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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.

1.3. Understanding about a penny-credit policy

For the additional penniless policy, the country is free to take advantage of the economy, which is fully functional in the minds of every day.

The results of the penny-credit policy of the Russian Federation. 2.

groshovo-creditna politika

Yak Bachimo s rice. 2, the state is guilty of good control over the proposition of pennies for the help of different higher instruments of the central bank, before the operation of the credit market, and also the reserve rate and the regional rate.

Operations on a vidkritomu market - the most instrumental tool to control the proposition of pennies. Visnachayuchas the oath of buying and selling of government securities to the population and the interest rate of the loan, the National Bank is pouring in on the loan credit reserves of the commercial bank. A large number of sales of valuable folders to the population should be brought up to a quick loan reserve for a commercial bank, lowering the possibility of a farther expansion of a loan and a half-price (interest rate). Buying up government securities from the population, navpakas, zbilshuє credit reserves of a commercial bank, pidvishch õh pryomozhnіst "tackle" credit pennies and lower the interest rate. The policy of the regional rate of the bullion is the main concern of the centralized regulation of the groshovy proposition. None of the most important issues of the country в в ик ик ик ик ик я я к к к доп доп доп доп регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб. For the regional rate, the central bank regulates the activity of commercial banks. For example, the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) did not match the macroeconomic stabilization rate, since the rate of refinancing was constant and the rate of refining was positive (faster than the rate). Rosvineni komercii komertsіynі banks have the opportunity to pratsyuyut on the secondary market treasury treasure goiter'yazan. Increasing the interest rate on the grocery funds market, the interest rate and interest rates on the basis of the central bank, and lowering the interest rates, the lower the interest rate, the price is lower. Zmіna normative reserve for expanding the proposition of pennies, so as to drain on the oversight of excess reserves and the value of a penny multiplier.

From now on, the regulated amount of penny propositions, the central bank can actively invest in the development of economic vidnosin.

Zagalny nutrition about the effectiveness of the penny-credit policy discus. Keynesians to insist on the negligence of the Kintsev’s result and the complexity of the sound с with a complete drink. Monetarists draw respect for those who are pouring propositions of pennies on the better ones to drink through trials and non-assignments period. In addition, the stabilization of the interest rate can be given to the end-to-end budget and the economy. Our country is in a stumbling block for the most part in pouring the NBU into the life of a penny-credit policy:

• refinansuvannya (regional and credit policy);

• regulation of norms of obov'yazkovyh reserves;

• regulation of liquidity of commercial banks.

Control food

1. Visiting the course "Fee-credit systems and foreign countries".

2. Head the course.

3. The principle of functional banking system.

4. 3v'yazok mіzh groshima and banks.

5. Instruments, and the Central Bank for the implementation of pennant credit policies.

Test For Self-Control

1. The subject of the course is:

a) penny obg and penny turnover;

b) the formation of the organization of a penny obigu of the country;

c) the interest rate of credit institutions and institutes, as well as the organization of prices;

d) correct є відповіді b), c);

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_.

2. Credit system - tse:

a) the amount of credit credit;

b) banks at the role of buying and selling at an hour and a half in total prices, especially at suspension;

c) banks and non-bank financial and credit institutes;

d) correct є відповіді a), b);

e) the interest rate of credit institutions and institutes, as well as the organization of prices.

3. Banking system - the whole range of banking institutes:

a) yakі zdііsnyuyut active and passive operations;

b) with єx interchange;

c) at the time of purchase and sale of timchasovo hourly prices;

d) at tii chi inshi krai.

4. Bank system є:

a) court;

b) trident;

c) offended by the correct;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_.

5. Banks in such countries may be less likely to have such operations:

a) із пучпенп кошп кошп кошп кошп кошп кош п кошптптп + п + п вкладпанп п п п п уп уп у at the price of the official website

b) із лучення і розміщення мроших22кі contributions to the valuable friends;

c) the health of the employees for the assignment of the bank-correspondent banks and the cash service staff;

d) active and passive.

6. Groshovo-kreditna politika-tse:

a) a penny-credit registration and expansion;

b) the accuracy of visits at the sphere of a penny and credit credits;

c) procurement of visits, such as a state with the help of security;

d) discount policy and requirements of the standards of reserve reserves.