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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

Quarterly warehouse

Quarterly soundness including:

  • form No. 1 of the cdb “Zvit about the financial camp of the sovereign budget of Ukraine (balance)”;
  • form No. 1 to the “Balance balance of rakhunkіv”;
  • form No. 3 of the cdb “Zvit pro rukh pennies”;
  • form No. 2 of the cdb “Zvit pro vikonannya Sovereign to the budget”;
  • form No. 2-currency “Zvit pro vikoristannya koshtіv Sovereign to the budget of the international dyalnostі in Ukraine”;
  • form No. 7 of the cdb “Zvit about budget bargaining”;
  • Dovidku about the turn of loans, given to the sovereign budget;
  • a loan about repaid loans granted to the sovereign budget for the decisions of the Party in the past rocky;
  • Zvit about victoria koshtіv from the reserve fund of the sovereign budget of Ukraine;
  • Information about the camp of the Sovereign Borg;
  • calls about credits and operations, which will rely on the sovereign guarantee of goiters;
  • an additional account about the sum of surplus cost, reinsurance at the production line;
  • Information about the release of seized articles of the sovereign budget of Ukraine;
  • decryption of nadodzhen by code 24121000 “Payment for post-services, which are rejoiced by budgetary installations”;
  • decryption of nadhodhen by code 24122000 “Inshire dzherela vlasnyh nadhodhen budget setting”;
  • the recommendation of the form No. 1kdb “Zvit about the financial camp of the sovereign budget of Ukraine”;
  • I will explain the note.