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The procedure for compiling quarterly public authorities of the State Treasury of Ukraine

The procedure for the compilation of quarterly budgeting by the authorities of the State Treasury about the weekend of the sovereign budget is divided into the budget code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine on the state budget of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and the state budget are approved. .02 No. 228, the order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine “On the consolidation of documents that must be leveled in the process of completing the budget”, dated 28.01.02 No. 57, Regulation on the organization State Accounting Office and the State Budget of the Republic of Belarus; with zmіnami that upgrades.

By the method of compilation of quarterly awards , the right to fair and unbiased information about the financial budget, the budget for the corridors for the adoption of the economic budget and the rationalization of the annual budget

The management of the Sovereign Treasury establish the line of submission of quarterly calls to their own bodies and institutions, such as servants, with such a cut-out, so that you can keep your hands on offer to the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine.

Viddlennya of the Sovereign Treasury establish lines to increase the level of budgetary institutions, organizations that have the highest interest, such as the payment of the costs, with this option, so that you can keep your hands in the government, and the government

Organizations of the Sovereign Treasury reconsider and recognize the name and order of the order of koshtіv, as if they should give to the current order of order of koshtyv.

In case of non-accredited submission or misappropriation by the order managers of budgetary funds, the status of the organization of the Sovereign Treasury is up to Art. 117 of the Budget Code of Ukraine and clause 2 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Confirmation of the Procedure for Rendering Financial Ratios” as of February 28, 2000, No. 419, you can pay for the views of budgetary payments as well as paying for payments.