pennies. Alya's role is not constitutive, but transformative. In other words, I don’t have the power to make a penny that is economical, I want you to see that you’ve recognized the attributes of pennies, so that you can add pennies to the form of pennies by carefully extending them to a more effective way.

For example, the power gave metal pennies a coin shape, the zavdyaki powers became a powerful substitute for gold pennies with non-unique credit pennies, the power was granted a nominal penny, the form and order of issuance of pennies are skinny. Alas, all powers that are penniless do not conceive of their daily lives, do not signify and do not forbid their lives, so that they may clearly distinguish between. As a rule, the power of one’s transforming duhs to go beyond the limits, on the other hand, is penniless, as well as to spend money on one’s side of suspense, and later on - to stop but one’s penny on the other hand, it’s completely worth it. indulge in the services of foreign currency and credit goiters (bills of exchange) of supreme commercial structures. For such minds, the state is wounded if it is confused with pennies between pennies, substitute pennies pennies, penniless reform, and reckless with penniless pennies of their own transformations.

Characteristically, the role of power in the form of pennies was gradually advancing to the world of developing the pennies themselves, promoting their roles and strengthening their power to the side. At first, if the market itself was tied to the role of pennies, it was one of the most popular products in the industry that was handled in full.

From the closed roles of pennies for expensive metals, hand in hand with the power of pennies, it has grown considerably. Vaughn took the goiter’s duty to press the pennies to precisely identify the form (coin), established control over the viros of the pennies (minting coins, fixed punches for the metal, control of the precious metals in the coins), organized the fight against the false coins.

The role of power among the funded functions of pennies for the demonetization of gold has become more important. There is no sign of the form of pennies, but the first thing to do is to regulate the mass of pennies in circulation. The bosses of the powerful powers, redeploying the Central Bank of Russia, sounding the director, and simple notes in the books of the bankers have accumulated great functions and the role of pennies.

Proteus doesn’t mean that the power has become the creator of disproportionate pennies, the role in this process is of paramount importance, and the very small pennies are an exclusive product of the creation of power. A penny is a product of the market. First of all, Yakraz Rinok will need more money for pennies, and then the power cannot help but grab it. In a different way, the market of vishuv’s horrific vimogi to the nose of groshovyh functions, and the power is guilty of the removal of such a nose, which is the most important thing to satisfy the price of the vimogi. On the other hand, the number of pennies in circulation is recognized as singing regular laws, as a power to lull in the laxity of one's own regulatory pennies. To this, and for the present, pennies are not decreed by the state, but are ruffled by the very market economy.