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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.


2.1. Groshova system: understanding that basic elements

Groshov’s system - it was reinstated by the state as a form of organizing a penny in Belarus. Groshov’s system is formally and historically closed by the laws of the state.

Virіznyayut such as the main elements of the groshovo system :

• the name of the penny single and private parts;

• see the sovereign penny signs, so that they may legally pay force;

• scale price;

• exchange rate;

• the order of the ready-made and free-of-charge emoticon and that of the badge signs;

• regulation of a penniless penny;

• import and export rules of national currency, organization of international rozrakhunіv;

• a sovereign body, such as a credit and credit and currency regulation.

The name of the penniless and private parts of the winery is historical. Power zakrіplyuє (zmіnyuє) qiu will call legislative acts.

See the sovereign penniless signs , so that I may legally pay the force, I also become aware of the special laws of the state, or acts of state. Groshovі signs, scho vypuskayuschiesya power, obov'yazkovі until priymyannya to extinguish the borg on the territory of the territory of the country. You can see and see penny signs: bank cards, treasury cards, and coin. Risnomіnnost of penniless signs in zumovlyuyutsya order vipusku in obig ob ta Viluchennya ob obigu.

Banking bills are the main type of penny signs. Stink vipuschayutsya obig central central bank of the country. Zdіsnyuyuchi credit emіsyіyu, the central bank zbіlshuє groshovu masu at a large increase in surplus on rakhunah at commercial banks. Nadal qi koshti can be but transformed from goth_vku. Repaying a loan zumovlyuє a surge of penniless signs ob obigu. From now on, bank loans as small as a penny can go on playing the role of reimbursable pennies, as well as guaranteeing a loan on a regular basis.

Treasury bills are used in budget with budgetary funds, as well as special organizations of the Ministry of Finance.

I want to give the coin to the coin for servicing the attendance of the asbestos service, as long as you need to re-circulate the roses in the other parts of the penny.

The scale of prices is that the number of bartered bets is maintained at groshin units, which is based on a fixed power and low-cost metal at a bargain odnitsy. The scale of prices is stockpiled in the first place and that proposition.

The foreign exchange rate is the price of one small unit of the national currency, which is the name for the purchase of the household goods.

The order of the ready-made and free emotion and the treatment of bad signs is to become a power and to be regulated by the internal legislation of the country.