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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

4.3. See the consumer goods and services

For a baggage-saving economy, it is characteristic that there is a separate form of moisture and a separate organ form of state granting. In particular, before the law “On business in Ukraine”, our government may be able to see such business:

1. Privately owned, based on the moisture of an individual.

2. Collective business, based on the moisture of the working collective business.

3. Gospodars'ke partnership , guided by legal persons and large people in ambushes, pleading with a hat for the obedience of mine and that of dyalnosti with a method of gaining a lodge.

4. Pіdprimstvo, as it was founded on the moisture of the population .

5. The communal enterprise, founded on the moisture of the large community.

6. State power, founded on state power. It’s entirely possible to overtake the treasury at the subsidiaries, as long as the government holds the viaduct, the government is almost the same as the government, the government is 50% . The governing bodies of state owned enterprises є the ministry and the central central organization of ownership.

In 2002 p. in our state, functions and corporate corporations, in the statutory capital, there is a part of power. Managing such subsidiaries vidbuvatsya for the fate of the representatives of the state authorities at the highest level, as a rule, the part of the state in the statutory capital becomes less than 50%. In the process of undergoing privatization, such enterprises can be reintroduced into sound state partnerships.

7. Private ownership of foreign investments (SP), established on the main lane and private business of the Ukrainian and foreign owners, and in the statutory capital of which there is a 10% increase. All of this may be a mother-to-law legal form (most often - a partnership with an excluded form). The participants of the private business with foreign investments are the Ukrainian private side and private agricultural enterprises, and foreign business is the private business profile. The stench (the breeders) become overwhelmed by legal persons, at once form the statutory capital of the joint venture. Іnozemny zasnovnik svіy vnesok in Tsey kapіtal Mauger zdіysnyuvati in formі konvertovanoї currency, Rukh i neruhomogo Lane, tsіnnih paperіv, virazhenih in konvertovanіy valyutі, whether yakih rights іntelektualnoї vlasnostі, vartіst yakih at konvertovanіy valyutі pіdtverdzhena zgіdno іz laws Kraina-іnvestora abo mіzhnarodnimi torgovelnimi zvichayami . The Ukrainian fellow-in-law svіy introducer can zdіysnyuvati rukhomim and neruhomim mine, the right to brown land, natural resources, penniless skinny. I have increased the benefit of the joint venture between the founders, but we can get one, one of them is more expensive - in proportion to the contributions of the statutory capital.

At the state thanks to Ukraine in 2002 funktsionovalo the greater the names of the types of enterprises, for the exclusion of communal enterprises and the sovereign state enterprises. So, to privately owned enterprises to settle peasant (farmer) state grants, social and viral cooperation and service cooperatives; to state-owned partnerships - Sіlskogospodarskі Aktsіonernі partnerships closed and vidkritogo types, partnerships with obmezhennoy vіdpovіdalnіstyu іnshі tipi partnerships; to the sovereign enterprises - science and education institutes and science and technology stations of the agrarian direct, breeding, warriors and enterprises.

I have a great deal of practice, including practical practice, including our power, understanding and understanding, as well as small business (maliy business). Tse - is not known as okremiy type of consumer goods with power, organization forms of state donation and function. Criterion of the business day to the category of malikhs (the same as the law "On business in Ukraine)". At the promulgates and budgets, to the smallest extent, to bring the benefits to the greatest number of people, up to 200, in the highest golosi of the virology sphere, including up to 50, in the first year of high education, in the high school bargaining - up to 15 osib. It was divided by our countries at the power of our criterion. For example, in England and the USA, there are more than 10 small and small businesses - from 11 to 100. In Japan, there are three criteria for vagueness - the degree of praise, the oath of sale and the amount of income. Such piddid yes can increase the importance of the small business in the economy of the country.

For the rest of the ten days in the community of reinterpreting the role of the small business. Earlier, we looked at it as much as possible and inappropriately for economic development. The prototype now became apparent that the great economy and economy as a whole cannot normally function normally without a small business, fragments of a bagato idea, an innovation, can be heard here. Small enterprises over mobile, nipples, shvidko pristosovosyvatsya to the market. Stink є tim plіdnim ґruntom, on a kind zrosta є middle and great business. In fact, in some countries, including in Ukraine, the development of small business is regulated by legislative acts, the state program has been scattered. So, our country has adopted the Law of Ukraine “On the State of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for Small Business”, and it has also been approved and approved by the Law of Ukraine (dated 21.12.2000 p. that investment in small business, development of minds for development of infrastructure, and more detailed regional policy in connection with the small business (on the other hand, 2001, 200, respectively. state thanks), as well as the development of an individual legal entity without the establishment of a legal individual (there are approximately 1 million members of such legal entities). The law has transferred, up to subposts of small business, to provide, except for individuals, legal entities of a legal form and form of government, in which there is a minimum amount of income more than 500 yew. Euro.

Undertakings with the method of doubling the effectiveness of virology can, on voluntary ambushes, do the right thing for the right person, I can have a special form of duty, so I want to have a little deal with them Funding on singing minds is deeply rooted in all kinds of economic interests, specialization and interest can renew your virology, science, commerce and business, and so on, don't have to do so. It is important to recognize the factors and form ob' обdnan, their structure and functions. Sokrema, pidprinimstva can be embraced in the association, corporations, consortiums, corporations, just for the galuse, territorial and any other principles, which are subject to legal rights.

Assotsiatsii - as a result of the agreement with the best possible internal sounds. The main function of the post is the coordination of state subsidiaries without participating in the virology and commerce.

Corporations also є negotiated revisions * 1. It is more difficult to choose the best possible sound. Participating companies, one at a time their own virological and commercial activities, and for the necessary science and interest, delegate the environment of priority to each other, giving them the right to centralized regulation of their international activities. It may be centralized such, for example, functions, as well as product development, material and technical post-production, price approval, completing design work, and a part of marketing activities.

* 1: {In the territories of Sunset, corporations name action shares and non-cooperative activities.}

Consortiums - a statutory time clock for industrial and bank capital, which are designed to reach a singing band.

Concerns є also with statutory revisions. Prior to your warehouse, you may include business enterprises - business, transport, trade, banks, scientific organizations, based on a single financial deposit of one or the same group of enterprises.

At the state thanks to Ukraine there are already goals and functions in place to see about. So, in 1992 p. It has become a function of the community of farmers' state donations, as well as recommendations for a better coordination of activities, and I have helped farmers to legally help them. On assotsiative ambushes, the principle of virological and scientific-virological systems is practiced.

The main function of ix is ​​the provision of advanced training and science access (on state ambush ambushes). Industrial enterprises - participants in the system can help qualify for help from organizations with a highly efficient virology and environment protection products of the main head industry - an advanced state institution of science. For the results of the participation in the event, the participants should re-index the part of the product with the previously acquired products to the standard adopted in the system. At 2001 p. the association of agricultural trading houses of Ukraine and the country has been made.